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bored kids | Are your kids bored? Do they say...Mom, I'm bored! Let’s Talk About Bored Kids with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #204

Are your kids bored? Do they say…Mom, I’m bored! The word “bored” is on my “banned word list,” and my kids know it. But, what about kids who need some direction? In this podcast, Felice tackles the question head on with ideas and solutions.

Show Notes: Bored Kids

Here is a fast track solution for the “I’m Bored” syndrome:

  1. For the little ones, have things to do already planned. Rotate your toys. If you have everything out they get bored playing with them. If you take out some toys for a few weeks and change them out – watch the fun begin.
  2. Use a schedule. If you have a routine each day – there isn’t time to be bored. Typically a child becomes bored when we are busy or they are not used to finding things to do on their own. Giving a child a schedule (with pictures to begin with and words when they read, it will give them a routine and they will know what to expect next – it also gives them a sense of security.
  3. Older kids – have them help create a schedule
  4. Kids home for the summer (college) I have them create a schedule for the day. Yes they can have time to read, go see friends, to the gym (I have athletes) etc. They also have jobs – both work for me. So, they set their schedule with my approval, when they are working and when they will be on their own time.


Summer activities for kids to do: make a list with the kids help.

Check this out for a short list of ideas to combat bordeom:

Younger Kids

  1. Bubbles – give kids different size bubble makers and watch them go!
  2. Slip and slide or similar type of water activity in the yard. Little ones love sprinklers – weather permitting.
  3. Sand box/ water table
  4. “Retro toys” – jump rope, hoola hoop,
  5. Make tent indoors with sheets, blankets and towels
  6. Puppet show / hand puppets
  7. Impromptu plays

Middle school kids

  1. Reading
  2. Tag – freeze tags
  3. Water balloons
  4. Slip and Slides with a tarp (my son’s addition)
  5. Flying kites – making kites
  6. Bikes/ scooters/ skate boards
  7. Basketball/ soccer/ baseball
  8. Arts and Crafts – tie die
  9. Rubik cube

Park –kayaking/canoeing  – fishing – ice skating, archery, airsoft , paintball, trampoline parks *use to have one until our insurance provider made us take it down.

High school kids

  1. My kids said if you have not figured out what to do at this point in your life you need to work with them on
  2. SAT prep – look into college – career search

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