The Birthday That Cut History In Two

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FW Radio - Podcast #54 - The Birthday That Cut History In TwoIn “The Birthday That Cut History in Two” with Meredith Curtis, episode #054, we explore the most significant birth the world has ever experienced. Meredith shares the way God set people, events, and hints in place for 4,000 years to prepare the world for the birth of Jesus. The Lord weaved together an amazing celebrated to welcome Jesus to earth and display His glory. Since His Birth Day, Jesus impacts and continues to impact the world stage in a powerful way. In light of these things, how can we celebrate this Wondrous Birthday and experience the Birthday Gift for all eternity.

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Show Notes

Travel back in time with me to the most spectacular birth announcement ever sounded. Best of all, God Himself is announcing the birth of His Son.

What Made the Birth Spectacular?

The miracles

The Singers

The Trip

The Complications

The Gifts

Who was Excited about the Birth

Who was Scared by the Birth

How Did The Lord Prepare Over Time?

This birth was planned for over 4,000 years.

God was so excited about it that He dropped little hints during that entire 4,000 years, starting in Genesis.

Hints throughout Old Testament History.

How Did God Get Everything Ready for the Birth

The Lord got everything ready for the arrival of His Son.

Language & Reason

Roads & Reason

Pax Romana & Reason

How Jesus Made History for 33 years.

The Teachings

The Miracles

The Foundation Laid

How Jesus Made History for over 2,000 years.

Good News

Glorious Family

How Jesus cut History in Two and what that Means

Christmas Resources

Celebrate Christmas with Cookies by Meredith Curtis

Blog Posts

Happy Birthday, Jesus

Kiss the Son

Speak Your Mind


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