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Planning for High School Success

There’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school, but planning is such an important part of setting yourself up for success! Let’s talk about how to choose courses that will help mold teens’ character while giving them excellent life preparation, then how to plan to implement them over the 4 years of high school. […]

The Best of Vintage Homeschool Moms – A Birthday, Giveaway, and Special Gift For You!

It’s Felice Gerwitz birthday and we are celebrating! We want to take a moment  this week and wish Felice a Happy Birthday and thank her for all she has done to impact the homeschool world. This radio network is only the beginning! If you don’t know, Felice Gerwitz is a Christian wife, mother, and educator-turned-homeschool-mom in 1986. […]

Making Memories as a Family: Summer Edition

As the school year comes to a close and summer is right around the corner, it is important to prioritize making memories as a family. When planning trips, weekend outings, or summer camps make sure I’m sure you are like many other homeschoolers and family needs are at the center. Making memories together will only […]

Are you a Work At Home Homeschool Mom? (Giveaway)

Have you desired to work from home but don’t know where to start? As a homeschool mom, I could not imagine fitting one more thing into my already bursting schedule. But then the invitations to speak at homeschool meetings, then conferences began–soon, I was writing books. I’ve worked from home as an author since 1992 when […]

Get a Month’s Worth of Freebies in a Day

Privacy policy and affiliate disclosure. Get a month’s worth of freebies in a single day? It’s true. If you’re curious how this can be, Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network is teaming up with over 30 other bloggers as part of Build Your Bundle Instagram Freebie Loop! That’s like getting an entire month’s worth of freebies in […]

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Build Your Bundle

Affiliate and privacy policy disclosure. If you want to maximize your savings during the Build Your Bundle sale,  you can do it in a cinch with the Ultimate Shopping Guide to Build Your Bundle. I’m going to show you how to get $5000 worth of curriculum for $370. You’ll need  to make 7 different (separate) […]

Do you have homeschool curriculum overwhelm?

Disclosure & Affiliate Policy Seriously. Do you have homeschool curriculum overwhelm? I know that sounds like a crazy question. But, how many hours do you spend looking for the perfect curriculum? How much money do you spend on curriculum that you end up never using? How often do your choices end up in tantrums or […]

How to Fit Science Into Your Busy Homeschool Schedule

How to Fit Science Into Your Busy Homeschool Schedule How to fit science into your busy homeschool schedule- start with organization. Ideally science would be taught every day. Realistically that’s not always possible as children grow and have many subjects to cover. What does organization have to do with science? Studying the principles of science […]

Teaching Science in Your Homeschool | Using the Scientific Method

Teaching Science in Your Homeschool | Using the Scientific Method The scientific method provides a sequential way to teach the process of scientific inquiry to your students. This takes the pressure off of the teacher and allows her to count on the process. In a word, it makes teaching science in your homeschool doable. What […]

Setting Up a Science Lab in Your Homeschool

Setting Up a Science Lab in Your Homeschool Experiments don’t have to come from ready made kits. You can be about the business of setting up a science lab in your homeschool. There are many great experiment books that require materials you can find at home. For example, your an make an electric motor using […]

Teaching Science | Unit Study or Single Subject?

Teaching Science | Unit Study or Single Subject? “I like the ideas of using a scope and sequence, but how should I teach science as a single subject or as a unit study?”  There are many ways to teach science, and you need to decide which is best for our family. Let’s look at some […]

How and What to Teach with Science

How and What to Teach with Science You’ve asked the question, “Should I Teach Science in my Homeschool?” and have decided to make the jump. Now it’s time to decide how and what you should teach. Before you begin, you’ll want to answer a couple of questions. Will you use a text book or a […]

Do I Really Need to Teach Science in My Homeschool?

Do I Really Need to Teach Science in my Homeschool In a word — yes! Science helps us to learn about the works of the wonderful world God has created for us to live in. Child development experts have shown that children learn best by experiencing with all of their senses. Science is multi-sensory; that […]

Tips for Actively Reading Any Piece of Literature

It’s easy to get distracted when reading, especially in today’s digital society where something is always beeping, buzzing, or dinging. Our attentions are pulled in a million different directions. We could all use a little help when it comes to focusing on a single task. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing some tips on […]

How to Teach Kids Time Management

Do your kids say they ran out of time to finish their schoolwork or chores? Do they dawdle endlessly over a subject they don’t enjoy? But are they also ready early for activities they do like? If so, your kids are normal. Whew! What a relief, right? Why teaching kids time management matters In fact, […]

Miracle Season The Movie

Miracle Season Rarely does a movie make me cry like the Miracle Season. It’s not that I’m heartless but truthfully I just don’t get immersed in a movie, I’m too much a realist. It’s fake. These people are actors. The story is made up. Okay so it is a movie, these people are actors but […]

Graduation and Graduation Party Ideas

  Graduation party ideas may have come sooner on your list of things to Pinterest than you’d planned, but the time is here. How do you plan to celebrate? What are some things you’ll want to remember from your years of homeschooling? Finally Answering the Critics Graduation is the day when you officially get to answer […]

Teach History by Throwing a Party

  I love history! I even pick up history textbooks and read them for fun. There! I admitted it! However, not every child is born loving history. So, I have looked for ways to bring history alive, to make it fun. We read historical fiction, make timelines, look at maps, watch movies, make crafts, time […]

Finish Well Like Daniel

Whether we have been homeschooling for years or just getting starting, if we are homeschooling high school, we are approaching the finish line. We want to Finish Well. Throughout my years of homeschooling high school, Daniel has been an inspiration to me. “Daniel who?” you ask. Daniel from the Bible. I love his story. Here […]

Is a Homeschool Co-op a Good Option for Your Family?

  There are so many advantages to belonging to a homeschool co-op such as socialization, learning from others, group interaction, and support, but perhaps you are asking, “Is it a good option for my family?” and “Am I ready for the commitment?” Socialization The most apparent benefit of a homeschool co-op is socialization. Most co-ops […]

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