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Lisa Nehring is joined by Jennifer Uren, who podcasts at This Mom Knows. Jennifer says, “Every business  "yes" can feel like a parenting "no"Building your Mom Team

Today on the show, True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring is joined by Jennifer Uren, who podcasts at This Mom Knows. Life Jennifer says, “Every business  “yes” can feel like a parenting “no” – and that’s when mom guilt kicks in.  Through her website and podcast, This Mom Knows, Jennifer Uren coaches and encourages mompreneurs to find the right systems, tools, and people – their “Mom Team” – so they have the support and energy to be their best as both “mom” and “entrepreneur”.

  1. How do we know we need a Mom Team?

    We need a Mom Team all the time. But, we often confuse need with effectiveness. When things are going well, we believe that we are managing just fine. But when things are going a bit sidewise, we are often too overwhelmed to put into place the systems, tools and processes we need to create the best team.
    So, we need to build our team as we go.
    The Best Mom team consists of systems, tools and people, most often a combination of all three, put together when things seem to be going well.
    Mom Team –  Most things that we are doing require both:
    System- the process repeatable recordable; like a recipe- allows us to delegate.
    Tool- the specifics we use to work the system.
    To create the best team, you need to spend some time observing yourself ,your rhythms and routines; what works best for you. You want to take yourself out of the equation- often Mom’s feel like they have to do it all and that creates a bottleneck. Take time to analyze how you  think, how you function, what tools work best for you, what processes do you need to put into place.

  2. How do we sort through the myriad of systems to create the best team?

    1. Start with what we know- do research and make a choice.
    2. Once the choice is made, put blinders on and lean into what you have  – don’t submit to the shiny object syndrome.
    3. All systems have a learning curve- commit to learning the system and realize that friction (i.e. frustration) might be part of the process).

3. Are there any good, “Start here” systems to begin with as we build our team

    1. Home- meet our basic needs
      1. Meals- Planning, Shopping, Cooking, Clean-up, Storing
      2. Laundry- gateway to all things clean in our home
      3. Paper -Bills paid, events planned, activities prepped for
    2. Business/ Homeschool- create space for meaningful work
      1. Workspace – is it virtual, portable, permanent
      2. Email- the heart of communication and represents need, implementation and response.
      3. Time- rhythms and routines around tasks- creating space adn protecting that space to get everything done

To create an effective Mom Team we have to get out of the mindset that we have to be the ones who do it all. We have to quit creating the bottleneck. If we delegate and off-load we can have the energy that we need to do things that we are called to do. Who can trade, barter and pay for others to join our team.

While it can be hard to ask for help, it’s hard to receive help when we receive.

Keep in mind that you can’t do everything, but you can do many things, just not everything at once!

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About Jenn: Jenn Uren is very familiar with trying to juggle and do all the things herself but too often found that it was at the expense of her family, especially relationship with her kids. She hit a breaking point five years ago when she and her husband experienced a surprise adoption of a sibling set (100% unexpected – you can hear about it on her podcast).  This started her down a life-giving path of transformation as she learned how to ask for help, offer help, and lean into systems to simplify and create space in her own life – and she wants to help you do that, too. Because the good news is that you can do it all, just not by yourself.

She and her family have recently left the hustle and bustle of the Chicagoland area and are enjoying discovering their new hometown in Northwest Indiana.


How to create a laundry routine.

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