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capture your man's heart | Okay ladies, are you ready to capture your man’s heart? #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #capturemansCapture Your Man’s Heart

Episode 256

Okay ladies, are you ready to capture your man’s heart? In this episode, we explore the meaning of love as we age, how to be sure your love is fresh and how to revive your first love and make it so much better.

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I’ve been married since 1979 and sometimes I feel like I am part of another person and don’t remember who I am … I’ve spent my entire adult life with another person. So, it is easy when we feel like we are taken for granted. Do we get excited when we see our spouse, does our heart begin to beat faster? Why or why not?

Let’s work on these ways to renew our love for each other and let’s start with ourselves.

Capture Your Man’s Heart with these tips:

  1. Look nice. Yes, this means dressing up in some way. Not the same old comfy sweats and the big t-shirt. Wear something nicer and comfy – yes, it can happen.
  2. Take the time to look into your husband’s eyes when he talks. Ladies, often we multi-task (okay, correction, I multi-task!) and we appear distracted. How much will your husband notice? Mine notices to the point of asking me what’s wrong!
  3. Make his special meal. If you don’t know what it is at this point ask. My husband and I both thought the other liked vanilla ice-cream as a favorite for at least ten years of our marriage until we learned our favorite flavor of ice cream included something chocolate.
  4. Listen. Yes, this may take time and perhaps your husband doesn’t talk much but it could be that he doesn’t talk because you don’t give him a chance to talk…and listen while he is talking. This can be a killer (my husband is very deliberate when he talks) and it takes every ounce of effort sometimes to allow him to finish without finishing his words.
  5. Be affirming – thank him. One of my friends posts the wonderful dinners her husband makes her for the world to see. She affirms him, she thanks him for being married to her, she tells him that these are the best years of her life. It is a wonderful witness to what a marriage can and should be. Maybe you are a private person, but still, behind the scenes in your own home allow your husband to know how much you love him. Notes, cards and hugs and kisses go a long way. Ignore the “eeews” from the kids. It is the best example you can show them about love.

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