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Nonprofit leaders should keep their organizations important papers in a binder. Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA, discusses what important papers need to be in your board binder.


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Homeschool Organization Board Manual

This is a real life conversation:

HomeschoolCPA: Do you have a copy of your EIN letter form the IRS?
Homeschool Leader: No. It was gotten by a former treasurer 15 years ago. All I have is the number handwritten on a sheet of paper from the bank.
HomeschoolCPA: Do you have a copy of  your Articles of Incorporation filed in your state?
Homeschool Leader: No; I don’t think so.
HomeschoolCPA: Has your homeschool group ever applied for tax exempt status with the IRS?
Homeschool Leader: I have no idea! All I was given when I took over leadership was the checkbook. 🙁

This is a sad, but true reality. Sometimes current group leaders have none of the important paperwork for their organizations.

Homeschool board  members should keep all their organization’s important papers in a safe and accessible place. Usually, a 3-ring binder works well.

The Homeschool Organization Board Manual comes in a Word file to make it easy for you to customize it for your organization.

The manual (a digital file) costs $9.95, but you only purchase one copy for your organization.


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