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Lessons Learned from God’s Plant Helpers ~ plus a $100 giveaway

Plants have always played a big role in my life. From the time I was little into my adult years, the forest and fields were dear to my heart. And, when I had children, I made sure to encourage this same love in them through outdoor learning adventures. We trekked through the woods on hiking […]

FREE Character Counts: Punctuality Character Planner

This month’s subscriber only freebie is perfect for a new school year, and a busy Fall schedule. It is on the topic of punctuality. We all know that homeschoolers are not known for being on time. A big joke is that we don’t send our kids to school because we don’t want to get up […]

Savings and Encouragement for the New School Year

Homeschooling is an amazing thing that you can do for your children and your family, but it’s not always easy. It comes with a lot of sacrifice. It can be expensive, and it may seem very overwhelming, especially during the planning season. Today I want to share with you some amazing deals Felice has put […]

FREE Character Counts Planner: Flexibility

I was excited to get to preview the new subscriber freebie for this month. It’s another timely theme, on the character trait of Flexibility. Our kids sure have had to learn about being flexible in 2020. There have been many changes and unknowns. It can drive the sanest person insane, and can be very difficult […]

How do I get my teen to listen to me and get the results I want?

Join me and explore crucial questions that demonstrate how we as parents can communicate differently so teens listen and respond with more relationship and respect.

Lists For Back To School–Plus $200 Rainbow Resource Giveaway

One of the greatest inventions was the idea of keeping track of things with a list, and what better way to celebrate Back to School, than with a series on lists! I’ve tackled organization with the disclaimer that I’m not naturally an organized person. In the series on organization I’ve taken back and overturned the […]

FREE Character Counts Planner: Determination

Have you been enjoying the character planners each month? We like to use these during our morning time and use them like a Bible study tool. The activities are fun and engaging and great for all ages. This month’s character theme is on determination. This planner will be a huge help in teaching your children […]

FREE Character Counts Planner: Thriftiness

Have you been enjoying the character planners each month? We personally use these during our morning time. The activities are fun and engaging and we enjoy doing them as a family. This month’s character theme is the character trait of thriftiness. This planner will be a huge help in teaching your children the character trait […]

Congratulations Class of 2020

Yahoo! Congrats Class of 2020 Contest details below – Starts May 9 and ends on June 6th!  *My own daughter, Anne is graduating from college with almost a 4.0 (and we just got word that she received the Summa Cum Laude distinction!)… and she is missing her college graduation! I started thinking about ALL of […]

FREE Character Counts Justice Planner

I personally look forward to the new Character Counts Planner and character study that Felice creates for us each month.  We tend to use these studies before we start our homeschool day in the morning. We love how there are always a lot of activities that are great for the whole family to work on […]

Flowers For Mom

Flowers for mom can mean so many things to us. Little children love to give flowers to mom. I’m sure you’ve received your share. Whether they were picked from the weeds in the garden or a picture loving created, there is something about flowers and moms that spell love for a child. Flowers symbolize beauty, […]

Vintage Homeschool Moms 400 Shows

Who has enough information for homeschool moms to fill 400 podcast episodes? None other than Felice Gerwitz! With a love for families and kids and after spending most of her adult life as a homeschool mom, Felice shares her heart with her thousands of listeners. Homeschool Moms & More Felice began homeschooling in 1986 when […]

Help Your Child Become a Stronger Reader ~ Plus Limited Time Special Offer

The biggest struggle I have had in our homeschool, has been teaching my children how to read. My oldest was an avid reader at an early age. My other 3 children struggled with reading. It took them much longer to be able to read on their own without my help. I believe my oldest was […]

FREE Character Counts Patience Planner

My family looks forward to the Character Counts Planner and character study each month.  We like to use these studies during our morning time in our homeschool. Family time is so important right now, and there are some great activities in here to do with the whole family! This one is very timely for the […]

Foundations of Learning

Foundations of Learning “WISDOM BEGINS WITH WONDER” –SOCRATES We believe that wonder and wisdom are worthy pursuits in every family (and every classroom), that they provide an overarching framework for life-changing, life-giving, and life-preparing education.  When they are woven into our lives, they have the power to shape our story in breathtaking ways. The daily […]

Quarantine Fun Ideas

Quarantine Fun Ideas For Kids By: Samantha Anne Moss Are you ready for some quarantine fun ideas? I’m sure you are because by now you have probably tired of staying home because of the virus. Unfortunately in a lot of places you aren’t allowed to have a gathering of more than ten people, (that is […]

Unexpected Homeschooling FREE Resources and Encouragement

Unexpected homeschooling? Yes, many find themselves in this situation. What a time we are living in right now. My kids and I were just talking about how this moment will go down in our history books. I can see them telling their grandchildren stories about “social distancing,” and the “virus.” It almost doesn’t seem real […]

Why Homeschooling Rocks

Why Homeschooling Rocks By: Samantha Anne Moss I’ve been homeschooled all my life and for me and my siblings sitting at a desk the whole day is not a necessity. Right now, I’m writing this article on our computer in the den, my little brother Mike is standing outside the sliding glass door giving me […]

FREE Character Counts Forgiveness Character Planner

Are you enjoying our character planners? My children have been looking forward to the new one each month. We use it in addition to our morning Bible time in our homeschool. These studies are great to do together as a family. The character trait for this month’s planner is the trait of Forgiveness: This four […]

FREE Character Counts Decisiveness Character Planner

We hope you are enjoying the brand new Character Counts planners Felice has created as a bonus freebie for our subscribers. These are great to work on as a family in family Bible study time, or in the mornings during homeschool morning time. The character trait for this month’s planner is the trait of Decisiveness: […]

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