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Homeschooling a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

Hey, homeschoolers! I always want this podcast to serve you in your homeschooling. One area that I haven’t devoted as much attention to is special needs. I want to change that. In today’s episode, we’ll hear from Colleen Kessler about homeschooling a child with sensory processing disorder. If you have a child with SPD or suspect you might, I hope the interview is helpful to you.

I would love to hear about other topics you’d like me to do shows on going forward. I’ve gotten quite a number of questions about testing, so I’ll be devoting an episode to that. If you have an idea, drop me a line at psychowith6 at gmail dot com or message me on Facebook at the Psychowith6 page. These ideas also help me know what to speak about as part of the Great Homeschool Conventions. This year I’ll be speaking in Ft. Worth, Texas; Greenville, South Carolina; Cincinnati, Ohio; Ontario, California; and Jacksonville, Florida. I like recording these podcasts, but I LOVE chatting with you face-to-face. Register for the Great Homeschool Convention at and make plans to attend my sessions and to chat with me at the Grammar Galaxy Books booth.


I’d like to thank our network sponsor, the Christian Standard Bible for making this podcast possible.

Special Thanks to Our Network Sponsor – Christian Standard Bible

The Christian Standard Bible captures the Bible’s original meaning without compromising clarity. An optimal blend of accuracy and readability, this translation helps readers make a deeper connection with God’s Word and inspires lifelong discipleship. The CSB is for everyone—for readers young and old, new and seasoned. It’s a Bible pastors can preach from and a Bible you can share with your neighbor hearing God’s Word for the very first time.

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Homeschooling a Child with SPD

Now for this week’s topic: homeschooling a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. I have a bonus for you! Jackie Nunes of is guest posting on Psychowith6 this week on SPD. She is a former pediatric nurse and now a full-time homeschool educator. She and her husband have three children. Their middle child suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was 4. Now 11 years old, she is hearing impaired and uses a wheelchair. Jackie and two other moms created Wonder Moms as a project to share real talk, helpful information, and practical advice with parents of kids who have intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, autism, language and speech delays, deafness, chronic illness, and traumatic brain injury.

Colleen Kessler is my guest on the podcast today. Colleen is the blogger and podcaster behind Raising Lifelong Learners. She is also an author with a master’s in gifted education. I know you’ll enjoy our interview.

We discussed:

  • What sensory processing disorder is
  • Signs your child may have SPD
  • Colleen’s daughter’s special needs & how she has accommodated them
  • Tips for homeschooling a child with SPD

Resources for Homeschooling a Child with SPD

For additional materials mentioned, visit HomeschoolSanity.

Sensory Theraplay Boxes

Check out Colleen’s podcast and like her page on Facebook.

Do you have any questions for Colleen? Comment below.

Have a happy homeschool week!

How to Follow Through on Your Plans and Goals This Year

Hey, homeschoolers!

In the last episode, I gave three reasons we don’t follow through with our plans and goals. You’ll want to listen to that episode first if you haven’t already. I had a mom tell me she hoped I could help her get past those three obstacles. I hope I can too. I want to share how I believe you can follow through with your plans and goals this year.

Before we dive in, I want to say this. I believe that God is the source of our strength and success. I know He deserves all the credit for the changes in my life. My degree in psychology, my natural abilities, and the dozens of books I’ve read have all failed to change me in terms of getting organized, helping me lose weight, homeschooling my kids, improving my patience, or writing books. In fact, most of the time those qualifications have gotten in the way of my success. It’s only been when I have confessed to God that I can’t and don’t know how and need Him to take over that anything lasting and worthwhile has occurred.

What I want to share with you today is wisdom that I believe the Lord gave me as I sought Him over and over again for help getting past my procrastination, disorganization, and addictions to get more done. But always take anything I suggest to you to the Lord yourself and ask Him to give you discernment for whether it is right for you in this season of your life. With that important disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about how we can overcome three important obstacles to following through this year.

Resources for following through on your plans and goals

12 Week Year

planning my homeschooling by the quarter

Grammar Galaxy

Great Homeschool Convention

The Organized Homeschool Life Planner.


Today I’m launching my book, A Year of Living Productively.

[button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Buy the PDF for just $7.50![/button]

The advantage of the digital PDF version is click-and-go access to the strategies you’re most interested in. And during the launch from now through December 16th, you’ll save 25% off the PDF list price. Get the book for just $7.50, or bundle the book and the digital Organized Homeschool Life Planner for just $22.50. If you haven’t gotten your copy of The Organized Homeschool Life book, you can add it to the bundle and pay just $30 for all three resources.

[button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Buy on Amazon[/button]

If you’d like the Kindle or print version, A Year of Living Productively is also available on Amazon. If you know a productivity junkie, someone who struggles with procrastion like I did, or anyone who wants to follow through and achieve their goal, A Year of Living Productively makes a great gift. Note that A Year of Living Productively is not a faith-based book but The Organized Homeschool Life is.

My prayer is that you can overcome the obstacles that keep you from following through with your plans and goals so that next year will be your most productive year ever.

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Why You’re Not Following Through on Your Plans and Goals

Hey homeschoolers!

Are you great at making plans for the new school year but you never seem to do what you’ve planned? Or are you great at setting goals for the new year that you struggle to achieve? If that’s you, I’m going to put my psychologist hat on and explain why your follow-through fails. That’s what’s on tap for this episode of The Homeschool Sanity Show. There’s no time to waste. It’s a busy time of year, so let’s jump right in.

Listen to learn the three main reasons you aren’t following through. The first one was a surprise to me!

Resources for Following Through

Read the blog post

How to Keep the Happy Planning Going

Curriculum Paralysis

The Organized Homeschool Life book and planner

Grammar Galaxy

Visit Homeschool Sanity to get a sample of A Year of Living Productively

What’s your biggest struggle with follow through? Comment and let me know.

How To Train Character Into Your Kids

Hey, homeschoolers!

It’s the holidays as I’m recording and there’s nothing like the holidays to make your kids’ character clear. If you’d like to see a little more love, gratitude, and diligence in them, you’ll love this week’s episode on training character into your kids.

But first, I invite you to subscribe to Psychowith6. You’ll receive the resources mentioned in these episodes right in your inbox each week. Simply go to and enter your email address. I can’t wait to connect with you.

I also can’t wait to introduce you to my guest this week. She is Kathie Morrissey. Kathie is wife to Alan, mother of eight children, and homeschooling mom of 31 years. She and her husband have been married for 37 years and their kids are grown. They have 10 precious grandkids, one of whom Kathie helps care for in the mornings. Though Kathie’s homeschooling days are behind her, she stays busy running The Character Corner, traveling to conferences, and sharing encouragement. When she’s not working, you may find her playing the piano, reading a good book, or eating chocolate. I know you’ll enjoy hearing what this veteran homeschool mom has to say about training character into your kids.

Training Character Into Your Children

In this episode, Kathie shares:

  • why training character into our children is so important
  • how kids learn character
  • ideas for teaching character intentionally
  • encouragement for moms who feel their kids’ character isn’t where it should be
  • her favorite ways to train her kids’ character

Resources mentioned in this episode

Better Late Than Early by Ray and Dorothy Moore

Free character charts and lessons from The Character Corner

The Teenage Years of Jesus Christ

The Character Corner

Follow the Character Corner on Facebook

Have a happy homeschool week!

How to Have Fun in the Kitchen with Your Kids

Hey, homeschoolers!

In this episode, we’ll chat about having fun in the kitchen with our kids. Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the kitchen. How about you? I want to make the same kinds of memories with my kids.

My guest today is Samantha Barnes. She has years of experience as a middle school teacher and is on a mission to improve children’s learning experiences through the life skill of cooking. As a culinary kids educator for more than a decade, Samantha has helped more than 75,000 kids find confidence in the kitchen and learn the joy of cooking. Samantha has introduced Raddish into thousands of households, homeschools, and cooperative schools with its highly detailed and informative curriculum that helps parents and educators take the reign as educators in the kitchen so kids can take charge. Samantha and her culinary programs have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TODAY, Sunset Magazine, NPR and many more. Sam served as safety consultant and recipe contributor on the Fox hit show, MasterChef Junior, and her culinary summer camps received the 2013 Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Award for Best Camp in Los Angeles. Sam travels the country and speaks at homeschool and education conferences about the power of teaching through cooking.

To see the unboxing of a Raddish kit, watch the video below.

Raddish on Facebook

Raddish on Instagram

Whether you try Raddish or not, I hope you’ll spend some fun time in the kitchen with your kids making memories.

Have a happy homeschool week!

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Habits of the Organized Homeschool Mom

Hey homeschoolers!

This week we are discussing habits of the organized homeschool mom. If organization doesn’t come naturally to you as it doesn’t for me, I think you’ll enjoy this episode. First, if you haven’t listened to the last two episodes I did on planning, you’ll want listen to them first.

Organizing didn’t come naturally to me. I’ve had to learn it the hard way. But today I feel like I’m organized enough to do everything God has called me to do as a homeschooling mom. If you’d like to take a shorter journey to organization than I took, this article is for you. These are the habits of an organized homeschool mom.

Resources for Habits of the Organized Homeschool Mom

Read the blog post

Why Happy Homeschool Moms Are Planners

How to Keep Happy Planning Going

Diona Navarro website, Instagram, Etsy shop

using an app for prayer time

Where once it was challenging to find curriculum that worked well in a homeschool setting, now we’re tearing our hair out trying to decide what to buy and what to use once we buy it.


I attended a kindergarten graduation with my second son and was wowed by the kindergartners who performed musically for the ceremony. These children seemed so advanced. My son sat at the graduation, clearly not paying attention to the ceremony at all. It’s so ridiculous now, but I thought he and I were lacking something. That son ironically grew up to be an advanced student and a part of our church’s worship band. I didn’t begin pressing him to do more after that kindergarten graduation, but I could have. I could have let fear about not measuring up add to the burden of homeschooling instead of the joy of it.

I asked Diona to talk about The Organized Homeschool Life, which is a plan for helping us to be the organized homeschool moms God has called us to be. Listen to what she said on the podcast.

The Organized Homeschool Life book and planner will help you to create the habits of an organized homeschool mom. First, every day your planner will direct you to spend time with the Lord. Rather than having long lined pages to complete that aren’t realistic for busy moms like us, you’ll have a few lines on which to write your gratitude to God, the word you heard from God, and your response to Him in prayer. Even if all you do is just complete that part of your daily plan, you’ll feel connected to the Lord.

The next habit The Organized Homeschool Life helps you develop is routines. Each day you’ll create a basic schedule for your day. You’ll be guided in the process of creating a routine with a helpful printable. Once you’ve created a workable routine, creating a loose schedule of specific tasks for the day will be easy and gratifying.

The third habit The Organized Homeschool Life helps us develop is decluttering. You’ll be challenged to declutter after Christmas, to declutter bedrooms, clothing, used curriculum, and the places in your home that tend to collect clutter. In the Organized Homeschool Life Facebook group, you’ll receive prompts to remind you to keep up your decluttering habit.

The Organized Homeschool Life also helps you have realistic expectations. Each challenge is made up of four steps that take just 15 minutes each. You’ll be amazed by how much you can do in such a short period of time. The Organized Homeschool Life Planner includes space for your organizing task of the day, so you’re reminded to stay on track with these missions or other organizing tasks you need to do.

In studying my own productivity for a year, I found that on average I completed just six tasks a day, aside from my routine tasks. That’s why there is space for just six tasks on your daily planning page. It feels amazing to complete your task list for the day and not feel like a failure because you haven’t done all 30 of the items on your overly long list.

Finally, The Organized Homeschool Life is a plan. You can develop your own plan for organizing your homeschool life or you can save yourself time and use or tweak mine. The Organized Homeschool Life gives you a starting point. Each week, the four steps of the challenge for the week are outlined for you in a very short read in the book. The weekly planning page in the planner lists the steps for the week, allowing you to plan when to do them. The planner is organized into months and weeks but isn’t dated, so you can start organizing your homeschool life at any time.

I want homeschooling moms have the peace and joy that I have in planning an organized homeschool life. That is why from now through November 17th, 2018, you can gift yourself both the book and planner at launch pricing. Whether you prefer digital books and planners or you love having a printed book and beautifully spiral-bound planner to use, you’ll find both here.

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Organize me![/button]

Not sure you can keep up the organizing habit? Be sure to check out How to Keep the Happy Planning Going. You can also give The Organized Homeschool Life book and planner a try with the Christmas Planning challenge. You’ll receive sample pages that will tell you if the The Organized Homeschool Life is for you before the sale is over. Click the image at Homeschool Sanity to sign up for it.

Which of these habits has been the biggest struggle for you? Comment and let me know.

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How to Keep Happy Planning

Hey homeschoolers!

Today we are talking about how to keep happy planning going. If you’re like me and you have begun using numerous planners only to leave them languishing on the shelf, you’re going to love this episode. If you haven’t listened to my last episode called Why Happy Homeschool Moms Are Planners, you’ll want to listen to that first.  Once you listen, come back and check in with my guest Diona Navarro.

Want to read the blog post instead? Check it out here.

My favorite tip is to choose the planner based on the way you work. Which of these tips will help you keep up your planning habit? Comment and let me know.

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Why Happy Homeschool Moms Are Planners

Hey homeschoolers!

I am so excited about this episode. Today were going to be talking about why happy homeschool moms are planners. If you’ve never been a planner or if you have been a planner and you’ve lost your planning mojo, you’re going to love this episode.

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Listen to the podcast[/button]

Before I launch into the topic though, I would love to have you join us in the Organized Homeschool Life Facebook group. There you have the opportunity to be reminded to complete your monthly calendars and other planning tasks. Find a free Christmas bucket list planner in the group when you join.

Why Happy Homeschool Moms Are Planners

I wasn’t always a planner. In fact I have lived through many embarrassing and discouraging moments because of my lack of planning. The peace and joy I have in planning today is something I want to share with you.

To do that, I have invited Diana Navarro, the blogger behind to chat planning for my next three episodes. Diana is a planner and a happy homeschool mom. You’re going to love her. She had me more excited about being a homeschool mom than I have been in a long time.

Want to read the blog post instead?

Find it here.

Are you a planner? Does it make you happy? Comment and let me know how.

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Homeschool Sanity Show Top 40

Hey homeschoolers!

It’s amazing but true. In podcasting for four of the last five years, I’ve recorded more than 150 shows. What’s funny is that I’ve done enough that I can’t remember them all. I was going to do an episode on guilt, but found I’d already done it. To solve that problem, I organized all of my episodes so I could search them easily. Doing that made me realize you might like this information. You might not have been listening from the beginning, or you might want to listen to a favorite episode again. So today I’m going to share the top 40 episodes with you and how you can easily find an episode on the topic you’re interested in.


But first I want to thank my sponsor, 7 Sisters Homeschool. Check out the episode I did with 7 Sisters on homeschooling high school as well as my brand new review of their movies as literature curriculum called Cinema Studies. Spoiler alert: I LOVE IT.

Homeschool Sanity Show Top 40

Now for this week’s topic: the Homeschool Sanity Show top 40. I wish I was Casey Kasem right now. If you don’t know who he is because you’re too young, don’t tell me. That’s too depressing. He did a weekly top 40 radio show. I’m not going to give you the shows in order, thouh. Instead, I’m going to share them by category. The shows I have recorded here fall into three broad categories: organization and sanity; parenting and marriage; and curriculum and general homeschooling. The organization and sanity category makes up 50% of the shows I’ve done with the other two categories making up 25% each. Let’s start with the top 20 shows in organization and sanity category.

Top Organization and Sanity Shows

Several of my most popular episodes included guest interviews. The top two episodes are interviews I did with my famous friend, the FLYLady. Early on for the Homeschool Sanity Show, the FLYLady shared about the power of routines and in 2016 we chatted about homeschool FLYing. I need to have her back, don’t I? If you need to break free from the chaos of disorganization, I know you’ll love those episodes.

The episode I did with Julie Bogart on keeping your homeschool commitment was also very popular. I loved hearing her homeschool story that allowed her kids to move in and out of homeschooling as needed. She is an encourager you’ll love.

If you’ve ever been interested in starting a blog, you’ll want to listen to the episode I did early on with Jimmie Lanley. She makes the path for getting started simple but realistic.

Last year I did a series of podcasts where I interviewed new homeschoolers. The episodes where we chatted about routines, scheduling, and having goals and devotional time made the top of the list.

Scheduling has been a hot topic in general. Early in the show’s archives, I interviewed the owners of A Plan in Place. That was a popular show as was Secrets of Scheduling Success.

When it comes to organization, the more I’ve referenced stress, the more popular the episode. How to Get Organized When Life Is in Chaos, How to Have Your Sanest Homeschool Year, 6 Christmas Stress Mistakes to Avoid, Stress Management for Homeschool Moms, and Stop Worrying; Start Homeschooling have all made the top 40.

Mood, motivation, and faith are important to my listeners when it comes to organization, too. Time Management Lies Homeschool Moms Believe, How to Help Your Homeschooler Get More Done, How to Be Consistent in Your Homeschool, How to Be a Proverbs 31 Homeschool Mom, and How to Be Happy and Homeschool Too have all been tops with listeners.

Click at the bottom of the table to enlarge the table below of all published podcasts to allow you to binge listen for massive motivation. Top 40 episodes  are starred.

You’ll also want to purchase your copy of The Organized Homeschool Life book and planner.

Top Curriculum and Homeschooling Episodes

The second category I’ll share top posts from is curriculum and general homeschooling. My most popular guest in this category is Cindy West who taught us about nature walks early on in the show, then about a sane approach to Charlotte Mason homeschooling. I did a recent show with her about how to homeschool smart kids.

Charlene Notgrass of Notgrass History addressed a common concern about having gaps in a homeschool education. You’ll want to listen to that popular episode, too.

Jonathan Harris gave us helpful information about teaching to our kids’ talent — a huge advantage for homeschoolers.

Mary Prather and Kelli Graf talked with me about Classical Conversations and whether it would be a good fit for your family. If you’ve considered it or don’t know anything about it, you’ll want to listen to that episode.

My last episode with the new homeschoolers became about interest-led learning and was a popular show as well.

The show I did on homeschooling boys was a very hot topic. Apparently many of you have boys! I recently did a show on helping tween girls manage their emotions that you may want to listen to if you have daughters.

The show I did on the best language arts curriculum was downloaded frequently. I plan on doing more best-of curriculum shows in the future.

But buying lots of curriculum can be a part of curriculum addiction and that was a hot show too.

Finally, the episode I did on the Turpin case or child abuse amongst homeschoolers was a popular episode. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on my perspective as a homeschooling psychologist on the issue.

You can pick up your copy of Grammar Galaxy (something that should be expempt from your curriculum addiction avoidance efforts).

Top Parenting and Marriage Episodes

The final category of episodes I’ll discuss is parenting and marriage. Parenting is the most popular subject for the talks I do for the Great Homeschool Conventions, right after organization.

The most popular guest-interview episode in this category is Homeschooling the Uncooperative Child with Rebecca Spooner. She gives a number of practical tips I know you’ll appreciate.

Next was Carol Barnier helping us to homeschool distractible kids. Carol is funny and wise. It’s a must-listen if you have a child with ADD.

Renee Gotcher, a formerly homeschooled student, talked with us about raising next generation homeschoolers. If you’d like your kids to homeschool their kids, I know you’ll love this episode.

The parenting-approach episode I did with the new homeschoolers is a top-40 episode as is the episode I did entitled The #1 Question Homeschoolers Ask Me. Yep, it has to do with parenting. I highly recommend the episode if you have parenting struggles.

How to manage anger, frustration, and conflict have been very hot topics on the podcast. You’ll want to listen to how to manage parental anger, how to manage low frustration tolerance, and conflict management skills to teach your kids.

The episode I did on homeschooling without help — either you’re single or your husband isn’t a big help — was more popular than episodes I’ve done on marriage in general. I was asked to do a show on the topic and it looks like it was needed by the response.

I’m committed to continuing to provide parenting helps and assistance with teaching kids social skills. I don’t yet have any print materials in this category yet, but God willing, I will in the future.


Those are the top 40 episodes. It was fun looking up the download numbers to see what you’re most interested in. But it was also an honor. I’m so grateful to God for this medium that allows me to speak directly from my bedroom closet to you, wherever you are. Thank you so much for listening, for reviewing the podcast, for commenting, and emailing. You remind me that I’m not talking to myself.

My deepest desire is to assist you in this high calling of homeschooling. I want you to have a happy, healthy family and a consistent walk with God, who is the source of homeschool sanity. If you have a suggestion for a show topic or guest, or if you have a question, drop me a line at psychowith6 [at] gmail [dot] com. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again to 7 Sisters Homeschool for their sponsorship. Be sure to listen to their Homeschooling High School podcast right here on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Have a happy homeschool week!

How To Handle Your Tween Daughter’s Emotions

Hey, homeschoolers!

This week I am creating a podcast based on a very popular guest post I wrote for Specifically, how to help your tween daughter handle her emotions. I’m looking forward to sharing some tips with you if you have a tween daughter, who also seems to have emotions, if you know what I mean.

But first, I wanted to share two things with you. I am going to be speaking at five Great Homeschool Conventions this year. I am so excited to meet you. I’ll be in Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, California, and Florida. Make sure you get registered at so we can chat!

The second thing I wanted to share is that I have begun answering reader questions on my YouTube channel. If you have a  question you’d like me to answer, email me at or message me on social media. I won’t share your name or identifying details, but I can share the information with others who have the same question.


I want to thank the sponsor for this episode, Change in the Air. Change in the Air is a new film releasing Oct 19th that you won’t want to miss! A peaceful community is forever changed when a mysterious young woman moves in. As the quirky locals embrace her, their lives soon improve. But, they can’t help notice that their strange new neighbor has a secret…Change in the Air will release in select theaters, and digitally on Oct 19th. Go to to see if the film is playing near you, or purchase or rent it the day it comes out! Change in the Air – in theaters and digitally on Oct 19th.

Resources for Managing Tween Girls’ Emotions

How You Are Changing by Jane Graver

Download Your Free Lesson How to Handle Changing emotions Girls Created to Shine


There are apps like this Period Tracker

Listen to Homeschooling Through Hormones

Have a happy homeschool week!

Special Thanks to Our Network Sponsor – Change is in the Air Movie

This story embraces the imperfections that make us human, offers a way to set ourselves free and asks us all to take a good, long look at the wild birds in the sky.

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