Start a Business This Summer Part 1 Episode 43

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DSS#43GraphicIt’s summertime ans  a great time to start a business-especially for teenagers.

Join this episode of the Dollar and Sense Show as host, Carol Topp, and her guest, teenage micro business owner, Rachel Coker, explain the best type of businesses a teenager can start this summer.

Here are some micro business ideas Carol and Rachel shared:

Business Ideas: Products

Crafts, clothing, sports-related shirts/towels, bracelets, pet food, baked food/candy/cakes, jewelry, books, ebooks, CDs,  iPhone/iPad apps

Business Ideas: Services

Tutoring, Childcare, Music lessons, Editing papers, Web design, Pet Sitter/Dog Walker, Bookkeeping, Event planner, Virtual assistant, Writer/Author/Blogger, Lawn care, Cleaning/Clutter control, Writing coach


Check out the Micro Business for Teens books and videos

For more ideas visit the Micro Business for Teens Pinterest page.


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