Career Exploration with Special Guest Vicki Tillman

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #168, Career Exploration with Special Guest Vicki Tillman, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Career Exploration with Special Guest Vicki Tillman

In “Career Exploration with Special Guest Vicki Tillman,” Episode, #168, Meredith Curtis interviews homeschool mom/counselor/curriculum creator Vicki Tillman about future careers for homeschool grads. They start by sharing the careers of their 10 homeschool graduates – all so different and some very specialized. Vicki and Meredith discuss ways to help our teens explore various careers in high school – classes, investigating careers, talking to people about their jobs, ministry, apprenticeships, starting their own businesses – so they can enjoy successful careers in the future.


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Show Notes

Welcome to Special Guest Vicki Tillman with Seven Sisters, a homeschool podcast and curriculum provider.

Careers of All Our Grown Children

All graduated from Homeschool & College

Vicki’s Kid’s Careers

Meredith’s Kid’s Careers

Career Exploration

How to Help Teens Explore Career

God’s part in Career Exploration

God’s Will, Experiences, Giftings, What They Enjoy, Values


When to Learn About Careers

No Right Way

Sometimes a Little at a Time

Sometimes a Semester Class

Adding to Economics Class

Starting Your Own Business

Vicki’s Career Exploration Class


Listen to Vicki Tillman’s Podcast: The Homeschool High School Podcast

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