Boys, Again – HIRL Episode 67

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Free homeschool podcast about boys and raising boys.Back in Episode 9, we sat down with our friends and fellow podcasters, Hal and Melanie Young from Making Biblical Family Life Practical, to discuss the topic of boys. We talked about how these rambunctious little piles of energy can completely undo the unprepared homeschool mom. From peeing on the carpet to falling from the top of the trees, we discussed how the overload of testosterone is a God-given gift to young men who need discipling and direction from both parents, especially as you prepare boys for adolescence and young adulthood.

On this second episode, we dive back into the topic of raising boys. We begin by reminding our listeners that in the midst of basic school curriculum, we need to also address basic life lessons. We also answer a listener’s question about living in a small space with boys full of energy. We finish our by discussing how to raise boys with a sense of adventure and how sometimes we need to let life teach the hard lessons to stubborn boys.

Also in this show, Fletch and Kendra share a few more of their favorite items as they throw them into the HIRLer’s Treasure Chest.


:53 – Introduction
12:52 – Part One – Smart/Dumb teenagers
28:03 – Part Two – Boys in a small space
37:53 – Part Three – Manners

46:43 – HIRLers Treasure Chest

Show Notes

HIRLer’s Treasure Chest
Fletch: Life is
Kendra: Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt In Your Mouth Cookies

The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzie – buy it here on iTunes
Boys by The Beatles – buy it here on iTunes

My Teenage Sons Are The Smartest People I Know

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