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Board Binder: Board Training All Year Long for Homeschool OrganizationsIn the new Board Member Manual, Carol Topp, CPA offers has important topics your board should discuss every year. Make a plan to cover one topic a month and do board training all year long. She shares those topics on today’s podcast.


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Homeschool Organization Board Manual

This is a real life conversation:

HomeschoolCPA: Do you have a copy of your EIN letter form the IRS?
Homeschool Leader: No. It was gotten by a former treasurer 15 years ago. All I have is the number handwritten on a sheet of paper from the bank.
HomeschoolCPA: Do you have a copy of  your Articles of Incorporation filed in your state?
Homeschool Leader: No; I don’t think so.
HomeschoolCPA: Has your homeschool group ever applied for tax exempt status with the IRS?
Homeschool Leader: I have no idea! All I was given when I took over leadership was the checkbook. 🙁

This is a sad, but true reality. Sometimes current group leaders have none of the important paperwork for their organizations.

Homeschool board  members should keep all their organization’s important papers in a safe and accessible place. Usually, a 3-ring binder works well.

The Homeschool Organization Board Manual comes in a Word file to make it easy for you to customize it for your organization.

The manual (a digital file) costs $9.95, but you only purchase one copy for your organization.

You are allowed to print off copies of the Manual for all of your board members, but please do not share the original Word file with them. And do not share the original Word file with other people, email it or post it on the internet. TIA!

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