I Love Homeschooling But My Kids Are With Me All the Time

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HIRL-Episode-30On this episode of the HomeschoolingIRL podcast, Fletch and Kendra begin a new series called, “I Love Homeschooling But…” and discuss the topic of having your kids with you All. The. Time.

We really do love this aspect of homeschooling, and many of us want to spend the best hours of our kids’ days with them. But the reality is, there are days when we feel as if we’re all breathing down each other’s necks, and that can be difficult to navigate with grace.

Joining Fletch and Kendra in the studio is HomeschoolingIRL listener, Angela Hoffman, from HomeschoolInnovation.com. After a frustrating day of homeschooling and tweeting with Kendra, we thought it would be real and very current to have her on the episode with us.

Episode Timeline
3:50 Studio discussion part 1.
19:00 Fletch and Kendra spend time with Angela Hoffman
29:42 Studio discussion part 2.
43:27 HIRLers Treasure Chest


For the rest of the year, we will be running a “Best of” series of the Homeschooling IRL episodes. Many of these episodes were earlier episodes that you might have missed. Enjoy!

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