Career Exploration Part 1. How can you know God’s will at 17?

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 This is the first part of a four part series on career exploration for high school students

I taught Career Exploration at my homeschool co-op several times. Sometimes students think that I will tell them what career they will have for the rest of their life. But that’s impossible!

No one knows the future, so don’t expect to have your entire adult life figured out as a high school student. All you need to do now is to try and get an idea of what the next phase of your life might hold.

Goal: learn a process of discovery and research to make a decision on a career path or college major to pursue.

The 4 Step Career Exploration Process

1. Investigate: Discover your personality, abilities, skills, and priorities.
2. Match possible careers to your personality.
3. Research potential careers to see if there is a fit.
4. Prepare a plan to pursue your career choice.

Joseph from the Old Testament: several “careers.” He worked for his dad tending flocks. He was also a slave, a house manager, a  financial manager to Potiphar, a dream interpreter,and  organized storage of food to prevented a famine. Joseph could not see how each of these jobs would be used together to accomplish God’s will in his life, but we can!

God’s will is not a target. God’s will is primarily a relationship with Him, rather than a place or job. God blesses people, not paths.

God is not obligated to reveal His will for our lives all at once.  He will tell you what you need to know when you need to know it.

From Decision Making and the Will of God by Garry Friesen

3 Forms of God’s Will

  • Sovereign will
  • Moral Will- the commandments given in the Bible
  • Individual will

In those areas specifically addressed by the Bible, the revealed commands of God (His moral will) are to be obeyed.

In those areas where the Bible gives no command or principle, the individual is free and responsible to choose his own course of action.


Listen in to Part 2, Episode 20 as I share with you some fun personality tests that will help you in exploration a career.

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