Butterfly Watching With Kids

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butterfly watching with kidsLet’s Talk About Butterfly Watching With Kids

with Felice Gerwitz

Did you know there is a day in June for butterfly watchers? Did you know that butterfly watching has grown popular with good reason? One is because you need very little to get started — just a pair of binoculars, a patience, and maybe a book or two… and of course this podcast. Learn lots about butterfly watching with kids!

Show Notes: Butterfly Watching with Kids

Why study butterflies?
What supplies are needed?
Where are some places to see butterflies?
When is a good time to watch for butterflies?
How should you watch butterflies?
How do you identify butterflies?
What are some fun activities to do?

Resources –


Best places to find butterflies:

North Slope, Alaska

  • Sky Islands, Arizona
  • Sierra Nevada, California
  • Alpine Mountains, Colorado
  • Everglades National Park and Florida Keys, Florida
  • Ozark Mountains, Missouri
  • Pine Barrens, New Jersey
  • Lower Rio Grande Valley and Big Bend, Texas
  • Prairie remnants throughout the Midwest

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