Can Your Homeschooler Go To College – HIRL Episode 27

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HIRL-Episode-27The answer to this question is obvious: we all know that homeschoolers can go to college!

On this episode of Homeschooling In Real Life, Fletch and Kendra get real and challenge their listeners to join them in a difficult discussion about fear and trusting God as they contemplate sending their children onto higher education.

Along the way, they sit down with two college admissions counselors and ask them to share the experiences they have had when homeschoolers apply to college. How are we doing when it comes to academic preparedness, pride and preparing our kids for college?

Finally, Fletch and Kendra wrap up their show with a special edition of the HIRLer’s Treasure Chest. Tune in to see what these two are recommending for you now!

Episode Timeline
03:45 – Fletch/Kenj talk begin the discussion about parenting from a place of fear.
15:13 – Grand Canyon University Admission reps Nick Chandler and Carrie Fox-Buttram join the discussion.
45:29 – HIRL’ers Treasure Chest


Join Fletch (from theMangoTimes) and Kendra (from Preschoolers and Peace) for the HomeschoolingIRL podcast every two weeks as they interview guests and talk through some of the goofiness they have experienced in nearly two decades of Homeschooling In Real Life.


  1. This is the best discussion I have ever heard on this topic. So many parents are afraid, but they forget that they cannot wrap their child in bubble wrap in an effort to protect their child from the world. As you mention, the heart of your child is the most important thing as they become adults. We need to remember “fear not”.
    Jumping hoops…yep.
    Also, many parents do make too much of a big deal to admissions counselors about homeschooling. With my students, they just applied to college as if they were not any different; ddn’t worry about portfolios or course descriptions. The only time we provided extra info was if the school actually asked for it and that was usually for requested for honors scholarships or something similar.

    • Thanks Karen!
      We appreciate the input! As we started putting this episode together, we both realized we needed to address the issue of parenting from a place of fear (even in the college years). We may see an entire episode on this topic in the future!

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