The Fall

The Fall ~ The Four Great Global Events of Genesis

The book of Genesis outlines four great global events, The Fall is the second. The first event, the Creation,  was meant to reveal from where all mankind originated, and his purpose. The second great global event has been called the Fall. This word captures the historical and universal significance of what took place in Genesis 3.

The Fall

The Fall was actually a series of corruptive events and consequences that changed the way all people would relate to God, the spiritual realm, and to one another from that time forward. Genesis 1-2 makes it very clear that Adam and Eve were the first human beings on this planet, and from them all subsequent humans have descended. Consequently, the Fall is a global event. It impacted all of mankind.

The Fall had eternal consequences because it took away the innocence of man and caused Adam and Eve to pass on the inclination to do evil. This resulted in physical death and eternal loss.

The very first sentence of Genesis 3 sets the tone for this event: “Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.” It is clear from this passage that something is not quite right. What is this creature doing in the garden that God had made for Adam and Eve?

This creature in the garden had the ability to talk and think.  No other creature had this ability. It is easy, therefore, to see how Adam and Eve could have thought that he knew more then they did, and was wise. 1 Corinthians tells us that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. We see this very thing happening in the garden.

In looking at the Fall, we notice that the first thing to happen was for the Devil to usurp God’s authority. He says, “Indeed, has God said you shall not eat from any tree of the garden?”

The name, Satan means an adversary or one who resists. Only an adversary would work at cross purposes with God. The friend of God would strive to help another believe God’s words, not undermine them.

In response to the devil’s challenge, Eve tells the serpent that the penalty for disobeying God was death. He responded (Gen. 3:14), “You surely will not die. For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

So the devil’s tactics in Genesis 3 were:

  • To attempt to twist God’s word
  • Contradict God’s word
  • Offer an alternative to God’s word – his own opinion.
  • Make his own opinion appealing by casting doubt on God’s character.

This theme appears again and again in history.

Ephesians 6:16 says, “in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming missiles of the evil one.” The word faith (or believe) means to trust. As the serpent throws missiles over the walls we have set up, above all, we are to take up believing in God’s word so that those missiles can be extinguished. Not trusting and listening to  God’s word was the beginning of the Fall.

The Second Stage of The Fall

The second stage of the Fall took place shortly after this, an enlightenment of sorts. Gen. 3:7 says, “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin coverings.” This enlightenment that was brought to them resulted in shame, guilt, and fear, and they attempted to cover their sin.

Like this enlightenment, the Enlightenment of the 1700-1800s, brought great breakthroughs in medicine and science. But this Enlightenment was also very similar to what happened in the garden. Science began to take over the role of revealing things that really could not be known by science – the age of the earth, the age of dinosaurs, the age of rock layers, the origin of man, and so on. For the last 250 years, science has dominated the historical and philosophical realm, in addition to its own realm. It has taken the place of what God had revealed to us in His Scriptures.

This has led to disastrous acts and events. For instance, the ideas of evolution and naturalism brought us the horrors of WW II. Nazis and Japanese rationalized their brutal treatment of people because they thought that they were the superior race. Evolution, part of the offspring of the Enlightenment, was the root of our modern thinking about races.

The Fall tore mankind away from his creator and the relationship for which man and woman were created. The Fall brought:

  • Fear, guilt and shame
  • Distrust of God’sword
  • Blaming those closet to us for shortcomings
  • Superstition and religious worship of other gods
  • Hatred of others not like me
  • Self-centeredness and greed
  • Pain, sorrow, and death
  • Broken relationships
  • Broken promises
  • War

Nothing good has come from breaking free from our Creator. The Fall so ruined man that it took God to set it right again in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, who took the penalty that we rightly deserved for our rebellion. Rom 5:6, 18-19 says, “For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly…So then as through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men, even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men. For as through the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, even so through the obedience of the One the many will be made righteous.”


Recommended resources for this podcast would be Genesis Rock Solid and Bedrock Geology.

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Four Great Events of Genesis ~ Creation

Creation | Many Christians, although rejecting evolution or long ages to explain our earth and its development, are unable to expound their own revealed history found in Scripture, or to counter false history from secularists. #podcast #christianpodcastFour Great Events of Genesis ~ Creation Episode 13

with Patrick Nurre

Part One: The Creation

Many Christians, although rejecting evolution or long ages to explain our earth and its development, are unable to expound their own revealed history found in Scripture, or to counter false history from secularists.

As you study your Scriptures, you will notice many subtleties that contain great insights into history. Some of this is seen in the word knowledge, used throughout the Bible. The Hebrews distinguished between wisdom and knowledge. Both are knowledge, but wisdom is knowledge learned through practice or obedience to Scripture. Knowledge, or the facts of knowledge, are learned through the comprehension of the words of Scripture.

In the New Testament, the Greeks used the word, gnosis for knowledge. Paul used this word in 1 Timothy 6:20-21. “O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you, avoiding worldly and empty chatter and the opposing arguments of what is falsely called knowledge (gnosis) which some of you have professed and thus gone astray from the faith. Grace be with you.”

In the KJV, the word gnosis is translated “science.” The word science would not be the best translation here, as the word science is a transliteration of the Latin word, Scientia (knowledge), and came later. The word knowledge would be the better translation, as it means the scriptures, the knowledge of God.

Paul is teaching us that there is true knowledge and false knowledge. True knowledge is revealed in the Scripture and includes God’s morality, His person, His work, and His creation. The false knowledge, embedded in modern science, in the form of the so-called historical sciences, moves people away from the true knowledge and substitutes another type of knowledge – that which is gained by man solely apart from revealed knowledge or gnosis.

The Bible never contradicts genuine science, that is, knowledge gained by observation, testing, and repetition of those tests. But much science today has become dogma, especially in the field of geology. Today, science has added to a collection of facts by jettisoning the Scriptures in favor of so-called enlightened men and women discovering knowledge strictly through predetermined proofs, like fossils.

The word science does mean knowledge, but modern science or what is called the historical sciences is knowledge derived from a combination of human perception or observation and human interpretation done by qualified people: those who are trained in the modern system of science, including its philosophy or interpretation. Much of modern geology is not science, but interpretation. Because of this, it drives people away from true knowledge, gnosis, of God, which is the Scriptures. It has become a type of Gnosticism.

Why is this important to the discussion of the four Great Global Events of Genesis? The first eleven chapters of Genesis reveal that there is a history recorded there that is meant to be taken and adhered to. And most of our modern problems are exposed through four great global historical events. Understanding these can help people to understand why we have many problems in our modern society.

The first great global event of Genesis was the Creation. There is no way to harmonize the Genesis account with what is claimed today by scientists for the beginning of our world.

King Hezekiah prayed in Is 37:16, “O LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, who is enthroned above the cherubim, You are the God, You alone, of all kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth.” This is an exclusive statement. Notice that the reason that Hezekiah proclaims Him to be the only God alone is that He made the heaven and the earth. When secularists say that our heaven and earth originated from purely naturalistic processes, they take away the authority of God.

God made us. This alone makes him the supreme being and the God of everything and everyone. The Hebrew phrase for this is “Lord of Hosts.”

When we choose to dethrone God, it starts a very destructive chain action. If we are not accountable to God, then who are we accountable to? This ultimately leads to me being my own boss, doing what I think is right.

Because God is the Creator, he is the source of all meaningful and right life. When Adam and Eve rebelled, they separated themselves from the source of life, the Lord. Man began to die spiritually and physically.

Nothing in our world has been right since that time. The troubles in our world are not due to quirks of evolutionary progress but are the result of rejecting our creator and His rightful place as Lord of Hosts.

Another consequence of rejecting the God of the Bible as the Creator is the disappearance of the conscience. Most Christians have a sensitive conscience, and they understand accountability. If Christianity is kept out of societal and political life, the conscience of accountability will disappear. Christians, of all people, know that when society ceases to be accountable to a moral God, it is bad for society. Culture will quickly erode.  For the most part, Christians have been a constructive and good force in the world throughout history, and for very good reason.

God created us with a deep sense of morality, conscience, and accountability. This is what is meant by, “He created them, male and female, in the image of God.”

The first great global event of Genesis was the Creation. This event established the right order in our world. When we reject our creator, we upset that order and bring ruin into our lives, our society, and our relationships.

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Rock Layers Show History

Creation Layers | The study of rock layers is called stratigraphy. The strata is supposed to reveal the history of the earth. #podcast #creationpodcastWhat do the Rock Layers Actually Show?

The study of rock layers is called stratigraphy. The strata is supposed to reveal the history of the earth. Secular geologists say that the rock layers and their ancient ages teach the opposite of what the Bible teaches. If they are correct, there is no way we can believe what the Bible says. To understand the secular viewpoint, we need to explore some history.

Learn More about Northwest Treasures, Geology

In the late 1700s and into the 1800s, scientists decided that the rock layers in the earth were very old. Although many today think that the age of the rocks is decided by radiometric dating, in truth this is not possible, and that idea wasn’t even developed until over a century after scientists decided the age of the rocks. And, of course, rocks and fossils have no dates stamped on them, to tell their age. There is actually no scientific or observable way to tell how old the layers are.

Up until the late 1700s, the study of rock layers was done in light of the Genesis Flood. At that time, the Enlightenment began to shape modern thinking in Europe about God, the church, the Scriptures, and Western civilization. God was no longer seen as the One Who created the earth just a short time ago.

Those who embraced these ideas called themselves Deists. Deism taught that the earth was created by God in the remote past, but that He was no longer involved in nature as recorded by the Bible.

This is more properly when modern geology began.

James Hutton (1726-1797), the Father of Modern Geology, said, “The earth is older than what the Bible says, because it looks older.” He postulated that the rock layers that we see around us were formed over millions of years, by slow, natural processes (called uniformitarianism).  God’s intervention had nothing to do with it. And so, modern geology began to develop into a totally naturalistic interpretation of the rock layers.

But do the rocks show that they are old? Not at all. A set of layers can give the appearance of age simply by being subjected to rapid and severe erosion. In the 1830s, William Smith, a geological engineer in England, noticed fossil marine shells in some rock layers, and not in others. His conclusion was that this showed likely successive creations and catastrophes, but that were unrelated to a Biblical Flood. This led to the idea of fossil succession through time, a precursor to evolution. The historical account of the Flood was no longer a viable explanation for the rock layers. Only naturalistic processes over a long period of time could explain it. This idea was fully entrenched in Western society by the end of the 1800s, and was expressed and developed in Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (1859).

In secular geology today, fossils are the key to arranging the rock layers in an order that portrays hundreds of millions of years of slow, developing evolution. To most scientists, the rocks are old because the fossils in them show evolution over hundreds of millions of years. The fossils tell us how old the rocks are, and the rock layers are old because they preserve a record of evolutionary history in the fossils, which must have taken a long period of time. This is classic circular reasoning.

In order to date the rocks, there must be a belief that evolution is a fact, and that fossils represent stages of evolutionary growth. But this has never been observed. So if this did not take place, what do the rock layers actually show?

Rock layers are simply that – rock layers. Some contain fossils, and some don’t. There’s no way to scientifically put an age on the rocks and fossils. But there is an alternative view to dating the rocks that is rooted in history. Uniformitarianism has only about 200 years of observed history to work with, and it denies anything to do with the historical Genesis Flood, which took place over 4000 years before uniformitarianism was invented. Uniformitarianism is not a complete historical viewpoint, and it isn’t science.

The historical framework of the Genesis Flood gives a different picture of the origin of the rock layers and the fossils contained there.  The world today is globally damaged and scarred. It is vastly different from the world of that time:

  • Climate was much more even, more lush vegetation.
  • Man lived longer.
  • Disease and sickness did not seem to be present.
  • Geologic processes that produced devastating erosion were non-existent.
  • The death seen in the rock layers was a result of overwhelming global destruction, not gradual changes over millions of years.

Formation of fossils is sparse today, unlike the record in the rocks. This shows that the fossils in the rock record must have been formed under totally different conditions than today: catastrophic water and mud conditions prevail in the sedimentary fossil-bearing rocks.

We also observe extinction in the rock record. Today, extinction is gradual and isolated. But the rock record shows massive amounts of plants and animals that seem to have suddenly disappeared in mass graveyards, and then were quickly hardened into stone.

The rock layers show:

  • Various kinds of rocks mixed together
  • Varieties of fossilized plants and animal, many which are extinct
  • An abundance of minerals and precious ores that are not being replaced today
  • Extreme deformities in landforms worldwide
  • Rock layers with flat contacts between layers, indicating very little time for erosion
  • Catastrophism on a grand scale, with most of the fossils being disarticulated and scattered

Rock layers are just that, layers of rocks stacked on top of each other. It is the interpretation of these that builds a particular view of their origin. There is no science that could authenticate how they formed or originated.

What about radiometric dating? Radiometric dating involves interpretation and assumption to make it work. Please listen to my podcast, “Has Radiometric Dating Poisoned Your Faith,” for a more thorough treatment of the subject.

To build a solid Scriptural worldview of Earth history, we need to pay more attention to our Scriptural historical presentation. You must know your Scriptures in order to interpret what you see in the rock layers.

Bedrock Geology (kit)

Bedrock Geology (book)
Genesis: Rock Solid

Radiometric Dating

Radiometric Dating | Age dating varies and many lose their faith due to error. | #podcast #homeschool @homeschoolpodcastHas Radiometric Dating Poisoned Your Faith? Episode 11

Introduction ~ Radiometric dating can destroy your trust in the Bible.

Some Observations about Radiometric Dating

Many believe the earth is 4.5 billion years old. Modern geology uses radiometric dating to confirm this.
Some facts about radiometric dating:
1. It relies on a set of unprovable assumptions in order to work.
2. It wasn’t developed until the 20th Century. But the idea of an ancient Earth was worked out philosophically early in the 19th Century, with no scientific evidence for an ancient Earth, but only philosophical interpretation.
3. In many cases, radiometrically dated rock has yielded both younger and older dates than the one finally accepted. The geological timetable, developed in the 1800s, is the final determiner of age.
4. Fossils and dinosaur bones are not directly dated using radiometric dating. Ideas for dating fossils were worked out philosophically about 100 years before radiometric dating was developed.
5. Carbon-14 is not used to date archaeological discoveries without first comparing them with pottery styles and any available written documents.
6. Using index fossils to date fossil discoveries is falling into disuse, as the same fossils are being increasingly discovered below and above their accepted time markers

Radiometric Dating fails as a time predictor because the processes cannot be observed or recorded in the past.

Our Response

As believers, we are to live by the words of Scripture, which come from God’s mouth (Matt. 4:4). Jesus quoted and trusted the Old Testament. Also, ”…the righteous will live by faith.” (Hab. 2:4.) And, “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” (Rom. 4:3).

Many scientists say things that contradict what Scripture says, especially about Earth’s age. If we are to trust God’s words, what does this mean for us?

An example:
Genesis 5 is a list of the descendants of Adam, from Seth, to the Flood. This totals about 1656 years. If Adam was created on day six of Creation Week, this means that earth must be younger than 4.5 billion years. If this Biblical record is incorrect, then what the Bible says about salvation and forgiveness of sins is suspect.

Radioactivity and Radiometric Dating Explanation

Radioactivity is observable and measurable in the present.
Radiometric Dating seeks to apply this science to the distant past, to make it work like a clock.

Some atoms are unstable. They lose energy (decay, are radioactive). For example, Carbon-12 is a normal, stable element, with six protons and neutrons. Carbon-14, though, has six protons, and eight neutrons. It is unstable and seeks to lose particles, or decay (is radioactive). Radioactive atoms release energy which can be measured in decays per second (Becquerels). By taking these present rates of decay and projecting them into the past (assuming a constant decay rate), an age for the earth can be statistically calculated. This is not science, but a combination of science, history, philosophy, and consensus.

Uranium is an example of an unstable element. Theoretically, if it loses enough atomic particles, it becomes lead. It is assumed that this will happen, even though nobody has seen the entire process. It can’t be verified.

But if the Genesis Flood took place, then these assumptions about radiometric dating would be thrown off. All geological processes would have changed by this sudden release of heat and energy.

To date anything, we must know its history. Christian orthodoxy proclaims that the Bible is God’s revelation to man, is historical, and reveals to us the outline of the Earth’s history. Contrast that to the Enlightenment, which helped set the course for modern geology, and says that there is no Biblical revelation and that the Bible isn’t historical.


1. Radiometric dating isn’t science, but an application of the philosophy of uniformitarianism.
2. Uniformitarianism denies the historical Genesis Flood.
3. Uniformitarianism is a belief about the past.
4. Uniformitarianism is scientifically limited to the present.
5. Uniformitarianism consists of extrapolation and assumptions.
6. Radioactivity isn’t the same thing as radiometric dating.

As believers, we must look at things differently. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. “…We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God….”

  1. Genesis: Rock Solid, A Biblical View of Geology
  2. Bedrock Geology
  3. Fossils, Dinosaurs and Cave Men
  4. The Geology of Yellowstone, a Biblical Guide
  5. Geology and Our National Parks

Story In The Rocks

The Story in the Rocks Episode 10

Story in the Rocks | Patrick Nurre shares the story in the rocks in today’s’ episode. Below find the show notes, and also a set you can also download a set. | #podcast #creationpodcast

Story in the Rocks | Patrick Nurre shares the story in the rocks in today's' episode. Below find the show notes, and also a set you can also download a set. | #podcast #creationpodcast

Here is the handout in an easy to download format. Below are the show notes as well. The Story in the Rocks

Introduction: Secular scientists tell us that the rocks are like the pages of a history book that can only be read by those trained in modern geology. The rocks do tell a story, but you must start from a correct historical perspective of the history of Earth.

Until the mid to late 1700’s those who studied nature were called naturalists. Their study sprang from the Creation story and the Genesis Flood as told in scripture. Newton and Galileo used this approach.  Nicolas Steno, one of the first to study geology, followed this. His rules are still taught today.

What about radiometric dating being used to date rocks and bones? Consider this:

  1. Radioactivity was discovered in 1897. The first radiometric age of the earth was calculated in 1917. But modern geology had already established early ages for the earth over 100 years before radiometric dating. So those who established these early ages in the 1800s were guessing.
  2. Since radiometric dating was first developed, many problems have surfaced with it. Numerous articles have been written about these problems.

How old are the rocks, fossils, and the earth? What is the story in the rocks?

These questions can’t be resolved by science, (observation, testing, and repetition of tests). And even before we answer these, we need a starting point.

There are two starting points, and both are philosophies. One is the Bible. The other came from the Enlightenment, a movement in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was a breakaway from the traditions of the church, the Bible, and miracles. Everything was to be studied apart from these. The historicity of the Scriptures was rejected, even though there was no sound reason for doing this.

The starting point for this second view was an idea called, uniformitarianism. It rejected a young Earth and a global flood, and said, instead, that the geology we observe now shaped the earth over immensely long periods of time. James Hutton considered the Father of Modern Geology, promoted this. This is the only view that is accepted in our modern educational institutions.

So how old are the rocks and fossils?

This must be answered from a historical framework. Uniformitarianism is limited in its ability to address this historically since the history of observation in uniformitarianism is limited to the past two hundred years. But the Bible records a global geological event that took place 4500 years ago.

Let’s apply the Biblical concept to the rocks.

Volcanic rocks: These are the only rocks we see forming. They spew out dangerous gases and cause destruction. They would not have been a part of the original, very good creation. Volcanoes would fit in Gen. 7:11 when the fountains of the great deep burst open.

Granitic rocks: Nobody has seen them form, but the consensus is that they are the foundation rocks of Earth. Biblical history would have them created within the first few days of the creation week.

Metamorphic rocks (changed rocks): Nobody has seen these form. Biblical history would fit them in Gen. 7:11. Sediments produced at this time as well as foundation rocks would have been changed through heat and pressure as these rocks ground against each other, consequently rearranging the minerals into new patterns. Limestone could have changed into marble, sandstone into quartzite, granite into gneiss.

Fossils (found in sedimentary rocks): These are explained by a catastrophic flood. Muddy sediments would have quickly buried billions of creatures and plants, preserving examples of the pre-flood world. And we now know that it does not take millions of years to form a fossil, but the right chemical environment.

Conclusion: The rocks and fossils tell a story, from the creation of elements to the destruction of the earth in a year-long, global flood. It is clearly seen in the evidence.




Biblical Geology

Biblical Creation | Special Guest Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures - handout | #podcast #creationpodcast @creationBiblical Creation – Episode 8

Today our special guest, Patrick Nurre discusses Biblical Creation. Patrick is the owner of Northwest Traditions with his wife, Vicki and has a wealth of information to share with us!

Here is the handout in an easy to download format. Below are the show notes as well. What is Biblical Geology show notes

I. Geology – “The Study of the earth.”
a. Made of two parts
i. Earth’s physical chemistry – observation and testing (Earth Science), what can be observed, tested, and repeated
ii. Earth’s origins – how Earth came to be (Earth History), involves history, philosophy, and consensus
1. History – deals with one-time, unique events supported by documentation/eyewitnesses
2. Philosophy – deals with biased interpretations of evidence
3. Consensus – deals with opinions of a select group regardless of facts.
II. Secular geology combines these two (science and history) into one academic course, “Earth History.” Secular geology cannot answer questions of:
a. How and where did the earth originate?
b. How old is the earth?
c. Where did all the rocks come from?
d. Where did I come from?

III. Worldview
a. Not religion vs. science, but worldview vs. worldview
b. Secular view – uniformitarianism
i. Earth is billions of years old
ii. Earth developed and originated naturalistically
iii. Only chemicals/ elements exist
iv. God is irrelevant
c. Biblical view – supernaturalism
i. Earth is thousands of years old
ii. Earth originated by the word of God, from nothing
iii. Man is made in the image of God
iv. Nothing exists apart from God
IV. The Enlightenment (1700-1800’s)
a. Rejected the Flood
b. Rejected the Bible as history
c. Regarded the Genesis Creation story as a myth
d. Rejected miracles, the Resurrection
e. Questioned the deity of Christ
f. Rejected the idea of revelation: the Scriptures are not the inspired word of God

V. Scriptural Worldview
a. Scriptures are a record of history
b. Scriptures can be divided into five main periods
i. The Creation – God spoke it into existence in six days
ii. The Pre-flood world – the earth was corrupted because of sin

iii. The Flood – God destroyed the earth in a year-long Flood
iv. The Post-flood world – the period immediately following the Flood, to the present
v. The Future, including eternity – New Heavens and New Earth
vi. First four periods are about 6000 years, based on historical genealogies and chronologies

c. What happened during this time
i. Creation (six days) – Elements, energy, water, sea creatures, birds, dinosaurs, man created
ii. Pre-Flood world – 1.656 years of unbridled sin and corruption brought on by man’s rebellion
iii. The Flood – One year of geological upheaval that produced volcanoes and mountains
iv. The Post-Flood World – 4500 years of the effects of the Flood, including extinction, climate change, an ice event, and more volcanism
d. The Flood
i. Historical event that left geological evidence
ii. Global event that left global geological effects
iii. The most significant geological event in Earth history
e. Biblical geology is using the Scriptural, historical account to interpret the evidence

VI. Implications of Biblical Geology
a. All of Earth’s visible land formations are a result of the Flood
b. All of the fossils are a result of the Flood and the aftermath
c. Most of the extinction in the fossil record, including dinosaurs, is a result of the Flood
d. All the earth’s present-day mountains, earthquakes, volcanoes and natural disasters were the result of the global flood and its consequences
e. The Flood is responsible for the formation of an ice event that sculpted mountains all over the world
f. All of earth’s geological processes have been affected by the Flood, including radioactivity and radiometric dating
VII. Two frameworks to explain our world
a. The Biblical framework explains what we see in our world in light of our framework: the Scriptures, including the Flood
b. The secular framework uses uniformitarianism as their framework, which excludes any influence that is supernatural
VIII. We must become as familiar with our framework as secularists are with theirs.

What Happened To The Dinosaurs

What Happened To The Dinosaurs? | This podcast is for kids to learn about the dinosaurs. #podcast #creationscience #dinosaurs #homeschoolFor Kids! What Happened To The Dinosaurs? Episode 7

To understand a bit about what happened to the Dinosaurs, it is best to begin in Genesis. Understanding how man sinned shows us that the Garden of Eden a haven for Adam and Eve and all the animals became a world far from perfection.

Then along came Noah! He was a righteous man and he saved the animals at the time of The Flood. While some think the flood was only in specific areas of the world, this is not true! You can find more information about Flood Geology in the book Creation Geology a Study Guide to Fossils, Formations & The Flood. The Flood was worldwide, the podcast contains information about some of the ways we know this.

The Ark design was unique (Genesis 6:14-16) There was room for 2 of each animal, food and storage, Noah and his family. The ark design is one of the most stable of any boat. When God said He wanted Noah to take two of each kind, what does it mean? A “kind” is not a “species.” For example, a “dog kind,” includes dogs, wolves, coyotes, etc.

What Happened To The Dinosaurs?

Where are the dinosaurs? Dinosaurs were believed to be on the ark. Juvenile dinosaurs were onboard and the average size of the dinosaur was the size of a small chicken. So, for all those skeptics, yes – dinosaurs were on the ark!

When the rains stopped and the flood waters receded, 150 days later the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. The mountains became visible in the tenth month.

Before the Flood, the earth was warmer. It is believed there was more carbon dioxide in the air that made the plants and animals grow bigger (and people lived longer). There are many plants and animals found in the fossil record that did not survive the flood.

What Happened to the Dinosaurs? 

After the flood, many plants and animals died and the dinosaurs and other large creatures could not live in the reduced atmosphere or without some of the plants that did not survive, so they became extinct. Many plants and animals were buried rapidly which caused fossils. Fossils are often found in groups. The rocks showed the catastrophic deposits with large scale erosion into the newly deepened oceans. There was also a post-flood Ice Age.

Geologic formations formed and the rapid burial showed that many fossils found were not commonly found together in nature. The Fossils were only preserved when they are rapidly buried.

Missing Link

Missing link | Missing link is still missing despite all that evolution claims. #podcast #homeschoolThe Missing Link with Dr. Sharp

The missing link is still missing. Building your worldview on the knowledge presented in Genesis. There are preconceived ideas about origins and you can look at it two ways. One is with an evolution bias, with the thought of being an Atheist, Deist, or Theist.
With a bias of a creation perspective, the thought is of a Creative designer. Both can point to scientific data to substantiate their points.

Roman 3:4 — “Let God be true and every man a liar.”

There are predictions for each model.
Creation focus:
1. Life only from life
2. Kinds wholistically controlled by genetics
3. The earth’s present topography caused by the Genesis Flood
4. The human race created in God’s image

1. Life from non-life
2. Species traditional upward to new species
3. The earth’s topography caused by gradual processes
4. man consists of several races and is a derivative of animal ancestry

Searching for the Origin of Life – Stanley Miller conducting vacuum tube experiments that won him a Noble Prize in early 1950’s
Miller who after almost four decades is still in hard pursuit of life’s biggest secret agrees that the field needs a dramatic finding to constrain the rampant speculation.
Charles Darwin the author of the Origin of Species — however he said the missing links would be found and they are still missing.

Even Stephen Jay Gould says, “The absence of fossil evidence for intermediary stages between major transitions in organic design, indeed our inability, even in our imagination, to construct functional intermediates in many cases has been a persistent and nagging problem for gradualistic accounts of evolution.”
All Paleontologists know that the fossil record contains precious little in the way of intermediate forms; transitions between major groups are characteristically abrupt (Stephen Jay Gould.”
Even the evolutionists find that the fossil record is spotty and therefore Darwin’s hypothesis is still an “educated guess.”

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Creation Anatomy

Creation Anatomy | Teaching Creation Anatomy iis an amazing way to study God's handiwork. #podcast #homeschoolCreation Anatomy

Creation Anatomy is a study of looking at the body through a different set of lenses, lenses with a creationist perspective. Can you see God’s creation in the human body? The answer is yes!

God’s creation is good — studying anatomy with a Biblical perspective means starting in the book of Genesis.
God created man with a purpose we are His special creation!
We are the “body” of Christ!

In our book, Creation Anatomy: A Study Guide of the Body there is a chapter on the price of the human body.
However when you add up all the parts of the human body down to its chemical composition — God created us with an eternal soul and that means we are priceless!
Our body doesn’t only operate on an elemental level — it also functions on the molecular level and the most complex of all of our molecules in hemoglobin.
Any attempt to make man has failed. There is not a biochemical company that could put it all together and not enough money in the world to buy all the elements you need for our body.

That is an amazing testament to the awesome power of God.

Our body works in the most complex way.
We have different fluids
75-trillion cells
Our cells require oxygen, burns fuel, gets hot, needs to cool, performs work and gives off exhaust — “gas”

  1. Studying Creation Anatomy we delve into the miracle of the body:
  2. Oxygen reaches the destination which diffuses into the cell
  3. The same moment the blood carries exhaust gasses from the cell
  4. The exhaust gases are tissue cells in CO2
  5. C02 plus water equals carbonic acid
  6. And it must be neutralized instantly
  7. Naturalized red cells take it to the bloodstream
  8. Bloodstream combines with salt and plasma which equals sodium bicarbonate
  9. Harmless and carried to lungs
  10. Lungs are not equipped to exhale waste
  11. in the lungs — bicarbonate ions join with protons from hydrogen to form carbonic acid that breaks down to form carbon dioxide gas and water
  12. It passes through the capillary wall to the lungs to be exhausted
  13. Same instant red cells pick up another fresh load of oxygen and begin the journey again.

Listen to the podcast for more information.

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Creation and Evolution Beliefs

Creation and evolution beliefs | Creation and evolution beliefs is a topic that deals with looking at the evidence and perhaps with a different conclusion. In this podcast, Felice shares her research with a creation scientist #homeschooling #homeschool #homeschoolpodcast #creationandevolution #creationscienceCreation and Evolution Beliefs

Creation and evolution beliefs are just that – a topic that deals with looking at the evidence and perhaps with a different conclusion. In this podcast, Felice shares her research with a creation scientist as well as her curriculum that has received inclusion in Cathy Duffy’s 100 and 101 Top Homeschool Curriculum. Jill Whitlock and Felice Gerwitz co-authored a series of curriculum for the homeschool and Christian school market. You can find our books at as well as on Amazon.

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And, our

Creation and evolution beliefs can follow you anywhere!

Felice attended a health conference for doctor’s and one talk was entitled the Embryo Defensive Human Life. And as you know, with a topic of a creation and evolution, that’s one of the big things that come up with a definition of what human life is. The talk was hosted by professor Robert George, he is a Princeton University professor. What was amazing was the fact that the discussion these days has gone to the definition of life, as a Christian, I believe that life is at the moment of conception and the human embryo is totally human. It is a humankind. It has a potential to grow into an adult. Professor George had to be transported to and from the airport by a deputy sheriff of Lee County. And it was, I’m sure for his safety, he had to be escorted because he has had death threats on his life. While we may consider that we live in a free society when you see things such as this, it is hard to believe. And right now I just praise God that there is this ability to speak frankly about the importance of the beginning of life, which is important to the future of our children! Be sure to teach your children that God created is wonderful, commendable, and should be done.

He’s written many books and was so articulate and so logical to me that much of it dovetails into this discussion of creation and evolution. Let me just preface this, talk with a couple of things and one of them is my lack of knowledge beginning any discussion on the topic. I met Jill Whitlock many years ago now and she was a scientist. She was an oil and weld geologists by degree. And when I met her she was telling me about the topic of creation and evolution.

Teaching Creation and evolution beliefs side-by-side is important.

I had just attended a conference at the state convention the year before. And I said I was left with a lot of questions. I bought a lot of books, but I didn’t know what to do with these books. She had made a ten-year study at the time and invited me over. She started out the discussion with the second law of thermodynamics and I hit pause on the recorder and I said, okay, we need to stop here. I didn’t even know there was a First Law of Thermodynamics and here you are talking about a second Law of Thermodynamics. And I said, well, what is the thermodynamics? After we stopped laughing she went on and explained and opened my eyes to the world of science and how important it was to teach both concepts to your children.

Many times in our in our homeschool world, children are taught biblical principles and are taught values, virtues, and character qualities. And all of these things are very important and very pivotal. And I do this as well in my own schooling of my children. But I want to challenge you to go one step further and I want to challenge you to consider teaching creation and evolution side by side.

And here’s the reason why. For many, many years, I’ve had friends in all walks of faith in the homeschool world and outside of it that serve the Lord, yet their children have strayed. Some even believe that it is anti-Christian because anybody who is open-minded could not possibly consider that God used the book of Genesis as fact, many consider it an allegory. I don’t argue the point anymore. What I do say is educate yourself and whatever you decide is between you and your maker, if you believed there is one or not. And it’s not anything. I can only present the information and then you can decide how you’re going to teach it.

And you know, I know there’s some wonderful curriculum available. Our books are geared with a very, very detailed outline that Jill came up with after many, many, many years of research.

My challenge to you with today is to give your children a foundation that will stay with them after they leave your home and go into adulthood. At some point, your kids will need to make a choice and hopefully, they can make a choice for God! However, they must understand the evolutionary perspective. You can’t put God in a box, however, I believe that the book of Genesis. should be taken literally, we take every word in the Bible literally. It’s not up to me to decide, everyone needs to make up their own mind.  As a Christian we discuss Genesis 12 and consider that literally because it discusses Abraham and the lineage of David, leading to Christ.

Points discussed on this podcast:

  1. It is important not only for me to teach my children the Biblical truth, but also to teach them that evolution does not hold the answers.
  2. Discuss with your children – when does life begin.
  3. Creation and evolution are both very important. Charles Darwin is considered the father of evolutionary thought. He basically preempted another author when he wrote the book Origins of Species and it became based on some of his observations that was published in 1859 and has become the dominant scientific theory of origins amongst influential scientists.
  4. Today scientists today no longer believe in evolution as proposed by Charles Darwin. In fact, they call it neo-Darwin and Neo Darwinian. Darwin said that the fossil record would prove all the transitions that he speculated about in his observations in the fossil record is still sadly lacking what in, in not sad for us to set for evolutionists.
  5. When studying about creation versus evolution, there have been three things that have really shaken the evolutionary foundation.
    1. And one is the scientists claim that DNA can be traced back to one set of parents. One scientist refer to this as the Mitochondrial Eve. This is bad press for an evolutionist, because of the reference to the Bible, but totally in line with what creation! Teach that all mankind comes from one set of parents. And if you believe in the biblical principles, we call them Adam and Eve.
    2. The second amazing thing with scientists believing they can test the effects of the beginning of time. Again, a big shock to them because they believed that the big bang or rose from an eternal universe, and now if they can see a beginning, then the question becomes who started it?
    3. The third shock in the scientific community is when red blood cells were found and dinosaur bones. Now, this is impossible since it is believed that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. The blood cells should have dissipated, are fossilized — but here they were not. In fact, and we use this as a topic in our second novel in the truth seekers mystery series, dinosaur quest.
  6. Everything you read about evolution teaches it as a given fact. Beware of this. They use words such as millions of years ago or we know that millions of years ago that… And so these are the things that really bother me when I read them teaching creation and evolution side by side. It says it all because your student, your child has been a constantly been be bombarded with evolutionary information from secular sources. Second, we need to teach evolution so that our children will understand the problems with the theory and learn how to counter what they see and hear in the media through science by definition is observable, repeatable, and testable.
  7. We cannot go back and observe or redo creation, nor can we observe or a test evolution than they are both. Belief systems both require faith to believe.
  8. There are so many scientists who are so eager to believe the lies of evolution when there’s so much evidence contrary to evolution, but it is censored. And the opinions of scientists are presented as facts.
  9. We either say things are a theory, proven or a hypothesis. Science teaches the theory of evolution is a valid hypothesis based on, “all of this evidence” that is still missing.
  10. Do you kids understand or could they debate a college professor who claims that Carbon14 dating is valid? My daughter did this in college and I share the details in this podcast. It is important for your children (and you) to understand the difference.
  11. Teach your children to think through things logically. Children who are being taught to think logically, are able to combat those who are illogical.
  12. Artifacts for example, of a fossilized beetle, are supposed to be 60 million years old, yet it is unchanged from a modern living beetle. We can point out and show our children. (My daughter and I used this topic in our third novel ( – Keys To The Past: Unlocked)
  13. The majority of people today, including many Christians, think the theory of evolution was founded by Darwin and is supported by scientific effort. And it actually began before the ancient Greeks. And again, there is no scientific basis that really, really definitively says, you know, here’s the information, you know, we’re done with it, there’s no more discussions, you know, the theory of evolution caused from the new changes over time and allows one species to change into a totally different species over millions of years.
  14. Macroevolution does not exist and there is no evidence. People try to say that microevolution has also evolved. Now micro is a change within a kind and that is not at all what we consider evolution. I have no problem with microevolution.
  15. When people talk about Noah’s Ark and look at feasibility studies that had been done about it, it is astounding that each kind of animal was on the Ark. You know, even some of the dinosaur kinds. And most dinosaurs were actually very small about the size of a chicken.
  16. Dr. Henry Morris was a tenured scientist who left to found the Institute for Creation Research. And he was for a sore point in the side of “real scientists” because he was a real scientist. He was a tenured scientist at a secular university.
  17. James Watson and Francis Crick were scientists who recognized that nothing could have evolved by random chance or mutations over time. And this spawned the Intelligent Design debate.
  18.  Intelligent Design says that our world is so complex it must have an Intelligent designer –proponents of this are across the board in their belief systems from Christian groups, Christian, Catholics, Jewish atheists were all part of this group and still are today. Many videos are available by Michael Behe on YouTube.
  19. Evolution is still considered a theory. There is no law of evolution. Biogenesis states that life can only come from life. And therefore, evolution violates the Law of Biogenesis and if you try to ask a scientist that you will get every other answer, but a direct response. And to me it’s so amazing and these are the kinds of things that happen when people turn their backs to Christian principles.
  20. Many students lose their states and reject the biblical teaching of their families and churches and essentially lose their fate due to evolution.