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Preparing Your Kids To Defend Creation Science

Every day we’re bombarded with scientific data and facts. From climate change to quantum physics, we’re told to just trust the science and believe – no questions asked. But the reality is that interpretation of scientific information is far more nuanced than that and is colored by each person’s worldview and preconceived biases, and yes- […]

10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Science

Are you looking for ways to make homeschooling science fun and engaging for the whole family? Look no further with 10 ways to jazz up your science! Science can be a blast when it’s creative and interactive, so you’ll love our top 10 ideas for livening up your next homeschool science lesson. Discover how to […]

How to Teach Science to a Special Needs Child at Home

Raising a special needs child brings its own unique set of challenges, and teaching them at home can seem daunting. However, science doesn’t have to be one of them. With a little creativity, patience, and a few helpful tips, you can successfully make science learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both you and your […]

Virtual Field Trips: Turn Web Browsing into a Goal-Oriented Educational Experience

Virtual Field Trips: Turn Web Browsing into a Goal-Oriented Educational Experience! By Felice Gerwitz As a product of the late 70’s college education classes, I learned school should be steeped in “fun,” and the key element in a child’s school experience should be “feel good” and “self-esteem” driven. While the “open classroom” has been a […]

Spark Creativity in Your Child: Write Fiction

Are you ready to help your child transition from being a casual storyteller to a budding author? Are you ready to teach your child to write? When it comes to writing, it’s natural for children to need guidance, and for many writers, the writing process is an intimidating endeavor. However, developing these skills can be […]

The Incredible Joy of Curating Your Own Book Collection

Have you ever sat in a cozy room, surrounded by the comforting presence of thousands of books? If you’re like me, this is the perfect escape from the world outside; and it’s not just a place to relax but also a private haven of learning and exploration. As a book collector, I know how rewarding […]

Homeschool Made Fun Again – Supercharge Your Schedules With the March Organize It Planner

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of homeschooling and don’t know how you’re going to find the time to organize your family’s day-to-day activities? With the March Organize It Planner, homeschooling can become fun again—and it will help you stay organized every day of the week! This article will provide an inside look at […]

February Printable Organizer

Are you feeling overwhelmed and disorganized? Do you have trouble staying on top of your to-do lists and tackling your goals? The February Printable Organizer can make your life easier by helping you create an organized plan to get what you need to do. Take control of your schedule this month, make the most of […]

January Organize It Freebie

It’s January, and for many of us that means new resolutions. What if this year, instead of a resolution, you join us for the themed printables we offer for our subscribers? The printables offer you tangible support and accountability to prioritize the things that matter and get done the things that must be done. Imagine […]

3 Reasons to Give Up on Your New Year’s Goal

What a weird headline for a New Year’s blog post, right? Give up on your goal before you even get started? You may have a goal that doesn’t fit the criteria below, and if that’s true, carry on! I wish you well. But if you can answer yes to any of the three questions I […]

Back To School After The Holidays

Back To School After The Holidays First, Happy New Year! I pray for a wonderful and blessed New Year for all of you! The most wonderful time of the year for many people is the celebrations during Christmas and New Year – however, with the holidays fast behind us it is time to take a […]

Make Your Homeschool Merry | a Helpful Holiday Roundup

Make Your Homeschool Merry | a Helpful Holiday Roundup One of the best things about homeschooling is the ability to create a family schedule that works in your real life. So, if you’re not homeschooling through the holidays, I hope you spend quality time doing what’s best for your family. If you homeschool through the […]

December Checklists Freebie

Are you ready for the December Checklists? December is the busiest month of the year. However, it can be something other than the most stressful or chaotic, and we are here to help! Remember, the season’s true meaning is Jesus, our Savior, and everything will fall into place. Take the time to enjoy your family […]

November Thanks Checklists Freebie

Are you ready for the November Thanks Checklists? November is permeated with the theme of thankfulness—an excellent time to remember all the gifts God has given and his daily blessings. No ma#er how busy we get, we can all agree that the most important thing is to thank the Maker of everything for making time […]

How to Homeschool: Practical Tips and Advice to Launch

So, you think you want to homeschool, and you’re wondering how to homeschool; you’re looking for practical tips and advice to launch. You’re asking yourself some of the following questions: How do you homeschool? How does one get started homeschooling? What about online schooling?  Is it legal to homeschool? What curriculum should I choose, and […]

Find a Math Curriculum That Works

Finding a math curriculum that works for your family can be a challenge! With CTCMath, all of your kids from K-12 can learn at their own pace with one family subscription. That’s right! With a CTCMath membership, you have access to all grades and lessons, which means your children can work at whatever level is best […]

The Birth of a Homeschool Podcast Network

Today, podcasts are pretty much everywhere. When the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network first launched nine years ago, podcasting was brand new. The success of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio (now Podcast) Network is owed to the vision and determination of one lady, Felice Gerwitz. How It Began The UHPC really began as a ministry. And, if […]

October Ultimate Checklists Freebie

Ahhh… October!  October has arrived, and it brings thoughts of fall and harvest time. It often is the beginning of cool weather and a busy season, so take a deep breath and start preparing early! Get those checklists printed off, which will streamline planning. This approach will allow you to survive and flourish in this […]

September Ultimate Checklists Freebie

September is here, and that means back-to-homeschool is in full swing. The curriculum has been purchased and planned. We’ve moved from the anything-goes schedules and summer vacations of August and Summer to settled into the approach of autumn.  This is a perfect time to pause and reflect on the rhythm of our homes and homeschools. […]

How to Plan for Homeschool Sanity

Are you in the process of planning for the new school year? If so, you’re likely seeking homeschool sanity. You want to achieve your goals and enjoy homeschooling, too. But is that even possible? After homeschool planning for more than 20 years, I can say that it IS possible with a few tweaks to the […]

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