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exerciseLet’s Talk About Exercise – It is Not a 4 Letter Word! with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast 174 – Vintage Homeschool Moms ShortCuts

I never liked exercise and I don’t like it now… but I hope after I throw out this challenge, my dislike of exercise changes! In an effort to get healthy and avoid the dreaded time and effort it takes to exercise, I’ll make it a priority. I hope you take me up on this challenge!

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Show Notes: Exercise

My Goals to Exercise!

  1. I will walk at least one mile each day and build up to 3-5 miles daily
  2. Add some type of aerobic or stretching exercise
  3. I will eat healthy foods
  4. After I walk I get a reward!
  5. My goal is to lose 5 lbs this month
  6. My goal is to lose 20lbs overall


My plan to reach my goals to exercise and lose weight

  1. I’m going to get on the scale and record my weight – again, I’m not brave enough to share that with all of you – but I’m going to have that info so I have a place to begin.
  2. I will use devices such as mobile apps to attain my fitness goal. There are all kinds of apps – I’m actually using a free one for now, but I may consider purchasing it because it has all kinds of information that I can use.
  3. I’m going to use the 4Life supplements – my portal is here  – I will take Citri-Shape Trio – It is a weight loss management supplement – that helps boost my metabolism I will let you know how that works!
  4. Start a conversation on my private group page for our radio network to keep me on task! –  and join me! Post your victories or struggles with me.
  5. And – I am going to do this with your help – LOTS of prayer and help from my family!I pray you have success…


Kids Taking Charge

Kids Taking Charge ~ Episode 391

By nature kids are curious and you can get your kids excited about learning, their chores, and kids taking charge of their life. This podcast is for the kids, I hope you will listen in Moms and Dads!

Thanks to our sponsor – Media Angels, Inc. and the books Truth Seekers Mystery series and A Few Minutes with God !  

Originally I was planning on recording this podcast for moms but instead, I decided to talk to the kids – because you know what? Kids are smart and they get it when someone cares about them, their ability and what God has in store for them! Moms and Dads I hope you listen in as well, because I’m sure your kids will have some great questions to ask.

Here is the planner to print out for you to use!

Kids Taking Charge – 1

So, what do I want to talk about? Well, kids what you are about to hear is going to be life-changing. And I bet that some of you already know the information I am going to share because you are way, way, way smarter than everyone knows – even the people around you. Sometimes you don’t want to let people know how smart you are because you know what? You think they will ask you to do more stuff if you are that smart. Even though you may know some of this stuff – I am sure there is something you can learn, and I pray it helps you!

I want to talk about you taking charge of your life and having responsibility. Did you know that your mom or dad won’t be around all of your life to tell you what to do –really. This is a truth. Someday you will be the adult and responsible for going to work, taking care of the house, buying and making food to eat, and taking out the trash. When I lived on my own, my mom didn’t call me and say, “Hi honey, how are you? Did you take out the trash? Did you eat today? Did you do your laundry, fold and put it away?” No–my mom said, well, now she is an adult and can take care of herself.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could take care of yourself when it comes to your own responsibilities?

Let’s stop and make a list of the things most kids are responsible for:

  1. Eating.
  2. Sleeping.
  3. Go to the bathroom.
  4. Exercising – going outside or playing inside.

Other responsibilities:

  1. Doing school work.
  2. Helping with the dishes.
  3. Cleaning up your room/ making your bed.
  4. Individual chores.
  5. Practicing a sport or hobby.

So, make a list of all the things that you are responsible for personally and this is a good place to start. Now, the next step is to answer the following question:

Are you a now or later person?

This means – do you do things immediately when you are assigned a job or you know what it is you are supposed to do – maybe your family uses a chore chart or some other method of keeping track. OR – are you a later person, in “I’ll do that later.”

Just think -if you do it now it is all done, right? Then you can go and do whatever the next thing is or take a break. If you are a do it later person one of two things will happen:

  1. You will get reminded to do it now.
  2. You will get in trouble for not doing it right away.

Does it make sense to wait? Why or why not?

Most people live their lives waiting for someone else to tell them what to do, to tell them what is right and what is wrong and in fact, they live their lives trying not to get caught doing the wrong thing. Maybe there is a reason for this but most of it is just that you don’t feel like it or you are too lazy to finish doing your schoolwork or chore.

If you get caught doing something you are not supposed to be doing or maybe not getting that chore or school work done, usually you have a ready answer.

  1. I didn’t know I was supposed to do that now.
  2. It was an accident.
  3. I was going to do it.
  4. I already know this.
  5. Okay I will do it.

So, why not cut out the middle man! Cut out the getting in trouble and having to do it anyway. And… can you guess what I am going to say? Just. Do. It. Now.

Whatever that “it” is – is it fixing your bed, is it cleaning up your toys or doing your schoolwork.

There comes a time in everyone’s life – and maybe you have not gotten to that point yet, but there is a time when everyone realizes, “Oh. No. I was wrong!”

Maybe you are one of those kids who never gets in trouble. Congratulations and yay for you! You are way ahead of the others, but let me ask you a question. Are you making the most of your time? Are you doing something that is right or that is just okay.

I realized too that just okay was not enough. Some people call me an overachiever but I call me being productive. I like to accomplish and get things done, it makes me happy. Whether it is taking the time every morning to pray, to get some chores done around the house or to do my work – yes, a podcast is work, I feel good at the end of the day.

So, let’s think about this … what makes you feel good about your day. Make a list.

  1. Getting your school work done and right.
  2. Getting your chores done.
  3. Getting approval from your parents instead of in trouble.
  4. Getting along with our siblings or your friends.

The goal and the point I am trying to make is that as a family you were not put there by accident. Each person in a family is unique, special and a very, very, very important part of that family. I can say for certain that your family would not be the same without you. You can either be a welcome addition – like this, “Emma, Samantha, William, Alex, Benjamin, Olivia, Christopher, Michael, (or whatever your name is) I am so happy to see you and that you are here!” Or will they say… “Oh. No. They are here!”

Working together as a family to get things done is so wonderful and guess what? It gives you time to enjoy being together and getting along as a family. It makes your parents say, “Oh my goodness, my kids are so great! They listen to the direction so well I can take them on field trips and I can take them places and people stop us and say how well behaved and nice our family is.”

We don’t do things just to get compliments from other people – while that is all good it isn’t the only reason why we do what is right. We do it for ourselves and for our God. We want to live a life this is happy and free from regrets. Has there ever been something you did that you were not happy about or not proud about? This happens to everyone and yes – I know, no one is perfect but that does not mean we don’t try to be the best we can be.

God believes in you.

I believe in you.

Your parents believe in you.

Your grandparents believe in you.

You are special and wonderful and God has an amazing plan for your life.


If you are always getting in trouble, always trying to get out of work, always working out a way to not be seen, or get caught or whatever that is that you do – then guess what? You do not have the time to be the best you can be because you are being the least you can be. Think about it.

You are so busy avoiding work that well, that is actually doing work! Working to not be found or working to get in trouble.  You are so busy poking your brother or your sister, yelling and screaming that you are missing all the amazing and wonderful things happening all around you! There are amazing miraculous things that happen in our life – all around us every single day and you are missing it.

So the questions to think about are:

  1. Are you ready to take charge of your life? Yes or No
  2. Are you ready to be the best that you can be? Yes or No
  3. Are you ready to be the best that God wants you to be? Yes or No
  4. How are you going to do this?

The challenge is to take the next few days to think about this, talk to your parents about this or talk about it in a family meeting. Decide on one tiny thing you will do to improve. Let’s say you hate to wash dishes and every day it is your turn to do dishes you will not complain. If that works then add one more thing and one more thing and guess what? You will be happier. Your parents will be happier and you will have time to do the things you like to do best.

And…yes, there is more! I will be praying for your success. And, if there is something that worked great for your family please let me know. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Mid-Year Evaluation

Mid-Year Evaluation | Have you ever completed a homeschool mid-year evaluation? It's time to look at your yearly homeschool evaluations in the middle of the year. The place to being any formal check-up process is now! | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast Mid-Year Evaluation

Have you ever completed a homeschool mid-year evaluation? It’s time to look at your yearly homeschool evaluations in the middle of the year. The place to being any formal check-up process is now!

Thanks to our Sponsor! Wings To Soar Online – if you have a child who learns different or is struggling, you should check out their program. They have an amazing two week trial after evaluation that is affordable.

One year I was so upset that my year had fallen apart and my lofty goals were just not being met that I devised a series of checklists to help me get back on track. I was so worried that at our yearly homeschool evaluations I would be told that I had done a poor job. I was so happy the thought occurred to me in the middle-of-the-year, while I still had time to remedy the situation.

I devised a series of checklists (something totally against this spontaneous person’s grain!) and I loved it! Today I share the second in the three-part series with you! In this session, you will take a hard look at your year and if you are off track – look at ways to get back on track…especially before the dreaded yearly homeschool evaluations!

Listen to this podcast for more information!


This three-part series of the Yearly Homeschool Evaluation consists of:

  • A Beginning of the Year Check-Up
  • A Middle of the Year Check-Up
  • An End of the Year Check-Up

Available at Media Angels Membership 

For more information on the three-part series – visit Media and the eBook and Audio Downloads.Yearly Evaluation -One

Exercise Basics

Let’s Talk About Exercise Basics with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #178

Yes I still dislike exercising, and no–I still don’t have time to exercise, however, I’m sticking to this plan. Podcast, keep you up to date and encourage you to continue on with me!

Show Notes: Exercise Basics

Handouts from the Creation Anatomy Book:   Creation Anatomy_HandoutsExercise-AllRightsReserved.

Exercise Basics

  1. Make it doable
  2. Good equipment – comfortable shoes and digital tracker (pacer) – free version, with a bonus to buy paid version after I lose 10lbs health and tracker apps
  3. Keep tabs with some print outs – Visual helps
  4. Do it with your kids OR inlist your older children to babysit while you exercise
  5. Keep hydrated!


Begin with stretching


Jogging – be sure to warm up and cool down

Exercises – be sure you have good form. Do it with someone else, ask other homeschoolers – talk about science fair and person who could sign off on papers!

Aerobics – with a video or youtube or even paid subscription classes


Photo Credits 2017 All Rights Reserved.© aremafoto

Learning Challenges

Learning Challenges Episode 390

If your child has learning challenges sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.  In this episode, we will discuss ways to help your children succeed with a special interview with Beth Ellen Nash creator of the Wings To Soar Online program.

Thanks to our Sponsor! Wings To Soar Online – if you have a child who learns different or is struggling, you should check out their program. They have an amazing two week trial after evaluation that is affordable. Wings to Soar Online Academy Popular Packages

As an educator, our special guest Beth Ellen Nash found that after tutoring, assessing and, consulting with hundreds of families she realized she wanted to teach children and began Wings To Soar.  From the first school of education class that she taught, she knew the need to do education differently. She wasn’t going to fit in the traditional system because education needs to be personalized.

Wings to Soar symbolizes repairing the broken wings the eagle is their logo. That soaring eagle is a symbol of hope. Every student can really soar and reach their fullest potential when a learning path is created that’s tailored to the child’s unique needs to allow them to gain the skills and confidence and really thrive, not just survive.

What makes Wings To Soar Online Academy different for those with learning challenges?

  1. Online. We find that we’re getting more gains through our program.
  2. We typically see a year and a half to three years gains in a student in their reading and that first school year.
  3. The brain needs time to work on building skills.
  4. And with our online program, it becomes affordable. Most families can’t afford five days a week of tutoring. But with an online program, roughly the cost of one tutoring session a week equals  24/7 access. You can spread it out over whatever amount of time you need.

How do you assess learning challenges?

  1. Start with free assessments.
  2. We back down to each child’s level and find where they are and we fill in the skill gaps.
  3. We bump up the time and intensity at just the right level for them. So they’re experiencing success, but we’re not backing away from the subject. That’s hard. We’re moving toward it at a place that’s successful for them.
  4. We aim for success.

We partner with the parents, we see the parent as our co-teacher to help with whatever portion of the curriculum is right for the family. If they just need a reading and language arts with us, that’s all we provide. If they need extra coaching, extra supports built-in, we build that into their package. So, as far as I know, we’re one of the only personalized school online school that specializes in intimate. We specialize in helping to fix dyslexia. Any child can benefit from our personalized approach to learning. But our specialty is working with kids with dyslexia. And that’s pretty unique as far as I know.

About the free assessment to gauge learning challenges:

  1. Want to make sure it’s a good fit before we’re signing people up.
  2. There’s a mom questionnaire on the website and this will take about 10 or 15 minutes for mom to fill out because I really want to get a thorough picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the child and just as mom’s perception, cause mom’s pretty smart.
  3. Then there is an online assessment with the student.
  4. If the family’s interested, we do a two-week jumpstart we have built and ramp-up the week so that they can start trying out their personalized path, the success learning plan and, ease into the program making sure all the programs that we’ve chosen for them are really a good fit.

Wings To Soar Online Academy works with twenty-five different online programs. Beth Ellen has evaluated over 200 programs and narrowed it down to the twenty-five that we feel do the best in a variety of specific subject areas. And based on those initial assessments, a personalized plan is created for each student. There might be ten minutes working on vocabulary with the segment that’s the strongest match for the student. Another ten minutes working on spelling on a program we’ve chosen to match that child.

Listen to this audio for so much more about Wings to Soar Online Academy and Beth Ellen Nash.


Motivated Kids

Motivated Kids | How do you have motivated kids without stressing them out? Whatever happened to childhood? In this episode, we talk about helping your kids be kids and motivating them to be their best. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcastMotivated Kids 389

How do you have motivated kids without stressing them out? Whatever happened to childhood? In this episode, we talk about helping your kids be kids and motivating them to be their best.

Thanks to our sponsor, Wings To Soar Online – listen to the interview here with Beth Ellen, and learn more at

When I attended conferences one of the most consistent questions I received was how do I motivate my kids to learn?

There is nothing more exciting than a child who is excited about learning. But as a parent how can we motivate our kids to want to learn and do more? Is it just personality? Some kids are more motivated than others? Or is it something we can do in our homes to facilitate this motivation?

Motivated Kids

There is a key to motivation and that is to find a child’s passion. You don’t have to motivate kids to have fun with their friends, or play on an electronic device, or watch a favorite movie, do you? They are highly motivated to have fun, and that is the issue. Usually, school work or chores are vying for a space in a child’s life that is unsurmountable. Be sure your expectations match your child’s ability. Young children under five need a parent sitting there to help keep them on track. If your child is doing school work, having them open a book while you walk away isn’t a good idea. Motivated kids should be the norm in your home.

Parent attitude. What is your attitude when it comes to giving assignments or chores? Are you enthusiastic or are you mirroring the child’s drooping shoulders? (Explain the concept of pop-quiz.) The difference between parents and the teacher is vast. As an educator, I loved my class, but as a mom, I really love my class and I’m with them 24/7 which means that we all need to get along. But it also means that my kids know I care. Yet they don’t. We *think* they should know we care and are excited about their accomplishments but they are not always aware of this which is why positive reinforcement is important. Something we may take for granted.

Here are a few ways that will help!

  1. Teach good study skills – this may mean mom or dad is sitting in proximity available to help a struggling student.
  2. Habits – it takes about thirty days at least to create a new habit. If you want your child to have good study skills, or even do chores correctly, that means practice over and over again. Having a sport they enjoy does encourage good work in the area of academics because you can explain to your child that once school work is completed they will have time to practice. My college kids are students due to the discipline that comes from sports. My friends whose kids are musically inclined to explain that the same discipline helps them.
  3. Expectations – many times kids don’t know what is required. “Get your homework done.” or “Do your chores,” may not be specific enough for your child. Be sure they understand what is expected. Sometimes kids need to be exposed to different things to find their passion.
  4. Check off list – or set goals. If your child knows what is expected, and there is some satisfaction in checking off a list! This can help tremendously.
  5. Positive reinforcement – tell the children that you are proud of their accomplishments, even if it is “good try,” that helps.

Give your child time to think. This is a pet peeve of mine that we pack our schedules and theirs to overflowing so there is never any time to find their passion let alone develop it. We focused on making this a priority in my family and my kids’ have discovered reading, writing, building, mechanics. and sports as passions. In fact, college scholarships and honors came from these passions they discovered while homeschooling.

Relax and refresh happens during this time to “think,” and it will cause your kids to consider what they are interested in pursuing. When I am stuck on a solution to a problem I walk away from the computer and do something else, and then the idea comes to me.

New Year – Relax and Refresh

Relax and Refresh | The new year is a good time for a faith journey. It is time to take a deep breath and relax and refresh your life. With the new year around the corner now is the time to destress. In this episode, we will discuss how our plans sometimes derail us and how to make the most of the new year. | #podcast #refresh #newyearNew Year Relax and Refresh –  Episode 388

The new year is a good time for a faith journey. It is time to take a deep breath and relax and refresh your life. With the new year around the corner now is the time to destress. In this episode, we will discuss how our plans sometimes derail us and how to make the most of the new year.

I’m so excited about this episode because I am going to share some ways that won’t break the bank to truly relax and be refreshed as you charge into the new year. In fact, this has helped me so much that I am truly excited about the new year – thank-you Jesus!

Yes, I am a woman of faith and I am so blessed that I am not doing this alone. I recorded an episode over on our sister network – Ultimate Christian Podcast Network, on a New Year’s Faith Journey, and friends it was life-changing for me because I feel that I have a purpose and so do you!

Your purpose is your current walk in life. Are you a wife/mom, a husband/dad? Are you a student/kid? This is your current “job” and everything else will fit into place.

I have many things on my calendar for the new year and I will hit the calendar running! I have a 31-Day Challenge that I am hosting for work at home moms in January. I have several women ministry breakfasts to oversee, in January and February. I am hosting an in-person conference in Tampa, Florida in February. I have my yearly mastermind group in March and April we will visit our college kids and I am presenting at a ministry breakfast in April in Texas! Then, May is my daughter’s graduation. When I look at my calendar I want to skip right over the first six months and look toward a relaxing June, July, and August!

We can’t do that can we parents? We can’t just say, “Yeah, today I don’t feel like cooking or cleaning or dealing with kids!”

So, what do we do? We pray – and we put things into perspective. And I for one as I shared earlier am excited because I am not doing this alone! First, I have you guys to encourage and motivate me – thanks so much for your star ratings on iTunes and other podcast apps – thanks for your kind words via email or social media and thanks for being you and a listener!


New Year Relax and Refresh Begins with Questions:

So, let’s do this. Are you ready? First, look at your events upcoming – just like I did.

  1. What are those unmoving dates? School days, lessons, appointments, etc.
  2. What are those non-negotiables? The things that we can’t take off our to-do list and put on another’s?

Once you have those out of the way you can look at the optional things! Can someone else do the grocery shopping or can you invest in ordering online and picking it up – or having things delivered? What a blessing delivery services can be! Yes, there is a cost involved but for me, it saves me money because I am not impulse shopping and only getting what I need!

One thing that will change in the new year and involves Vintage Homeschool Moms is the new shows. Instead of a new show each week, on some weeks I will be re-launching some of my past podcasts. So, for those of you long-time listeners of Vintage Homeschool Moms – and there are some that have been with me since the beginning, that means you will hear some replays of some favorite shows. I have been recording non-stop for six years and I still feel the Lord has some great things he wants me to share, but some of the previous shows are too good to be buried in the archives.

New Years Relax and Refresh Takes Simplification:

You can do this too!

  1. What are some things you can do to give you more time?
  2. What are the things you don’t want to let go of, but know that you must cut back for the sake of time or your own sanity?
  3. Look at this list and make a decision. One year during I decided that writing that Christmas letter, taking a family photo and sending out Christmas cards to my list of over one-hundred people, had to get cut way back. I announced on social media that I loved all of my friends but they would not be getting a card! I sent cards to our relatives and placed a focus on relationships and the poor.

We can live lives that are joyous by not overtaxing are already taxed systems! What are those things you enjoy but don’t have time for? For me, it was taking a walk and reading. I had not read in years, and currently, I enjoy reading something fun every once in a while. I had to give myself permission! So, friends, this is what I am doing. I am giving you permission to take some time for the things that will help you relax and refresh.

Here are some relax and refresh suggestions:

  1. An extra long shower or soak in a bath infused with essential oils and salts. Essential oils such as Bergmont (So love it-check it out here) are one of my favorite relaxing oils.
  2. A facial – there are some inexpensive scrubs you can make yourself or use something store-bought.
  3. A foot soak. This is so relaxing and you can do this while reading to the kids or even doing school! Be sure to have a towel nearby in case you need to jump out for the unexpected times!
  4. A foot rub or neck rub. Maybe invest in one of those gadgets or enlist a family member!
  5. Time to read, to bake or to do the thing that you consider relaxing!

Take the time to be in this present moment. I realized after reading an eye-opening book that was centered on faith that I was living in the past and the future. This can weigh us down! We can think of what could of should have happened, or regrets – or we think about the future and worry about things that may or may not happen. Today, people. Today … focus on the now. The kids in front of you that before you blink your eyes will be grown up and in college or adults like mine. My youngest is now nineteen but even that isn’t for long.

So, let’s recap.

  1. Look at those things you can’t change. Those unmovable tasks for dates.
  2. Look at ways to increase your time or delegate or take off your list or arrange it.
  3. Look at ways to relax – once a week? No each day.

This is going to – I promise to change your life. It is today, not tomorrow that we must deal with and today look brighter and brighter to me as I charge into it with the hope that it is going to be the best year. And, I pray this for you as well.

Next month I have two shows especially geared for kids. The first is Refresh and Relax for Kids – I learned recently that kids are so stressed out and many are on medication just for nerves! We will discuss how to encourage our children to recharge and focus and find those ways to destress. And a show on School and the importance of understanding the time and how it will translate into their futures. I will share something that changed my kid’s lives when they were pre-teens and I hope it will help your children as well! Look for these upcoming episodes in 2020.

Take care friends, and I pray you are blessed abundantly in 2020~ please check out my other two podcasts, One More Child Podcast and A Few Minutes With God Podcast. Truly, those are my faith-focused podcasts and they keep me grounded and I hope they help you as well!

Merry Christmas Keeping Kids Close

Keeping Kids Close | The to-do list just keeps growing, but keeping kids close should be on the top of the list. In this episode, we will discuss easy ways to include the children and enjoy the holidays. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #ChristmasMerry Christmas Keeping Kids Close – 387

The to-do list just keeps growing, but keeping kids close should be on the top of the list. In this episode, we will discuss easy ways to include the children and enjoy the holidays.

Thanks to our sponsor –

Sometimes I feel like I’m preaching to the choir. You guys are amazing you are dedicated moms who love your kids! But in our busyness, we sometimes lose our focus. Our worst traits come to the forefront and we are overwhelmed by it all – and then life happens. Someone is sick or there is a life-situation to deal with … and never mind the budget! December is a time when sales crop up and everything looks too good to pass up.

Friends I want to encourage you in this episode of VHM to keep the focus of the holidays on the true meaning of the season and on your kids. It’s easy to say – I shouldn’t get so overwhelmed that but the reality is that all of us do at one point or another. Believe me, it happens to the best of us – even those of you who are super organized! It doesn’t have to be that way and something that happened to me recently showed me that all of the efforts are SO worth it. Especially those of us who are with our kids quite a bit as homeschool parents.

Keeping Kids Close

I received the best gift ever from a pastor of our church. When he comes for dinner the kids never left the table. He is entertaining with his Irish accent, and he is so full of stories. He can talk about engines with one of my sons, and then make us laugh with stories of his seminary days. But he is a man that loves the Lord and has the pulse of what is going on in our daily lives. So, back to the gift – the gift he gave me was a compliment about my kids. He talked about the evidence of faith in them, how they loved and honored the Lord. He also asked me why I thought about the reason why. My answer? Besides as an example, and believe me, my husband and I are fallen like the rest of the flock – the reason is the time we spent with our kids.

Our kids were with us through the thick of things, we worked around our home together, we homeschooled from K-12 – with some college credits for the youngest two. Our favorite vacation was our pop-up camper. We kept things simple and made the best of our time together. Sure, it was work but we enjoyed it! These are some of the best memories we have as a family.

Ask your children what their favorite activities are and you will be surprised. Often it is the things you think would be the least important, like reading books together as a family. One of my friends does this as a Christmas tradition at their home that they read a book together, even though her children are older.

We can keep our kids close with activities and also events. Whether you are decorating the tree or going out in the woods – something I’ve never done but would love to do, and chopping one down! Building a snowman, or going on long walks together. Watching a movie and talking about it afterward.

Fun things to do with the kids while taking turns telling each other favorite family memories:

  1. Popcorn strings. Use a large needle and strong thread to make a popcorn string. You can decorate your inside tree or if you live in the south like I do, decorate an outdoor tree – the outdoor creatures will love you for it!
  2. Make place cards for Christmas – if you downloaded the Christmas planner from the website ( you received a template for this. Or make your own.
  3. Make handmade Christmas cards for family members. Be sure to write a Scripture verse.
  4. Create a family “time capsule” – put in current pictures, memorabilia – a picture of a favorite toy or stuffed animal, etc. Each person can put in their own “favorites” card. For example favorite movies, favorite music or favorite books. Put it up in the closet and label it with the year. Take it out in a few years and look at what it contains.
  5. Sit outside around a campfire or star gaze. Enjoy the outdoors (perhaps bundled together) with your family!

We can experience the joy of the holiday with our families and create those memories that will last the test of time. There is so much more joy and excitement about the coming of Christmas when we spend time with our children, and I know you do!


Traditions & Celebrations

Traditions and Celebrations | Are you looking for something to make Christmas meaningful? How about traditions and celebrations to start off the holiday right? Join Felice Gerwitz with Denise Mira as they share special traditions that won't break the bank. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #christmas #traditionsTraditions & Celebrations Episode 386 with Denise Mira

Are you looking for something to make Christmas meaningful? How about traditions and celebrations to start off the holiday right? Join Felice Gerwitz with Denise Mira as they share special traditions that won’t break the bank.

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Denise Mira, author of No Ordinary Child:  Unlocking the Leader Within Your Child, has been married to Gregory for 39 years. They are the parents of five extraordinary home-educated sons. Denise has traveled extensively, inspiring revolutionary change in households as she shares her impactful message for families. She is passionate about helping moms and dads raise No Ordinary Children! Find more inspiration and free tools for success at

Traditions – Celebrations

  1. Traditions & Celebrations – What is the true meaning of Christmas and how can your family traditions bring this to light
  2. Everything good – every perfect GIFT comes from God. James 1:17 so we organically marinate in this concept – Bible and prayer isn’t a religious exercise. It is our LIFE, our first thought, the foundation of our lives so that spills over into our holidays.
  3. Advent calendars come in so many forms these days! incorporate family prayer and scripture reading and memorization in its daily joyful use
  4. Highlight the nativity scene-elevate it -kids love playing with these Fisher-Price, Playmobil or surely there’s a complete set at the Goodwill or Dollar Tree to be had-this can be a time of reading from the Bible the story of Christmas while setting up the pieces, chatting about what it must have been like, really making it real.
  5. Bake Jesus a birthday cake and PRAYFULLY give him gifts (each child gave thought to and contributed something they could give to Jesus by gifting it to a single mom/kids and laid it at the Nativity during a celebration of family worship and prayer)
  6. Santa has never been a focal point or dominant in our decor or chatter – it’s not the religious unpardonable sin, but you get my drift. He’s more of a jovial fictional character who needs Jesus.
  7. Make homemade faith-based ornaments, Christmas cards and/or wall hangings
  8. Buy a kids puzzle 100 or 1000 piece depending on ages on Amazon for the table that is faith-based.
  9. Muppet Christmas Carole movie is an all-time fav and illustrates so much we can apply to life as His disciples in the earth – it could be a whole unit study for the holidays!
  10. Baking for elderly people in our lives-they just can’t cook anymore! seriously our neighbors relied on our holiday goodies for anything homemade
  11. Toys for tots type drives-involve the kids in contributing for NEW items so they feel the pinch as they give (God so loved that He gave)
  12. Attend a candlelight service even at a different church than your own if yours doesn’t do it
  13. Christmas Veggie tales
  14. My friend has lots of grandkids and they all act out the Christmas story as she reads it with a few costume props at their Christmas gathering
  15. My brothers fam makes homemade cards and a traditional butter toffee chocolate candy each year -all the kids sign their name to the card the oldest stamps or whatever-very low cost but it’s their way to give something affordable to lots of people to share Christ’s love and an authentic Christmas catch up letter is often included.
  16. Christmas Eve has always been our ‘ya’ll come celebration’ where we include lots of unsaved friends, lonely people, military singles, everyone brings an appetizer to share. It’s always a rich, warm and loving time of outreach.
  17. Hang a string of lights or flameless candles in each kid’s room-if a tree is available that’s fun too but that might not be doable. the string of lights or cheap LED light votives at Dollar Tree can serve as a teaching on Jesus Light of the World coming to a dark place to shine and we take on His mission to our world and the lights serve as night lights and cozy up to their rooms.
  18. Review the modern-day miracles Jesus has done in your family or loved one’s lives. Choose one each evening-have the kids ponder and come up with some it’s amazing what they are in touch with that God has done! Write them down, reflect, thank Him, set them at His manger.
  19. Ask your kids who is on their heart to help this Christmas. You may be surprised what they come up with – do all you can to accommodate what’s on their hearts to bless those people! They will ‘own it’ and it becomes so real to them.

Stress Free Holiday Tips with Kendra and Fletch

stress free holiday tips with Kendra and FletchSpecial Guests! Stress-Free Holiday Tips with Kendra & Fletch

You are in for a treat! Special guests who are joining Felice are Kendra and Fletch – show hosts of the HomeschoolingIRL 

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On this episode we get real about the holidays, about that “crazy” Uncle Larry, getting the relatives out and into their cars without falling and how to create a family focus that is more than on pumpkin pies and more on what the Lord’s coming means to us. See the show notes below but listen in for all the details, if you want to learn about some of the secrets, those hidden ones on how Kendra and Fletch boycott Black Friday and have a stress-free holiday!

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Show Notes: Stress Free Holiday Tips with Kendra and Fletch: 

  1. The meaning of chillaxing
  2. Pressure on holiday prep
  3. Traditional vs. untraditional celebrations
  4. Movie and Advent instead of Black Friday
  5. Everyone brings a side
  6. Ideas if you travel somewhere else for Thanksgiving or Christmas
  7. Do a big meal another time
  8. Alternatives to traditional gift giving
  9. Free advice from Fletch to husbands that will win you many points!

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