Homeschooling and Marriage

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For the rest of the year, we will be running a “Best of” series of the Homeschooling IRL episodes continuing with Homeschooling and Marriage. Many of these episodes were earlier episodes that you might have missed. Enjoy!

HIRL-What-Homeschooling-Does-to-a-MarriageYou are going to want to grab your spouse for this episode! Fletch and Kendra dive right into the middle of the topic and discuss how the stress of homeschooling can leak into your marriage relationship.
Throughout this episode you will hear live interviews conducted with couples on the floor of the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Nashville, TN. Be prepared for answers that you might not expect!
 Fletch and Kendra also spend time talking and laughing with TTD conference founders and directors, David and Leslie Nunnery, about the challenges we’ve seen in our own marriages and some helpful ideas on how to preserve intimacy in the middle of family, life and school.
 Pull up a chair and prepare to get real with Fletch and Kendra as we look at What Homeschooling Does To A Marriage.
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