Career Exploration Part 4. Picking a college. Episode 22

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This is the last part of a four part series on career exploration for high school students. Host Carol Topp offers advice and tips on choosing a college and a major to prepare for your chose career.

The 4 Step Career Exploration Process

1. Investigate: Discover your personality, abilities, skills, and priorities.
2. Match possible careers to your personality.
3. Research potential careers to see if there is a fit.
4. Prepare a plan to pursue your career choice.

Episode 22: Career Exploration Part 4: Picking a college

Some students apply everywhere and then visit colleges where they have been admitted. Some visit colleges first and then only apply where they want to go.

Ask friends: Why this school? What was 2nd and 3rd choice college? Start building a list of potential colleges.

College Review sites: take the negative criticism with a grain of salt. and gives details on admission SAT scores, size,etc. You can filter on tons of criteria.

College course guides and student handbook. Look at the Statement of Faith if the college is a Christian school.Read the student newspaper

College visits. Stay overnight in the dorm.

Listen to Hal and Melanie Young’s podcast on college visits. Making Biblical Life Practical Making College Visits Count


I hope you enjoyed this podcast series on career exploration.

Carol Topp, CPA

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