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September Ultimate Checklists Freebie

September is here, and that means back-to-homeschool is in full swing. The curriculum has been purchased and planned. We’ve moved from the anything-goes schedules and summer vacations of August and Summer to settled into the approach of autumn.  This is a perfect time to pause and reflect on the rhythm of our homes and homeschools. […]

How to Plan for Homeschool Sanity

Are you in the process of planning for the new school year? If so, you’re likely seeking homeschool sanity. You want to achieve your goals and enjoy homeschooling, too. But is that even possible? After homeschool planning for more than 20 years, I can say that it IS possible with a few tweaks to the […]

August Ultimate Checklists Freebie

August is upon us and there is one more month left of summer. This is the last month of summer break for many families. Some families wait until September to start school, while others may follow their local school schedule and start in just a couple of weeks. Regardless of when you begin school, August […]

Free July Ultimate Checklists Planner

July is such a busy and fun month full of Patriotic events, celebrations and just enjoying the hot summer months with friends and family. Let’s look at all the July fun activities and how to keep track of everything for your family. What is there to do in July with your family? The most patriotic […]

Homeschool Teens and Summer Vacation

Unless you homeschool year-round, your teens probably look forward to summer vacation! And so do we as homeschool parents. But teens who plan to attend college and win scholarships, need to keep in mind that they will often be asked on applications how they spent their summers during high school. What summer vacation should NOT […]

Giving Your Homeschool Kids Time to Think

With all of the distractions that surround our families, it’s easy to gravitate toward zoning out. Often this takes the form of electronics, television, or gaming. But, do these things afford your homeschool kids time to think? Let’s explore ways we can encourage directing our children toward deeper thinking, and see what benefits that reaps. […]

Celebrate the Stars and Stripes

Flag Day is celebrated annually on June 14 in the United States. This day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened on that day in 1777. One of the most recognizable symbols in the world, the American flag symbolizes freedom and liberty, and it has been flown by Americans since […]

Creation Summer Camp

Creation Summer Camp Just thinking about summer creation camp brings a smile to my face. I never attended one as a child, but I sure put in my time at many church summer camp events. What I found was the children had a blast, the parents were happy with the faith-based content and safe environment […]

June Ultimate Checklists and Planning Resources

June is a time where school has mostly ended, or is winding down to be a lighter more relaxed load. Now it begins the time for summer planning. Whether you school year round or take a full summer off for school, there is still a lot of summer fun to be had. Summer time is […]

Bible History – Why It Matters

Bible History ~ by Crystal Niehoff When it comes to Bible history, some people might ask, “Why does it matter?” After all, the Bible is a religious book, not a history book, right?  If you take a closer look at the Bible, you will see that it is actually one of the most accurate historical […]

May Planning and Ultimate Checklists Freebie

Other than the holidays, May is usually one of the busiest months in the year for homeschooling families. This is where planning and thinking ahead come in very handy, because there is so much to do. Our ultimate checklists and planning sheets for the month of May will be a huge help. May is full […]

Ultimate Checklists for April Freebie

Happy April! Can you believe April is here already? April is full of fun activities and a special holiday for Christians. It is when we celebrate Easter. There are lots of thing to talk about with your family and Easter activities to plan. Our Ultimate Checklists for April can help you out greatly with planning […]

Help! I Don’t Want to Homeschool Anymore! Dealing with Homeschool Burnout

It happens to the best of us; homeschool burnout. We grow weary of homeschooling and we’re ready to throw in the towel. Rather than giving up, let’s look at how we got to this state and what actions we can take to get out of homeschool overwhelm. What Homeschool Burnout Looks Like Think back to […]

Ultimate Checklists – March Freebie

Can you believe that March is already here? I am blown away how quickly the seasons change. It seems like we were just planning for Christmas, and now here we are almost into the spring season. March is full of so many busy activities, as well as fun opportunities for your family. There are tax […]

February Checklist Freebie

I can’t believe that February is almost here. The new year is in full swing and this is the time where we continue to work on our goals and resolutions and see what is working for our families. There are also some fun things that are coming up in the month of February so some […]

A New Year and A New Freebie for Subscribers

Happy New Year! With every new year comes a desire for change, to better ourselves and our family. One of the main goals that people have for their new year is to be better organized in one way or another. Our brand new ultimate lists subscriber freebies will help you organize and better plan your […]

Teaching Your Kids How to Have Faith – Free Character Planner

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ~ Hebrews 11:1. This is one of my favorite Bible verses, but how do we explain and teach faith to our children and help them to grasp the concept? Just as Hebrews says, faith is the substance of something that is […]

Best Christmas…Ever!

Best Christmas Ever … with Kids! The best Christmas ever is possible and best of all, it can be celebrated with our kids! Did you know that the holidays are what we make of them, and often we are interested in the outer wrappings that we forget the heart of our child! I learned this […]

Teaching Benevolence with a Free Character Planner

The holiday seasons are right around the corner. With the holidays comes lots of opportunities to teach our children to show love, kindness and generosity. Teaching our kids that it is better to give than to receive is a great way to teach them about being benevolent. What is Benevolence? Benevolence is the desire to […]

Serving Homeschoolers For 8 Years

Serving Homeschoolers… Great news, we are celebrating eight years of serving homeschoolers! And we have presents for you! Homeschool podcasters are plentiful, in fact, each week it seems like a new podcast is cropping up! Yet, we’ve been here slow and steady for years, ever since 2013. And, our podcasters are still producing amazing shows, […]

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