Black Sheep Homeschoolers – HIRL Episode 35

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Sometimes our listeners ask tough questions of us, and then our most meaningful episodes are created.  On this episode of HomeschoolingIRL, Fletch and Kendra respond to listener Cindy, who asked, “What if your child is the black sheep of the homeschool group, the one the kids won’t play with?”

It’s a tender topic, and one that requires an extra measure of grace and the gospel. How do we help our black sheep homeschooled kids, and maybe more importantly, how do we love the black sheep homeschoolers in our own community?

Black Sheep Homeschoolers Timeline

2:45 Introduction to the podcast
9:27 Studio Discussion Part 1 –
17:45 Answering the Reader’s Questiion
31:17 Studio Discussion Part 2
42:40 Q and A with K and A

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