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Exciting Time For Creation | It is a fabulous time to be a creation scientist, especially with the exciting Creation Science News! Join Felice Gerwitz and Dr. Jay Wile, an author and acclaimed scientist who will discuss why this is a great time to be a Creation Scientist. | #podcast #creationsciencepodcast #creationscience Exciting Creation News ~ Episode 23

It is a fabulous time to be a creation scientist, especially with the exciting Creation Science News! Join Felice Gerwitz and Dr. Jay Wile, an author and acclaimed scientist who will discuss why this is a great time to be a Creation Scientist.

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Dr. Jay Wile – Learn more about here on his website and his blog.

Dr. Jay L. Wile, who holds an earned PhD in nuclear chemistry. He is best known as the author of award-winning elementary, junior and senior high school science courses including the Science through HisStory, “Discovering Design with…”, and “Exploring Creation with…” series.

Exciting Creation News:

There’s an enormous amount of scientific work that keeps confirming creationist predictions. Some of it’s coming from the secular scientific community, but some of it is coming from the creationist community as well. And that’s probably the most exciting aspect.

Creationists used to be focused and still are focused on talking to the common person, the laypeople and letting them know, hey, look, science, that doesn’t support evolution in the way people, some people claim it does. And that’s a very important part of creationism.

And obviously I do that in my textbooks, but science moves forward when scientists do research about new things. For a long time, there just weren’t enough creationists. There wasn’t any money in creation, in research and so forth. So there wasn’t much actual research going on. But nowadays, creationists are doing experiments. Some of them are publishing in the secular literature, like Dr. John Sanford, is publishing several genetic studies in the standard secular literature.

Exciting Creation News:

The audio has details about the following:

  1. H1N1 virus showed that natural selection doesn’t weed out the harmful mutations.
  2. But that’s not what we see in the data. Fischer’s Theorem—which mathematically supports evolution in secular literature doesn’t work.
  3. Nylon digesting bacteria – thought they were new genes – but it was natural genes. This is fascinating and a lot of this is confirming predictions that creationists have made for years.
  4. Human genome project – and there’s a really famous scientist named Dr. Dan Graur. He says, if the findings are right, then evolution is wrong because there is no way evolution can maintain 80% of the human genome. (Read more about this on Dr. Wile’s blog here.) This has confirmed creation prediction and it goes way, way counter to everything evolutionists have taught us since the ‘70s when it comes to the human genome.

What Makes A Theory Scientific

What makes a theory scientific isn’t that it explains the data. It’s not that it makes sense. What makes a theory scientific is it can be used to predict data that are not known because that’s how you really decide whether a theory is useful and whether or not it’s close to reality. Because if it can make a prediction about something that is not known and then it’s investigated, it turns out that prediction is true. That gives you a lot of support for the theory

More Exciting Creation News:

  1. Dinosaur bones tested have been found to have C14
  2. This indicates that the maximum age is about 30,000 years old. Now, we think it is less than that because carbon 14, is very difficult to get a solid done number beyond 3000 years. But nevertheless the evolutionist says zero C14. The creationists say some and the creation is right.
  3. The lab (the best there is) with the particle accelerator refused to allow further testing when they realized the results found were on dinosaur bones –instead they’ve decided to do is put on the blinders and say, we don’t care that there’s carbon 14 in there and we don’t care to ever explain that because that challenges our belief that they’re millions of years old. That’s not science that’s religion.

When I started researching, different data related to the age of the earth, I became skeptical about these billions of years specifically because I saw how radioactive dating is done.

  1. Error bars: this is when the dating says plus or minus 10,000 years. This is the first thing that I (Dr. Wile) saw that was really ridiculous. These error bars are totally unrealistic. For example, several years ago now, there were diamonds from Zaire and they were dated to be 6 plus or minus point 3 billion years old. So according to that error bar, the youngest they could be is around 5.7 billion years old. Problem is the earth is supposed to be only 4.6 billion years old.
  2. Evolution requires billions of years because it requires complete luck. Initially, there’s no life on earth according to the evolution, the naturalistic evolutionary model. Suddenly we have to create something out of just random chemical reactions. Evolution says the chance of this happening is really low, but if you got billions of years to get it done, it’ll eventually happen. So it took billions of years to get the first life form. Although even when using their own numbers, they know that’s not right now. The earliest living thing in fossil records supposed to be 3.8 billion years old, so they absolutely need, billions of years or older for that to work, and that is why it’s just taught that way because, without it, there’s no evolution possible.
  3. Back in 2005, a paper was published by Mary Schweitzer, she found a fossilized femur dinosaur bone and found soft tissue in it. And she said, based on all of her analyses that she could do before publishing the paper, it wasn’t something that got introduced later. Nearly everyone on the planet said she’s nuts. There’s no possible way. This is true. If these bones are 65 million years old. Soft tissue doesn’t last that long. However, she kept doing some chemical tests and she found it in another dinosaur. So some people got interested.
  4. Other people started looking and finding soft tissue. They picked seven scrappy dinosaur bones from a museum. They didn’t even know what dinosaurs they’re from only that they’re found in Cretaceous rock. And out of those seven, four of them had soft tissue in them. And with a scanning electron microscope, this soft tissue looks like it’s got red blood cells in it.
  5. Most paleontologists, not all, now agree there is soft tissue in dinosaur bones and that’s exciting enough. Cause once again, how in the world can you expect soft tissue to hang around and still be soft 65 million years later.
  6. But what’s really cool about this as a creationist researcher has gone to the next step. He’s been taking dinosaur bones and dissolving them in weak acid. This gets rid of all the minerals and what’s left is the soft tissue, then he isolates bone cells from it. So he’s actually got soft bone cells from dinosaurs. He’s done it with a triceratops so in the end, he’s collecting soft dinosaur cells. And of course, the cell should have DNA in them. And in fact, he has actually extracted the DNA from the cell, nobody in the evolutionary literature has ever tried to extract the dinosaur cell before. See more information Mark Armitage and the video with dinosaur cell extraction here.Theories of Evolution.

Darwinism, neo-Darwinism, punctuated equilibrium model shows abrupt appearances of new organisms in the fossil record. (Creationists believe that was because of the Flood) Evolutionists see that most all of the organisms die, but a couple of them—by “happy coincidence” they have good mutations that they end up producing a new creature just in the span of a couple of generations or a few generations. They look at the fossil record and see things appear quickly because their intermediates only existed for a few generations. So those intermediate varieties existed, but they didn’t exist long enough to fossilize, to become part of the fossil record.

So in the end evolution happens too quickly to fossilize. But then if you ask an evolutionist, why don’t you see new species, or not new species, of original organisms appearing now, they’ll say because evolution happens too slowly to observe. So it happens too slowly to observe and to quickly to fossilize. And that’s, that’s where we are right now. And some people are calling that science. That’s punctuated equilibrium. And that’s the only model right now that’s at least consistent with the paleontological data. However, a lot of folks are moving beyond that even.


Single-celled organisms can swap genes from different species. Bacteria are particularly good at this, and they can actually absorb DNA from dead organisms that are not even anywhere close to them in terms of species and so forth. And if some of that DNA is useful, it gets incorporated. There’ve been a couple of cases where it’s been shown in fairly simple animals. The sea slug for example, when it eats a photosynthetic organism can actually incorporate it and has the ability to do photosynthesis. This is called horizontal gene transfer. It’s not vertical in a sense. It’s going from parent to child. It’s horizontal in a sense. It’s going from one organism to a completely different organism that’s well known in single-cell creatures known in a few animals but not many.

There are a lot of evolutionists are saying that’s the big deal. All sorts of horizontal gene transfer are occurring. And that’s why we can’t track evolution the way it happened because it’s getting blurred by all of this horizontal gene transfer. Other folks are saying that it’s all in development. We do know that there are some genes that make radical changes during embryonic development, and if those genes get changed just a little bit, the results can be radically different. So evolution during development is Evo-Devo.



Yellowstone – Earth History

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Yellowstone | ellowstone is the gateway to understanding earth history, in this episode we'll listen to Patrick Nurre as he shares information about the park and the earth. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #creationscienceYellowstone National Park – A Window into Earth History Episode 22

Yellowstone is the gateway to understanding earth history, in this episode we’ll listen to Patrick Nurre as he shares information about the park and the earth.

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Yellowstone National Park is America’s first national park signed into law in 1872 by U.S. Grant, 18th President of the United States.

The Park is 2.2 million acres, amounting to over 3,400 square miles of forest, mountain ranges, several lakes, 10,000 thermal features, 300 waterfalls and over 300 geysers. It is a veritable laboratory for getting a window into the past geological history of Earth. It is a testament to the Genesis Flood and its aftermath.

The origin of the word Yellowstone is unknown. Many think Yellowstone got its name from the altered and colored lava of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, most of which is colored a variety of yellow hues due to hydrothermal (or hot water) alteration within the canyon walls.

Yellowstone National Park is a small part of a much larger ecosystem. This ecosystem contains the greatest amount of fossil trees in the world, the largest fresh water lake in the US at altitudes over 7,000 feet, the largest concentration of geysers in the world, a vast glacially sculpted landscape and quite possibly the largest concentrated amount of volcanic ejecta in the world to have been erupted by volcanoes (9,000 cubic miles of volcanic material). To give you an idea of just how big that is, Mt. St. Helens erupted just .25 cubic miles of volcanic material in 1980.

Yellowstone is actually part of a greater volcanic feature dubbed a “supervolcano.” The main crater of Yellowstone is 45 miles long and 35 miles wide. Mt. St. Helens, by comparison, left a crater 1 mile wide and a ½ mile deep.

No one knows for sure what lies underneath Yellowstone. Geologists estimate that there is initially a depth of about 1-2 miles of a special type of volcanic rock called rhyolite, produced by explosive volcanoes. In addition, the temperatures just 400-500 feet below the surface are very hot.

There is no doubt that if one of these giants were to erupt today, it would have a devastating effect on our biotic globe and climate. Many geologists have proposed a sort of an ice age that would creep over several parts of our Earth.

Some ask if Yellowstone will erupt again. Despite what Hollywoood says, the official park literature states that they do not expect any kind of an eruption within the next 10,000 years. The closest eruption of any magnitude in our recent Earth history was in 1815 with the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia. 1816 has been called, “The year without a summer,” as freezing temperatures, and snow and crop failure were reported in June of 1816 throughout many parts of the world.  There have been many such eruptions in Earth’s geological past – the Mammoth Lakes Caldera in eastern California and the La Garita Caldera in southwest Colorado were two of the largest.

What would have produced this violent volcanic eruption? The Yellowstone eruption is a bit of a mystery in modern geology. It does not fit the typical plan for volcanic activity. Scientists tell us that most of Earth’s volcanoes lie along cracks in the Earth called The Ring of Fire. These cracks are labeled as the edges of shifting plates, as modern geology describes them. But Yellowstone does not lie along any edge of a plate. It is thousands of miles from The Ring of Fire. This is also true of the Hawaiian Islands, themselves made of many volcanic eruptions. Yellowstone nevertheless is a huge crack or hole in the Earth.

Many of us learned in school that volcanoes were the crucibles of creation; that our atmosphere and water and the early conditions for life on our planet came from millions of years of repeated eruptions. James Hutton, the Father of Modern Geology, in the late 1700s, viewed the Earth as having constantly recycled itself in volcanic eruptions, processes of metamorphosis and sedimentary deposition throughout untold ages. There is another way to look at this.

Genesis 1 says “In the beginning, God created the space and the Earth….” This is a far different picture of Earth history. One of the best things you can do in sharpening your worldview is to read and know Genesis 1. Very few Christians who know the Scriptural presentation of origins and the global Flood that followed.

In Genesis 1 a straightforward reading would tell us that the Earth was created by an all-knowing, all-powerful God, with purpose and design. And this space and Earth and everything in them were created over a period of 6 days. This would make the origin of the Earth a relatively recent event in Earth history, quite at odds with modern geology. At the end of day 6, the Scripture states, “God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.” Earth, upon its completion, seems to have been a perfect place, fashioned by the Creator for very special people – Adam and Eve. There does not seem to have been death, disease, and other crippling effects of decay. But this is not what volcanoes produce. Volcanoes produce: sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride or hydrofluoric acid, very poisonous gases, as well as dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, acid rain, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and destruction of the ozone layer of Earth. In addition, these particles of dangerous things rise up into our atmosphere and affect our climate and disrupt our existence. For example, airports are closed and crops and animals are killed through the deposits in the form of thousands of tons of volcanic ash. All in all, volcanoes are destructive to man’s existence, not creative. Looking at things from a Biblical point of view, there is another idea to consider for the creation of volcanoes: the Genesis Flood.

Genesis 7:11 very effectively describes the first day of the Genesis Flood. “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.” To a geologist, this historical statement should cause one to think of many different geological events. For instance, huge cracks and holes could open in the crust of the Earth with the eruption of all kinds of hot water, nasty radioactivity, and lavas, and the ripping apart of soils laid down just 1500 years earlier. All of Earth now exhibits these effects in the rocks, topographical scars, and billions of fossil creatures and plants over the entire globe.

Geologists estimate that there are over 50,000 volcanoes of all kinds spread out over the surface of the Earth and on the ocean floor. Rocks and landforms that were a part of the original creation would have been changed or metamorphosed for the rest of Earth history as a reminder of the judgment of God. Only a remnant of the original creation remains. But the devastation of a global flood has left its mark as a reminder that God holds all mankind accountable for its rebellion. The Genesis Flood is the only world-wide catastrophic event in Earth history, mentioned in the Scripture, that all mankind experienced. It was not a localized judgment such as Sodom and Gomorrah. Cracks all over the ocean floor and present-day faulting and earthquakes are a testament that this global event indeed did happen.

However, geologists tell us that the Yellowstone volcano erupted 640,000 years ago. How do they know this? They don’t. The age is based upon an assumed behavior of radioactivity. Radioactivity or radioactive decay can be measured in the present, but we have no idea whether this decay rate has continued unabated into the distant past. Geologists merely assume it has been constant. They assume this because they refuse to consider the Genesis Flood as anything more than myth. But if the Flood indeed did take place, as Scripture records, then all geological processes we know today would have been affected by extreme heat, alteration and mixing of materials and violent chemical reactions.

So, how old is Yellowstone? From a Biblical point of view, the answer lies in historical documents, not in science. Science can only verify what it can observe, test and repeat. The Yellowstone supervolcano erupted at some point in Earth’s history. Deciphering that is a matter of examining historical documents and eyewitness accounts. The science of Yellowstone deals with excavating its fossils and identifying its rocks. But the origin of Yellowstone is a matter of history and that is the task before us.

Christians have three main sources for determining the age of Yellowstone:

  • The genealogies and chronologies of chapters 5 and 11 of Scripture
  • The witness of Jesus Christ who quoted from the book of Genesis more than any other Old Testament book of the Bible and took all that it stated at face value
  • The signs produced by the Creator throughout Earth history and witnessed by hundreds and in some cases thousands of people

As the chronologies in Genesis chapter 5 clearly indicate that there were a little less than 1700 years from Adam to Noah, then Yellowstone cannot be any older than about 4,500 years, the date of Noah’s flood. Any evidence of a volcanic eruption prior to that would have been wiped away by the Flood.

All these historical events have been recorded and preserved in our Scripture so that we might know who created us, what happened to the human race and how man can be restored to a right relationship with his creator.

Rock Strata and Fossils

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Rock Strata and Fossils | scientific basis of this and key information. | #podcast #creationscienceRock Strata and the Fossils in Geology Episode 21

Does rock strata and the fossils in geology show anything important? Absolutely in this presentation with Patrick Nurre, he’ll share the scientific basis of this and key information.

The study of rock layers in secular geology and what they mean is called stratigraphy. The study of the fossils as they appear in the rock layers is called biostratigraphy. The literal rendering of the Greek word stratigraphy is layer writing.

A good book on this subject is The Key to Earth History – An Introduction to Stratigraphy, (by Peter Doyle, Matthew R. Bennett, and Alistair N. Baxter, 1994). The whole premise of secular stratigraphy is that the physical history of the Earth is written in the rock layers. Secular geologists believe that they can discern and write the history of the Earth by studying the rock layers. Remember, however, that there are no words or dates written in the rocks. There is no history book or history revealed or recorded. The rock layers must be interpreted. And that involves human reasoning and ideas. Science is that which can be observed, tested and repeated. Science should ask the question, “Has anyone ever observed these rock layers in the process of forming? Has anyone ever seen the rock layers accumulate with petrified remains?”

Rock layers are just that, rock layers. We can tell what kind of sedimentary rock is contained in the layers, and we can often identify the fossils in the rocks. But the rock layers do not tell us how old they are or how they got that way. That deals with the realm of history. History deals with one-time unique events recorded by eyewitnesses or written documents. Secularists interpret the history of rock layers using a particular philosophical framework that they claim gives us or writes a history of the Earth.

From a secular perspective, stratigraphy is the key to Earth history. History should ask the question, “Has anyone seen this process or know of a record or eyewitness account of this process?” The Biblical account gives a fairly detailed and historical record of an event that can explain the rock layers and the fossils in them. Modern geology does not have this kind of record. The secularist constructs the story as he/she believes it happened based on a purely naturalistic paradigm. The Biblicist, on the other hand, looks at the written record of the Bible and uses it to interpret the history of the rocks and fossils. Therefore, we don’t make up the explanation as we go but frame it according to these very old written records.

These rock layers with fossils in them have never actually been observed in their formative process. Coming at the problem from a whole different perspective – Biblical history, the rock strata containing the fossils can easily be explained by a creation and global flood. It is a historical question. How the rock layers got that way cannot be solved by science because there was no observation involved.


Secular scientists believe that the rock layers containing fossils can not only be dated by these fossils but also that evolutionary history is contained in the rock layers and can be ascertained by studying the fossils. Bio means life. And it is the life that is preserved as fossils in the rock layers that secular geologists believe tell the story of evolution over millions of years.

By the late 1800s, the study of fossils and the rock layers were so thoroughly intertwined, that it is now impossible in modern geology to study one without the other. A belief in evolution tells us how old the fossils are and therefore how old the rocks are.

How did rock layers come to be interpreted as millions of years of Earth history? The Father of Modern Geology, James Hutton, is credited with developing an idea called uniformitarianism in the 1700s. Uniformitarianism has to do with uniformity of geological processes and rates operating over long periods of time.

James Hutton was a man of his time – the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was a time of questioning and skepticism regarding the Bible and the church. Hutton was one of the Fathers of the Scottish Enlightenment. As he contemplated the sedimentary rock layers at Siccar Point, Scotland, he reasoned that these layers of rock must have been deposited and eroded over an immense amount of time, and had to be older than the Biblical timeline. The Enlightenment was a reactionary movement. If the Bible declared one thing, the Enlightenment declared just the opposite.

This is what gave birth to the word agnosticism, coined by Thomas Huxley a century later. Huxley insisted that one could not know the truth of what was declared in the Bible, because it had not been observed by qualified scientists. Of course, this is the same complaint that creationists lodge against the secularists. You could reasonably come to the conclusion that the word agnosticism was born because what had been declared in the Bible and by Jesus had been rejected. The Christian witness teaches that we can know certain things because God made them known through His Scriptures. If you take away the revelation of God, obviously it is impossible to naturally know the things declared in the Bible. But He has left us an account in the Scriptures and Jesus verified this over and over again.

If the Scripture declared that the Earth was created in six days, the Enlightenment declared that the Earth must be ancient. And it must have been formed by processes we can now observe, not as a result of the involvement of any supernatural being or god. If the Scripture declared that a Flood, lasting a year, destroyed the Earth that existed before Noah, then the Enlightenment insisted that the Earth must have been a product of slow processes of sediment deposition and erosion. This meant that stacks of rock layers represented time – lots of time. Rocks on the bottom of any given set of layers were not only older but were the oldest. This also meant that fossils buried in these bottom-most layers of rocks were the oldest biological creatures. Time took on a completely new dimension – deep time as opposed to a young Earth that the Bible taught.

The process of redefining time, the layers of rock and the origin of fossils took about a hundred years to complete. By the end of the 19th century, no scientist spoke of Scripture in terms of actual geological history. The account of the creation and the flood were relegated to myth. All of these changes were accomplished by philosophical reasoning, not by actual science. The new paradigm was set first and then used to interpret the stacks of rock layers. This is one of the reasons why secular geology is such a bewildering subject. It is philosophy dressed in scientific language.

Stratigraphy is actually a belief that the rock layers tell a history which must be interpreted by the men and women of science. In reality layers on the bottom of any stack of rocks gives us a relative positioning in relation to the rocks on top. There is nothing in the rocks themselves that tells us how old they are. If we simply lay a different template over the rock layers, the template of the historical Flood, then if the rock layers have been undisturbed since their inception, then the layers on the bottom were laid down first in relation to the ones above them. In other words, they may actually be quite young!

It falls to biostratigraphy to guide a secular geologist to interpret the rock layers as to how old they are. Biostratigraphy is also a belief. Secular geology believes that since fossils must tell a story of gradually evolving life, and life must have taken millions of years to evolve, then the fossil life in the bottom-most layers must be millions of years old and consequently the rocks are also. But again, if we simply shift our belief to a Genesis global flood which took place about 4,500 years ago, then the arrangement of the fossils are the result of burial and sorting by the catastrophic flood over a very short period of time. The rock strata are there and so are the fossils. But the age of these things must be determined not by science, but by history and philosophy.

When science speaks of millions of years (deep time), it is almost impossible to fathom. History over the last few thousand years makes sense because of commonly shared human experiences and the records that have been preserved. But a million years or even millions of years is incomprehensible. We have nothing to relate it to.

The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in north-central Oregon lately is a fascinating “other world” of badland topography, layers and interesting formations. And it is a great place to study stratigraphy. Stratigraphers have worked out the evolutionary order and timeframe for the rock layers of the John Day fossil beds. The stratigraphic column of time and the evolution for this area spans about 55 million years according to secular reasoning. It comprises three distinct geological units, which if stacked one on another, would total about three miles in thickness, each having some similar and some different fossils in them. This hypothetical column, published by the National Park System, is portrayed as a vertical column emphasizing the passage of time from the bottom-most layers to the present.

The National Parks has a road guide that helps you orient where you are. This guide shows that the same portions that comprise the Monument are the same three units that comprise the stratigraphic column. But the units are spread out and separated by miles from one another and are horizontal to each other, not vertical. In other words, the units have been humanly arranged into a vertical column on paper so that we can visualize what secular geologists believe took place.

So, how do geologists know that these units should be on top of one another? How do we know that they didn’t in fact exist together at the same time? We don’t. We must accept the premise that both the uniformitarian and Biblical perspectives are paradigms; that both are beliefs about what happened here. Secular geologists ridicule this approach as religious and devoid of understanding. That is because they have accepted their paradigm as scientific fact. The history of modern geology is filled with examples of the confusion of paradigms with scientific facts.

Secular geologists have arranged the three units of the John Day fossil beds into a time column based on the belief that the fossils found in these units have evolved over millions of years. In fact, these various sedimentary rock layers and the fossils in them could have been arranged by a catastrophic flood washing bones and mixtures of sand, silt, and volcanic ash into the area.

Stratigraphy and biostratigraphy are two foundational paradigms in modern geology. Secular stratigraphy and biostratigraphy are fundamental to education in secular geology. If you want to pursue the study of geology as a career, you will need to thoroughly understand these two important areas of study and thought.

Conclusion: The rock layers and the fossils in them were either deposited, eroded, and evolved over millions of years, or they were deposited and buried during a catastrophic global flood which has been recorded as a historical event in the Bible. Both of these are ideas. Both are paradigms or perspectives. Neither can be proven scientifically. Only one, however, is based on a historical document. One of these paradigms will destroy faith in the Scriptures and in the God of the Scriptures, the other will promote faith in the Scriptures. For the Biblicist, the whole of the Christian faith rests on the accuracy of Biblical history.

There is secular stratigraphy based on naturalistic reasoning and a rejection of the Scriptures, and there is Biblical stratigraphy based on the historical framework of the Bible. Both cannot be true.

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Evolution Taught To Kids

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Evolution Taught To Kids As Truth | I've heard it all! Evolution has nothing to do with a kid's faith. But when evolution is taught to kids as truth the problems begin. It is one of the reasons that kids leave their faith as they get older. | #podcast #creationscienceEvolution Taught To Kids As Truth ~ Episode

I’ve heard it all! Evolution has nothing to do with a kid’s faith. But when evolution is taught to kids as truth the problems begin. It is one of the reasons that kids leave their faith as they get older. There are many excuses given for how a kid raised in a Christian, God-loving home can leave their faith behind. Maybe the kids never believed. Maybe they didn’t really mean it when they accepted the Lord as their personal Savior. Maybe they didn’t make their faith their own, or they weren’t really “saved.” No one can answer this question other than the person who once believed and now doesn’t.

In my experience talking to hundreds of parents in the years since I co-authored my first book on the topic of Creation, in 1994 the common theme was, evolution. The child bought into the lie taught as fact in the schools they attended. The biggest question I’ve asked is why is a theory taught as a fact? I think the answer is as varied as the person asking the question. Again, the common theme is because the “other” (Creationism) is faith and evolution is science. Evolution is a theory. It is not a scientific law.

In fact on further examination evolution contradicts scientific laws like Thermodynamics. But of course, we sweep this under the rug. Upon digging deeper we also learn that Darwinian evolution is discounted (because the fossil record never substantiated Darwin’s theory) and neo-Darwinism is in. Or is it? Now scientists think neo-Darwinism is in need of a replacement.

Many Christian households teach a Biblical Creation as stated in Genesis 1: God created… and many also are at a loss on how to fit their faith into evolution. News Flash! You don’t have to “fit” faith into evolution because evolution is a lie. Is there microevolution, changes within a kind. Absolutely. But macroevolution – goo to you by way of the zoo is a myth. Now scientists realize that what they thought was DNA “junk” randomly evolving human genome can’t happen. In fact, 95% of human genomes can not evolve. Really? We knew this. So, why do evolutionists keep insisting that Genesis is a myth?

Evolution Taught To Kids as Truth – The Problem

Once kids are taught that evolution is a “valid” theory (aka educated guess) kids think their parents lied, or worse. They park their faith at the door and feel that maybe Genesis is the fairy tale. In my many years of study into creationism and evolution, I learned that kids need to be taught both of the faith systems because truthfully both are based upon faith. We have faith in the unseen, we were not present when God created the world and we were not present when the big-bang or whatever other theory started the world, and from this disorder came order – and everything in between. There are many theories of origins and as demonstrated earlier, they keep changing. Some Christian believe that Almighty God chose to begin the world by evolution (Theistic Evolutionists).

So much of this has been debated and truthfully, it is up to each one of you to make this determination on your own. But, I’m warning you, if your kids are brought up with a strong faith and yet believe in evolution as a theory of molecules-to-man, they will be hard-pressed to defend their faith when they are in higher education. My co-author on the Creation Science Series, Jill Whitlock use to lament that those who believed in Theistic Evolution were lost, souls. I don’t go that far. Sure, you can believe in God, have a relationship with the Almighty and still believe in evolution. But what a loss.

Explaining to children that the Bible (especially Genesis) is an allegory or fairy tale, and then jumping to Genesis 1:27 – “Oh, but we believe that God created Adam and Eve, just not as He said in Genesis. You see, these organisms evolved and then at some point when a human was formed, God infused a soul into the first man and then the first woman, and called them Adam and Eve.” That is confusing to say the least. We must believe that Almighty God used death and destruction and “chance” as the molecules formed themselves eventually into a human, to then infuse a soul? Wow.

Never mind that there is no evidence that evolution happened. No fossil record. No verifiable scientific data. Only a theory.

Why are people so adamant that Creationism is false? That Genesis is not to be read literally? Because then a person must change and follow God and the “rules” which they believe are limiting.

Recently some big names in the Christian world have abdicated their faith. They’ve decided they are no longer Christians because of the “definition” of what it means to be a Christian. In the same sentence they added – oh, by the way, I am also getting divorced. We see the tragedy of sin in the priest scandal. We see pastors of various denominations falling prey to sin. How does this happen? It begins by turning away from the truth and coming up with the slang of the day “speaking your own truth.”

And when evolution is taught to kids as truth then nothing is sacred. Kids begin to question:

  • We don’t have to believe the Bible as written?
  • Do we have to believe in Noah’s ark? That was pretty far fetched, anyway.
  • Jonah and the whale – yeah, that was hard to believe, too.
  • Moses parting the Red Sea – yeah, totally weird.
  • Jesus born of a Virgin? How can that be?
  • Jesus the Son of God? Wow. I don’t know.
  • Jesus and the miracles of the loaves and fishes. How can that happen?
  • Jesus dying for our sins? If Adam and Eve didn’t exist then why did he have to die?
  • Jesus rising from the dead? Not sure about that one either.

Never mind that the disciples that walked with Jesus (except for John) were all martyred for their faith as well as thousands upon thousands of Christians. You don’t give your life for a myth or allegory.

Kids think in ways that many adults tend to think and if we begin questioning the truth of the Bible or a loose interpretation of it, then nothing is sacred. Friends, don’t believe me. Research creationism side-by-side with evolution. No one has all the answers but evolution is sure based on a bunch of theory by scientists who have very little if any evidence that points to a conclusion that is substantiated.

Hug your kids. Teach them the truth. You will be happy you did.

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Deism and Modern Geology

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Deism and Geology | Deism and Geology, what this have to do with geology? This is an important area to study if we are to understand the evolution/creation debate. #podcast #creationpodcastDeism and Modern Geology – Episode 19

Deism and Geology, what does this have to do with geology? This is an important area to study if we are to understand the evolution/creation debate.

The word, Deism comes from a Latin word, deus, meaning god. It was used to describe a particular belief about god that was distinguished from the Greek word used in the New Testament of God, – theos – from which we get the word, theology.

The idea of deism took shape during the Enlightenment (1700 1800s) and was a period of intense challenge for the church. Most deists were part of the church of England but struggled with traditional Christian belief. Many deists were Unitarians, who did not accept the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the Scriptures as inspired writings nor miracles. They believed that Jesus was a good moral teacher only.

In 1795 James Hutton introduced the idea that the Earth was much older than the Bible stated,  based on rocks he was studying at Siccar Point, Scotland; to him, long ages was the only way to account for the formation of the rock layers. Hutton developed his own ideas about their formation, calling his new idea, uniformitarianism (uniformity of geologic processes operating the same way and at the same pace throughout all of time). Instead of maintaining the standard that had been established in the Garden several thousand years before, to listen to and trust what God had revealed in the Scriptures, Hutton abandoned it in favor of a totally naturalistic process for explaining the rock layers he saw. So, instead of interpreting the rock layers in light of the historical geology of the Flood, he concluded that the rock layers had been formed over perhaps millions of years, much longer than the Bible’s chronology would allow. This is really the beginning of modern geology.

Deism and Geology:

Uniformitarianism became the bedrock of modern geology, and it involved belief. This meant that geologists would have to jettison the foundational Biblical concepts of a young earth or recent creation and a global flood. Uniformitarianism would serve as the new revelation, and substitute a new religion called Deism. These two faiths, uniformitarianism and Deism were the children of the Enlightenment and the foundation of the new geology we now embrace in our modern culture.

Deism is really a heresy of theism and an intermediate step to the atheism so prevalent in our modern culture. The god of Deism was a god removed from his creation. He did create at some distant time in the past, but then left natural laws to govern his creation. Man no longer needed a god or religious writings to understand Earth history. Man was to use his powers of observation within a naturalistic view of Earth history. This belief would soon be endorsed by the scientific community and taught in science classes as scientific fact.

Deism and Geology, what this have to do with geology? This is an important area to study if we are to understand the evolution/creation debate.Deism has elements of both atheism and theism, but clothes itself in scientific jargon. As a religion, however, Deism has sort of slipped back into the shadows so that it looks like just another religious bygone component of Christianity. But it is here in the form of uniformitarian geology.

Deism is neither an active belief in God nor an active disbelief in God. It allows the conscience to simply deal with God by considering Him irrelevant. And this is what many scientists of that time (1800s) did.

One of the biggest consequences of Deism is what it does with accounts in the Scripture that document God’s direct involvement in His creation. For example, read Psalm 78:43-55, concerning what God did in the land of Egypt when He brought Israel out of Egypt.

When He performed His signs in Egypt and His marvels in the field of Zoan, and turned their rivers to blood, and their streams, they could not drink. He sent among them swarms of flies which devoured them, and frogs which destroyed them. He gave also their crops to the grasshopper and the product of their labor to the locust. He destroyed their vines with hailstones and their sycamore trees with frost. He gave over their cattle also to the hailstones and their herds to bolts of lightning. He sent upon them His burning anger, fury and indignation and trouble, a band of destroying angels. He leveled a path for His anger; He did not spare their soul from death, but gave over their life to the plague, and smote all the firstborn in Egypt, the first issue of their virility in the tents of Ham. But He led forth His own people like sheep and guided them in the wilderness like a flock; He led them safely, so that they did not fear; but the sea engulfed their enemies. So, He brought them to His holy land, to this hill country which His right hand had gained. He also drove out the nations before them and apportioned them for an inheritance by measurement and made the tribes of Israel dwell in their tents.

What is the practical consequence of Deism on Biblical history?

  1. Deism denies this historical account. It treats it as myth.
  2. It denies this account of God’s involvement in history. The account recorded in this passage was an unenlightened scribe’s way of explaining the unexplainable.
  3. It denies the miraculous nature of the events that are recorded in the passage. Since Deism denies the existence of miracles and insists that everything must be explained in terms of naturalistic processes, the whole of God’s nature and even His existence is in question.
  4. It denies the legitimacy of Israel’s appointment to the land apportioned to them by God. As Deism denies the Biblical story of Israel, as secular archaeologists tell us, then Israel has no foundation for their insistence that Israel and Jerusalem belong to them.
  5. As this history, as recorded in this passage, is in doubt, then the whole ascendancy of the Messiah (Jesus) is in doubt. Jesus came out of Israel. If Israel is in question, so is the Messiah. Consequently, the whole Bible is in doubt.

Deism in the guise of uniformitarianism is not a science, but another religion masquerading as scientific geology.

Deism is also a different presentation of history. It is a different story about a different god than the story and the God of the Bible. It is that secular geologists say that the recent history of the Earth (as the Bible teaches) is a myth and cannot be trusted because it cannot be verified by scientific research. And yet, these same geologists ask us to trust their work and their teaching about an alternative Earth history that happened hundreds of millions of years ago, which also cannot be tested or verified by science.

The effects of deism have left their mark on our modern fields of science and history. Modern geology has combined two different subjects, Earth Science and Earth History, to come up with a respectable-looking academic subject. In reality, however, we are learning a religious, atheistic view of Earth history that has earned the respect of the scientific establishment.


Genesis Rock Solid
and Bedrock Geology (the book)
and Bedrock Geology (the kit)

Tower of Babel – Myth or Real

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Tower of Babel | To get an idea of when the event at the Tower of Babel took place, we have to refer to the genealogies in Genesis. From these, we can figure out that it happened after the Flood, but before the birth of Abraham. #podcast #creationscience The Tower of Babel – Episode 18

To get an idea of when the event at the Tower of Babel took place, we have to refer to the genealogies in Genesis. From these, we can figure out that it happened after the Flood, but before the birth of Abraham. Following the genealogies, we can determine that the Tower of Babel event took place before year 2,008, which was about the time that Abraham was born. And going back from there, we trace Abraham’s genealogy back to Peleg, who was born in the year 1,757, about 100 years after the Flood.

Peleg makes a good historical marker to work from and to analyze what happened at Babel. So we are going to look at the events surrounding the days of Peleg, starting with a person named Nimrod.

The Tower of Babel includes understand genealogy:

Nimrod was the grandson of Noah’s son, Ham. Nimrod built Babel, or Babylon, among other cities. Nimrod was called a mighty hunter before the Lord. It appears that Nimrod was bent being a ruler who conquers, and God sees this. Nimrod’s name means rebel, and more properly, it means The Rebel. Outside of Scripture, he is credited with the introduction of a new religion that was contrary to God’s standards and person. All throughout history, there has been a division between those that want to follow the Lord, and those that don’t. It is very likely, given Nimrod’s rebellious nature, that the Tower was set up by Nimrod to cause division between the people of God and a new religion.

Back to Peleg: Peleg was a descendant of Shem, and, according to the genealogies,  could possibly have known Nimrod. Peleg was in the line of Seth, so likely he was given the knowledge of the true God through Shem. Peleg’s name means division. It is very possible that his name is a reflection of the division that took place at the Tower of Babel.

The result of the division that happened at the Tower was that men scattered throughout the earth, divided by language. It would not be surprising that they divided further based on shared skills or ideas. In particular, when looking at Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon people, it is likely we are looking at the results of some of these groupings that happened after the division at Babel.

This brings up the question about evolution as envisioned by Charles Darwin and the fossil skulls that have been found. This is why understanding what happened at the Tower of Babel is so critical.

The fossil skulls are seen as the various stages of evolution of man from an ape-like creature to modern man. And it is not just the skulls that are pointed to, but also the tools that have been found with these civilizations. They are said to point to the evolution of man. But if the Tower of Babel really took place, then these different tools and skulls are just relics of a great division that took place at Babel. The differences among the skulls and tools are just evidence of a struggle that was taking place in a hostile world. Man was struggling for survival, not for evolutionary progress. These mistaken ideas are really the root of racism. Darwin and others like him during his time thought that the pinnacle of evolution of man was the white European, and he believed that black people represented inferior races. These ideas influenced other evolutionists. For example, the famous dinosaur hunter, E. D. Cope believed in this idea and advocated for the return of the former slaves to Africa. Henry Fairfield Osborn of Nebraska Man fame advocated for the sterilization of what was thought to be inferior people.

Anthropology is the study of man, and Paleoanthropology is the study of ancient man. It is based in the study of ancient fossils in order to establish the evolutionary history of animals and plants, including man. In the early days of anthropology, it was believed that you could determine a person’s intelligence by measuring the size of their brain. If you had a larger brain, then you were more intelligent. Darwin and Thomas Huxley both followed this line of thinking.

The Christian and Hebrew position has always been that God created from one man and woman, the human race. One race. That race was divided at the Tower of Babel into various cultures and languages, which were the forerunners of what we have today.

Perhaps the differences that we are looking at are the differences between varieties of apes, and, on the other hand, different human beings, some of which could have been related to the incident at the Tower of Babel.

This explanation certainly would line up with the account of the Tower of Babel. The story in Scripture gives a credible framework that we can then fit the evidence into.






Global Flood

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Global Flood | As we talk about the Genesis Global Flood and its significance, it is important to, first of all, determine if it was a global or a local event. Did the Flood cover the whole earth or just Mesopotamia? | #podcast #creationpodcast The Global Flood Episode 17

The Four Great Global Events of Genesis The Flood

As we talk about the Genesis Global Flood and its significance, it is important to, first of all, determine if it was a global or a local event. Did the Flood cover the whole earth or just Mesopotamia?

Genesis indicates that the Flood was global, affecting all of the earth. If this was not the case, then the rainbow that the Lord gave as a sign of His promise would have been a promise given just to the people of Mesopotamia and would have had no significance for the rest of the world. Why does the world need to be reminded that the Lord would never flood Mesopotamia again? This would have been a huge waste of time and space to take four chapters of Genesis to tell a story that is irrelevant to future generations.

Global Flood:

We also need to decide if the story of the Flood is anything more than a myth. It is true that the Flood cannot be proven by science, but the same is true of the uniformitarian view of our earth. Uniformitarianism also can not prove that the earth is a product of processes over millions of years. To be classified as science, it must be able to be tested, observed, and repeated. This is not possible with uniformitarianism.

Scripture is not intended to be a scientific dissertation on geology, but it is a historical record that presents the global Flood as a real historical event. The real question to address is, can the Flood explain the geological landforms, rocks, and fossils that we see today? And the answer is, yes.

Global Flood:

There are two major stages as recorded in the Scripture concerning the Flood – the filling stage, or the inundation stage. This is found in Genesis 7:23-24. The second stage, the receding stage, is found in Gen 8:1-16. Although there is no scientific terminology in either of these passages, there are quite a few geological implications in these passages.

Here are the verses and activity/geological implications:

Gen.7:4 – Extinction

Gen. 7:11 – Tectonic upheaval

Gen. 7:11 – Torrential and violent rain, massive flooding

Gen. 7:17 – Massive amounts of rock and sediment torn up and moved

Gen. 7:18 – The waters and their strength increase, causing erosion and transportation of sediments

Gen. 7:19 – The Flood was deep, covering the entire earth

Gen. 7:21 – The Flood was devastating to life, which is what the fossil record shows

Gen. 7:22 – Dead things buried in rock layers all over the earth

Ge. 7:23 – All air-breathing, land-dwelling life outside of the ark perished

Gen. 7:24 – It took 150 days for the water to reach a maximum depth

Gen. 8:1 – Water draining off the earth carved great ravines, channels, and planation surfaces

Gen. 8:2 – Wet sediments torn up by the Flood begin to settle

Gen. 8:3 – Receding flood waters would have caused rapid and catastrophic cutting and planation

Ge. 8:5 – Continued planation and channelized erosion

Gen. 8:34 – Some sediments during this time would have hardened, others would have warped during the tectonic processes of the Flood


And the products that we would highlight are:

A Novel Approach – Teach Creation To Kids

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Teach Creation | When you teach creation to kids it can seem overwhelming, perhaps you don't know where to begin. #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #creationpodcastTeach Creation To Kids With A Novel – Episode 16

When you teach creation to kids it can seem overwhelming, perhaps you don’t know where to begin. In this interview (listen to the first one here), author Felice Gerwitz interviews her co-author, and daughter Christina Gerwitz Moss. Christina had a passion for writing and she turned her interest in science and writing into a novel that will teach creation to kids.

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is chock full of science facts. The series was reviewed by several creation scientists and there is even a vocabulary list at the back! You can purchase the book on Amazon or via the Media Angels Membership website.

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Truth Seekers Mystery Series

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Mystery Series | Has you child wanted to write a book? What about a mystery? Join Felice as she interviews her co-author and daughter. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #creationscienceTruth Seekers Mystery Series Episode 

Join Felice Gerwitz as she interviews her co-author in the Truth Seeker’s Mystery Series, Christina (Gerwitz) Moss. Christina shares her homeschool experience and how the series evolved from an idea to three books in the series.

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Christina began thinking of writing a novel and finally convinced her mom it was a good idea. When Felice, a non-fiction author with a publishing company, Media Angels, Inc., explained she didn’t know how to write a novel, her daughter shot back. “We are homeschoolers. We can figure it out!” And figure it out. They did.

First In The Truth Seekers Mystery Series

Christina’s first novel, The Missing Link Found (Book One in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series), outsold her mother’s Creation Science: A Study Guide at the convention debut. In fact, this book helped children learn about Creation science in a fun way and in turn they were enthusiastic about attending creation science events. Christina is currently the author of the Media Angels planners, and is a homeschool mom of nine children living in southwest Florida.

The Fall

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The Fall ~ The Four Great Global Events of Genesis

The book of Genesis outlines four great global events, The Fall is the second. The first event, the Creation,  was meant to reveal from where all mankind originated, and his purpose. The second great global event has been called the Fall. This word captures the historical and universal significance of what took place in Genesis 3.

The Fall

The Fall was actually a series of corruptive events and consequences that changed the way all people would relate to God, the spiritual realm, and to one another from that time forward. Genesis 1-2 makes it very clear that Adam and Eve were the first human beings on this planet, and from them all subsequent humans have descended. Consequently, the Fall is a global event. It impacted all of mankind.

The Fall had eternal consequences because it took away the innocence of man and caused Adam and Eve to pass on the inclination to do evil. This resulted in physical death and eternal loss.

The very first sentence of Genesis 3 sets the tone for this event: “Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.” It is clear from this passage that something is not quite right. What is this creature doing in the garden that God had made for Adam and Eve?

This creature in the garden had the ability to talk and think.  No other creature had this ability. It is easy, therefore, to see how Adam and Eve could have thought that he knew more then they did, and was wise. 1 Corinthians tells us that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. We see this very thing happening in the garden.

In looking at the Fall, we notice that the first thing to happen was for the Devil to usurp God’s authority. He says, “Indeed, has God said you shall not eat from any tree of the garden?”

The name, Satan means an adversary or one who resists. Only an adversary would work at cross purposes with God. The friend of God would strive to help another believe God’s words, not undermine them.

In response to the devil’s challenge, Eve tells the serpent that the penalty for disobeying God was death. He responded (Gen. 3:14), “You surely will not die. For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

So the devil’s tactics in Genesis 3 were:

  • To attempt to twist God’s word
  • Contradict God’s word
  • Offer an alternative to God’s word – his own opinion.
  • Make his own opinion appealing by casting doubt on God’s character.

This theme appears again and again in history.

Ephesians 6:16 says, “in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming missiles of the evil one.” The word faith (or believe) means to trust. As the serpent throws missiles over the walls we have set up, above all, we are to take up believing in God’s word so that those missiles can be extinguished. Not trusting and listening to  God’s word was the beginning of the Fall.

The Second Stage of The Fall

The second stage of the Fall took place shortly after this, an enlightenment of sorts. Gen. 3:7 says, “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin coverings.” This enlightenment that was brought to them resulted in shame, guilt, and fear, and they attempted to cover their sin.

Like this enlightenment, the Enlightenment of the 1700-1800s, brought great breakthroughs in medicine and science. But this Enlightenment was also very similar to what happened in the garden. Science began to take over the role of revealing things that really could not be known by science – the age of the earth, the age of dinosaurs, the age of rock layers, the origin of man, and so on. For the last 250 years, science has dominated the historical and philosophical realm, in addition to its own realm. It has taken the place of what God had revealed to us in His Scriptures.

This has led to disastrous acts and events. For instance, the ideas of evolution and naturalism brought us the horrors of WW II. Nazis and Japanese rationalized their brutal treatment of people because they thought that they were the superior race. Evolution, part of the offspring of the Enlightenment, was the root of our modern thinking about races.

The Fall tore mankind away from his creator and the relationship for which man and woman were created. The Fall brought:

  • Fear, guilt and shame
  • Distrust of God’sword
  • Blaming those closet to us for shortcomings
  • Superstition and religious worship of other gods
  • Hatred of others not like me
  • Self-centeredness and greed
  • Pain, sorrow, and death
  • Broken relationships
  • Broken promises
  • War

Nothing good has come from breaking free from our Creator. The Fall so ruined man that it took God to set it right again in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, who took the penalty that we rightly deserved for our rebellion. Rom 5:6, 18-19 says, “For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly…So then as through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men, even so through one act of righteousness there resulted justification of life to all men. For as through the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, even so through the obedience of the One the many will be made righteous.”


Recommended resources for this podcast would be Genesis Rock Solid and Bedrock Geology.

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