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A Novel Approach – Teach Creation To Kids

Teach Creation | When you teach creation to kids it can seem overwhelming, perhaps you don't know where to begin. #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #creationpodcastTeach Creation To Kids With A Novel – Special Episode

When you teach creation to kids it can seem overwhelming, perhaps you don’t know where to begin. In this interview (listen to the first one here), author Felice Gerwitz interviews her co-author, and daughter Christina Gerwitz Moss. Christina had a passion for writing and she turned her interest in science and writing into a novel that will teach creation to kids.

The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is chock full of science facts. The series was reviewed by several creation scientists and there is even a vocabulary list at the back! You can purchase the book on Amazon or via the Media Angels Membership website.

Thanks to our sponsor! Homeschool Connect Expo Felice Gerwitz is presenting three video teachings and there are over 70 speakers and sponsors – sign up to get more information about upcoming events. And, thanks to our sponsors who make these episodes free!

The Truth Seeker’s Mystery Series is comprised of three novels, The Missing Link Found, Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak and The Keys To The Past Unlocked. In each novel, the children uncover a mystery and discover different aspects of creation. It is easy to teach creation to kids when they are captivated by a story that engages and encourages discussion. Thousands of people have read the novel and the feedback has been wonderful. These novels were written when Christina was homeschooled and finished when she entered college. Now Christina is a homeschool mom and is able to teach creation to her children.

Teaching Truth To Kids

Teaching Kids About Truth | We all want our kids to tell the truth, and it is time that we focus on teaching truth. How do we do this? How do we teach our children to discern what is true in our toxic culture? Well gather the kids - this is another just for kids and teens this time, episode.| #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #truth #teachingtruth #lieshurt #truthfulnessTeaching Kids About Truth Episode 422

We all want our kids to tell the truth, and it is time that we focus on teaching truth. How do we do this? How do we teach our children to discern what is true in our toxic culture? Well gather the kids – this is another just for kids and teens this time, episode.

Please visit my website at and be sure to sign up for our monthly planners. We have new character planners each month, and this month it is on the topic of Tolerance. This planner has some fun activities that you can do with your children and I think parents really appreciate the page with scenarios. I ask the children questions that they can act out or write their answers. They are open-ended. At the end of the month, the children can even earn a character award that is provided. After the month is over you can only get the planners by purchase on the Media Angels website.


So what is truth?

Hey kids! I know your mom probably thinks this is a good podcast for you to listen to and I am sure you are thinking – “What is this lady talking about I already know what truth is…” and you know what? You probably do, but not only am I going to talk to you about truth, I am going to talk to you about lies and I am going to ask you a bunch of questions. I hope that you write these questions down and you use them to see if you can learn to be better about not only telling the truth but spotting lies when you are told lies by other people.

And, I want to show you why truth is important and how twisting something just a little bit can really change the way people think about something. And, the example I am going to use here is Climate. [In this episode I am not going to go into Climate Change – because I already did one that you can listen to here.]

So, first I think it is important to care about our climate. It is important to be good stewards over our land and this earth. We don’t throw garbage out the window do we? We put it in the trash. We do not pollute on purpose, we do our part. So, why am I talking about climate? What does that have to do with truth? Well, I want to walk you through the way a little lie can hurt us and make us think something that is not true.

Talk about climate began when I was in school. Pollution was bad in some cities and people thought we should care for our environment. It was a good thing to learn to take care of our planet so what did I learn that was bad? I learned that if we did not hurry up and do something that in ten years all the polar bears would be gone and all the ice would melt in the artic and the Southpole. This was in the 1970s and in the year 2021 we still have polar bears and we still have icebergs. What did this lie do? It caused us to be afraid. I wrote many papers and did a big project on this topic. How do you think I feel now knowing the truth? Again I don’t want to go into the climate aspect here because I want to focus on the lie – the lie caused me to fear. Scientists didn’t really know. It was a guess, and not a very educated guess. They caused the kids in the 70s and beyond to fear.

The idea here is that we have to understand the motivation that goes into what people say. Why would people say this? What was the reason? That is something to talk to your parents about… why would people say something that is false? Why would people say things that cause kids to fear?

Let’s look at another example. The Green New Deal. The people who want the Green New Deal for example said the world would end in 12 years. The green new deal is six pages long and you can read it for yourself on a Congressional website – if it is not there look at the Congressional archives, they keep copies there. Later this person said they were only kidding–especially when people pushed back and said this was not true. But why would someone say this? What is the motivation? Is a politician allowed to lie? Does it make it okay if they are just kidding?

Let’s dig a little further, what does this deal talk about? It talks about getting rid of all cows, getting rid of airplanes, getting rid of billionaires, and having a universal wage – that means all people make the same amount of money. What does that have to do with pollution, what does that have to do with saving the environment? If we get rid of airplanes how would we travel? Train? Bus? Car?  Again what is the motivation – why would someone say something like this? Are people afraid? Yes, some people are especially if you are in public schools you hear a lot of information about climate change.

I heard that our world would not have polar bears in ten years in the 1970s and was afraid for our world. Kids today are being told it will be 12 years until our world ends. This is not the truth, this is not science, this is to cause you to fear.

What is truth? Some people think it has to do with how your feel about something. That is not right. Truth has to do with facts and reality – or what is real. Truth can not be subjective. Let’s talk about the word subjective.  Subjective truth would be that truth is what you think it is. So, is it okay if I think it is true to take your money? Or to take something else that belongs to you? No, of course not – so that means subjective truth is not right.

What about lying for a greater cause – like when you ask your mother if they bought you something for your birthday and Christmas and they say no, and then later you get what you asked for? Is it okay to lie about this? The bigger question here is it right for you to set up your parents to lie by asking something because you can not wait to find out the answer? Think about this.

So, do you see that by using words you can twist things and make them more than what they are? What does truth mean to you? Do you know? What is it that you believe in? A starting point is helpful. I know what I believe and I believe that all truth comes from a Creator God. If God is the truth then anything can be held up to the ten commandments, or the Bible.

Can you imagine living in a world where absolute truth does not exist? What is truth? At the time of Jesus, this very question was raised by Pontius Pilate As Jesus stood before him waiting to be tried for something he did not do, absolute truth did not exist in the world of Pilate — he felt he could do whatever he wanted if he had enough money, power, and control over the people. Pontius Pilate had truth standing right before him and he could not recognize it. Even non-believers believe that Jesus was innocent when he was crucified. If you are a Christian, look up all of the verses that teach about truth in the Bible. There are some very strong Scriptures verses about this and the sin of lying.

Little kids tend to lie. You can look at a little kid and watch them take a cookie and there are crumbs all over the place and on their face and you can ask, did you take a cookie? And the child will shake his head no, and say they did not even with the evidence all over their face. Why do people lie? For many reasons, but probably the biggest is for fear of rejection or to keep from getting in trouble.

Think about this – why do you lie? What is the reason or motivation behind a lie? Have you thought about this before? I was in third grade and I was in trouble with my mother, and she put me in my room. I was in my room screaming at the top of my lungs that I. Did. Not. Do. It! In fact, I was screaming this over and over again and my throat began to get sore. It finally hit me — wait! I did do it, why am I screaming. I believe that was by the grace of God. I always prayed as a kid and felt I could talk to God. God showed me as I was pitching a fit in time-out in my bedroom that I was guilty of sin. I later apologized to my parents and all was forgiven. Has that ever happened to you?

If that happens to you that means you are becoming wise, you are standing up for what is right and just, you are starting to see that there is truth in your heart and your life will change for the better.

Or if you lie and get caught you might say, “Sorry, I was kidding or sorry, it was an accident.” If you do this think about the politician that lied about the world ending in 12 years and later said, I was kidding. That is the same as saying, “Oops it was an accident.” When you really know, deep down in your heart that it was not an accident or you were not kidding but if you say it was you can get away with not being punished. This is a lie. Who are you lying to? Well, your parents but more important you are lying to yourself.

What happens when you lie to yourself. You begin to see things with yourself in the center. If it is the truth that means you are doing something to someone else, but when it is false, it is when someone is doing something to you. It is all about you–is this right? Do you know anyone who puts only themself first? How do you feel about this?

Can you recognize the truth? Do you know when someone is lying to you? How do you feel when someone lies to you? Think about this. Write these questions down, and really think. The next question is that when someone lies to you what do you want to do? Do you want to call them out? Do you want to scream, “Liar?” What is the right way to handle it. I’m going to give you a hint here, screaming liar is not the right way.

I want you to take the next few weeks and listen to people talking and see if you can figure out if they are telling the truth or not. But here is what I want you to do — you must not tell a lie. If you can look at someone else and spot the truth, they can do the same thing to you–and you want to be the one telling the truth. If you see someone telling a lie, what will you do? It is best not to say anything unless it will hurt someone. For example, telling a little kid to stand on a high step stool that is wobbly to get down the snacks your mom hid up in the closet so you could tell your mom the truth that you were not the one who got the snacks down — this is not being truthful. Get it?

Kids, can I tell you a fun-fact here? Your mom, your dad, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles — they were all your age at one time. They already lived their lives and know what you are up. Sometimes kids think parents or adults don’t get them and don’t understand. Oh, yes! We get you and we remember what it was like to be a kid – and it was not always easy.

Truthfulness is hard, it takes work and it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Truth means apologizing when you are wrong and you tell a lie, and realize this is not right. Truth makes us free and it allows us to lead lives that have no guilt because we have nothing to hide. I pray that you can live lives with nothing to hide!

Special Replay: Family Date Nights

Family Date Night | 45 Date Night Ideas! So many times we are not making memories we are getting by! Family date nights are a great way to create those lasting memories with our kids! Join Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira in this fun episode. | #podcast #Homeschoolpodcast #45FamilyDateNightIdeas #DateNightIdeasSpecial Replay: Family Date Nights

with Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira

So many times we are not making memories we are getting by! Family date nights are a great way to create those lasting memories with our kids! Join Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira in this fun episode.

Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels, Inc

Our world drives chaos-we can find ourselves ships passing in the night, over-scheduled, too many lessons, extracurricular and cell phones constantly dinging and buzzing; we have to be intentional about family time. Often family night fun is determined by the weather region we live in or the season of the year as well as the age of the kids as well as your personal preferences.

Example: We are not a soccer family, but we are a baseball and football family. Your kids may be young elementary age or high schoolers; age determines a lot. Here’s a variety of activities to choose from depending on the weather and the preferences of your family!

Rule #1 ~ Cell phones OFF, landlines unplugged. Engage!

45 Family Date Night IDEAS

Physical, outdoor fun

  1. Backyard family softball/T-ball games.
  2. Backyard family soccer play.
  3. Backyard badminton or slippery slide play
  4. Snow play-make a snowman and clothe him, have a snowball fight
  5. Leaf play-rake piles and jump and roll in them
  6. Basement bowling or rollerskating.
  7. Ping pong tourneys on the dining room table.
  8. We had a sports court on our property – pickleball and basketball were much enjoyed.
  9. Late summer blackberry picking is free and abundant and very messy! Make a cobbler or pie or simmered sauce for ice cream.
  10. Hikes or bike rides

Indoor Fun

  1. Have a Christian stand-up comedy night– Thou Shalt Laugh is a great video to start with – it boasts a variety of comedians to choose from. Michael Junior, Jeff Allen, Tim Hawkins, Thor Ramsey and more.
  2. Pull out the ancient family photo albums or family home videos, or mom and dad’s wedding video to watch and giggle at.
  3. Build a fire from the logs up w the kids.
  4. Make s’mores over the fire.
  5. Snuggle up and Daddy reads aloud to us. (Little House, Patrick McManus, the Redwall Series)
  6. Musical? Have a family jam night and play your instruments.
  7. Pizza night with take home to bake or frozen pizza, LaCroix with juice instead of soda.
  8. Do a DIY project or Pinterest project together-finger puppets, decorative photo frames, bath bombs
  9. Have daughters? Make it a spa night with facials, nail painting, foot massage, and special beverages.
  10. Dress up and role play night or do a puppet show -video the play and watch it on the big screen.
  11. Charades for kids – a card game from Walmart is a lot of fun to play together.
  12. Play board games/do an entire 100 (or more) piece puzzle in a night/play traditional card games.
  13. One of our favorites do-together activities is cooking. Build your own homemade pizzas, prepare Mexican food, build your own sub sandwiches or other fav meals
  14. Make cookies or a favorite dessert/play background music=kitchen dance party!
  15. Everyone builds a sundae on the sundae bar you create.
  16. Rent a movie and make stovetop homemade popcorn
  17. Nerf gun wars.
  18. Create a scavenger hunt.
  19. Create big cardboard box forts for each kid and let them decorate, cut windows and doors etc. (furniture stores or appliance stores will gladly contribute their boxes if you ask ahead of time.)
  20. Hide and seek in the house.
  21. Build a blanket fort.
  22. Build card houses with playing cards.
  23. Balloon volleyball.
  24. Hot tub nights together even in the rain.
  25. Invite a fav family over to share in the fun.

Cheap Fun Away

  1. Family bike rides around the neighborhood or to a park, or Jamba Juice or along the beach walk. Baby bike seats are great for including the littles.
  2. Pocket parks are everywhere here and many include water spray park fun – all free entrance and lots of fun exercise.
  3. Kids eat free night at restaurants for the win!
  4. Find a public school w an indoor pool/YMCA open pool night for cheap Friday night swims.
  5. Head to the Dollar Tree with a $3 limit each kid to spend in cash-even the parents like browsing the Dollar Tree for fun finds. Play with the finds together later at home.
  6. A sporting goods store like Bass Pro Shop is fun to meander and take pics with the giant stuffed animals.
  7. Beaches are a stone’s throw from our house. We walk together and observe the wildlife, the shells, the driftwood, the clams, the boats-here in Seattle it’s often grey and cloudy but we make it fun.
  8. National Parksfree for families! Every kids outdoors challenge.
  9. Camping
  10. Water gun or water balloons

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance | Teaching tolerance is possible without selling your soul. How do we educate our children in our beliefs if we have parameters of what we can and can’t say? In this episode, I tackle this question with some ways to begin the journey into our uncharted world. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #homeschool #teaching #tolerance #morals #faith #christianity #Christ #beliefs #moralbeliefs #character #goodcharacter #characterqualities Teaching Your Child Tolerance Episode 421

Teaching tolerance is possible without selling your soul? Too harsh? Okay, how about without compromising your beliefs. We live in a mixed-up world right is wrong and wrong is right. You are allowed to have an opinion if it is the right one. How do we educate our children in our beliefs if we have parameters of what we can and can’t say? In this episode, I tackle this question with some ways to begin the journey into our uncharted world.

Please visit my website at and be sure to sign up for our monthly planners. We have new character planners each month, and this month it is on the topic of Tolerance. This planner has some fun activities that you can do with your children and I think parents really appreciate the page with scenarios. I ask the children questions that they can act out or write their answers. They are open-ended. At the end of the month, the children can even earn a character award that is provided. After the month is over you can only get the planners by purchase on the Media Angels website.

When Did Our World Change?

Okay –where do I begin? Many of us feel abandoned. We have been deserted by everyone that we thought we could trust, especially those in authority in our world. The news, politics, our friends, and neighbors, our relatives, and even some of our pastors. It is as if the world has been turned upside down. So, if we teach our children values and teach them to be tolerant of others who may not agree with us, where does that get us? In this volatile culture do we need to teach our children to compromise their beliefs? The word tolerant means to put up with in some way. To put up with noise, or hardship, or annoying people. But does it mean that we have to be accepting of the beliefs of others? One definition is from the American heritage dictionary that says and I quote: tolerance is “The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.”

I think we can all agree that that is an even-minded and fair assessment of how we as Christians should be. We can recognize and respect the beliefs and practices of others as their free will and choice before Almighty God, but on the other hand, that means they also need to respect our free will and choices before Almighty God. But that is not what we’re finding in this world. We cannot serve two masters if we have 1 foot in the world trying to please all those around us who disagree with our beliefs, and 1 foot in the spiritual world where truth is compared to the teachings of the Bible and perhaps your particular denomination, well we will find ourselves in a situation where we are on unstable ground.

So now that we’ve determined the problem with is a solution? Here’s a shortlist:

  1. Clarify your beliefs. And explain these to your children.
  2. Explain the difference between tolerance and compromise.
  3. Explain the concept of the line in the sand. What is the point not to be crossed? Is it the value of life from conception to death? Is it social justice? What is the issue that you will not compromise?
  4. Explain when compromise when is possible.
  5. Explain acceptance does not mean agreement.

This just gives you an outline to start with of course you can add more to this, let’s go over each point.

  1. Clarify your beliefs and explain them to your children. Many times, we expect our kids to pick up our beliefs through osmosis. This is an impossibility we must spell things out clearly for kids of all ages. Do you teach them right and wrong is? Do you give them examples of consequences, do you explain how to make good decisions? These are Lessons I am currently working on And hope to have completed it sometime in the near future.
  2. Explain the difference between tolerance and compromise. Tolerance is allowing accepting that we are all different and not bullying or calling someone out for their difference in opinion, and compromise is the ability to make a decision that is agreeable to both people. Compromise and tolerance never allow for allowing your own beliefs to be trampled for the sake of what someone wants you to say.
  3. Explain the concept of the line in the sand. What is the line you will not cross? When do you say no and walk away? This must be clear. Do your children know and understand, and further do they know what to do in these situations? When is compromise not possible?
  4. Explain when compromise is possible. It is for choices, in areas of selecting a game to play or a movie to watch that are all acceptable but might not be a favorite. Basically, it is giving in to what someone wants for the sake of peace and unity. Again, not compromising your ethics or beliefs.
  5. Explain that acceptance or tolerance does not mean you agree. If you tolerate the decision that someone makes that does not mean you agree with them, this is a fine line and children need to again understand what that means. I can tolerate you making noise but that does not mean I want you to make noise, etc.

Our children need to be given scenarios so that they can practice how to talk to people that they disagree within a loving and kind manner. As you may or may not have experienced there is extreme vitriol on social media among those who disagree with a point of view. Since when have we been unable to discuss things rationally?

I think we can give our kids a very simple explanation of people who get very upset when they disagree with your viewpoint. In fact, this possibly happens in your home. Have you given your child instructions about something you want them to do and they get upset and talk loudly and anger? Of course, as parents are tempted to return the reaction with anger. Use these as teaching moments. If your child is the one getting angry you can have them sit until they are calm, and I would highly recommend not sending them away. Kids tend to be put in their rooms and there they become distracted or feed on their anger and continue to think about the injustice in their opinion. The best advice I have is to ask your child why they’re so angry. You’ll be surprised at the answer. And doing this over my many years of parenting I have learned that my children’s concept of why they are in trouble is way different than mine.

The idea here is to look at the way we react when people do not share our opinion. Tolerance can be beningn. I’m going to tolerate a messy room, or loud music, or staying up late. That does not mean I agree it means it’s okay if you want to live in a room where you can’t find anything, not hear anything else but music, or experience tiredness the next day from staying up too late. This tolerance does not compromise faith or morals.

And, that is the bottom line when our constitutional rights starting with the First Amendment are trampled upon for the sake of someone else’s ideal of what is right and just it is time as a people that we look at our own families and begin there before it is too late.





Physical and Mental Health

Physical and Mental Health | Where is your physical and mental health! What a year! As I record this we have just dipped our toes into a new year and already emotions are high and low and the overwhelming consensus is that we just want life to return to "normal." | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #stress #homeschoolmoms #physicalandmentalhealth Physical and Mental Health ~ Episode 420

Where is your physical and mental health! What a year! As I record this we have just dipped our toes into a new year and already emotions are high and low and the overwhelming consensus is that we just want life to return to “normal.” But there is hope, and in this episode, I’m going to talk to you about balance and getting healthy both body and mind!

Check out all the great products, books, membership website, character planners and so much more at

This podcast does not have a focus on weight loss, but if you are looking for episodes on this topic, here they are:

Missing Key to Weight Loss

Body Weight and Good Health

Weight Loss Secrets

Can we just tall take a collective deep breath. No one expected what has come over our nation with illness and mental stresses. It is all around us and I for one am ready to take charge of my life and focus on what is really important and that starts with my faith and my family. So, how do we balance our lives in a way that makes sense and is doable?

I wish we were having a coffee somewhere quiet because this message has been on my heart to share and I just didn’t know exactly how I wanted to say it and finally it is falling together. Sharing this message with you has helped me as well.

First, I want to share with you something that I’ve observed from the most successful and busiest people I know in the homeschool curriculum community and they just put their minds to something and get things done. We need to assess our situation and our lives and make that commitment to change. Now, I’m not going to give you a list of 100 stress busters or 100 ways to lose weight, but what I am going to talk about today is very doable and it is more of a mind over matter.

Physical and Mental Health

What do I mean? First, we have to make a decision that we are going to make a change. I know in all the times I’ve failed to lose those ten pounds, it was because I was not really committed. First, we needed to get past Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then there was New Year’s and what about Valentine’s Day right around the corner. See what I mean?  . Make a decision that you are going to make a change even if you are not crystal clear what that change will be, and now for the easy part.

How do we do this? Easy. Seriously it is easy. We must take ownership only for the things we can control. What is in your sphere of influence that you can personally control? Look around you, begin with your relationships. Relationship with God, with your spouse, with kids. Stop! That’s it. Just your family because we are going to get our own life worked out before we head out to the wild yonder.  Now, your family duties. What are the things you must do each day? Feed people, homeschool, keep the house clean, wash clothes, etc. Look at this list. Where can you get help? And, who can help with some of these things? For moms with little ones I know it is an uphill task just to get chores done and watch those babes, but it is so worth it. Don’t’ be so hard on yourself. We all started that way, some of us with more kids than the other but all of us at times overwhelmed.

Are you done? What else do you have direct ownership of, the things you can control? Add those to your list. It is time to combat physical and mental stress.

And, now? Those things you can not control, what are they? You know, those things that stress you out. List those. Is there something you can do? Is this something going to stress you out? If so, drop it now. If not, add it to your sphere of influence.

The answer for the things that you can not control is to let them go and let God. God is in control even if you look at this chaos and can not see the hand of the Lord, He is there. On my podcast A Few Minutes with God, I spoke about this fact in Stress and God and go through the scriptures I love beginning with Luke 12:22-31 – Here God talks to us about how he provides for the birds in the air and how much more He loves us and will provide for us. But here is the catch. Are we willing to let go?

You can pray but that is it, and here is what I pray. Your will Lord. Because my will sure isn’t getting done! We have to let go at some point friends and we can’t create the world in our image. Each thing that happens in our lives has great consequences not only for ourselves and others but stressing about the things we can not control does us more harm than good. I also pray to the Lord that he helps me to see what he wants me to see and ignore the rest. Look into the gift of discernment. It is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and it has been a blessing for me to pray in this way.

Now onto the physical side of things.

If you are sick, it’s time to take care of yourself. I struggled with a problem and refused to go to the doctor, and finally did not have a choice. It all worked out well, but why I fought it I have no idea and I feel so much better. Peace of mind goes a long way toward our mental health.  And finally getting to the doctor helped me remember something, and that is the Moringa plant. It is amazing, look it up. My doctor happens to grow it and I have to tell you that I started taking Moringa – from my doctor’s farm,  it works in giving me energy and perking me up. I take it at about 1-2 in the afternoon, whenever I started feeling tired.

If you are super unhappy with one aspect of your life it can weigh you down and add that unneeded stress. If you are tired and run down (stress can do that!) or you want to shed a few pounds, do it. How can you solve your problems?

Moms, we are resourceful, there is always a way and if you have little ones, it is time to give yourself a break! Quit expecting to accomplish so much, some days it is just not going to happen.

Our minds are the issue even with our weight.  While we place more merit on the interior than the exterior, sometimes we just have to look in the mirror. Are you happy with your appearance? Okay, let me rephrase that! None of us are totally happy with our appearance and now with so many more conference calls and seeing our faces, we are reminded that age knows no time. Let me share a quick observation. Have you looked at a photograph of yourself in your younger years? Maybe you were leaner, had fewer wrinkles, and no gray hairs, you know before kids. Did you think you looked great? Do you see where I am going? Even when you looked great or greater than you do now, you were not satisfied, so here is what I’d like you to do. You are going to decide you are going to take care of yourself and you are going to be happy with yourself no matter what.

If not, what are you going to do about it? If you are not going to do anything about it then you are not going to complain. Do you see a pattern here? I am going to talk about weight loss and I’ll have some links to other podcasts on the topic in my show notes, but for now, I want to focus on your outlook on things in this session because it is important to not only your well being but also your weight and your health.

Often we allow our goals our insecurities to get in the way, no one believes that I was once very shy. No one! But, I was and somehow I was passionate enough about my message and what I had to say that I allowed that to move me forward instead of focusing on my insecurities – we all have them, I focused on the message and the goal.

Do what makes you comfortable and what is within your ability at this stage of your life. Don’t keep thinking you will do this and that when the kids grow up because my kids are grown up and I still run out of time each day and take on projects  So moms, take a breath and first things first, take control of that wandering or racing mind and get it under your control, don’t let it control you. If you can do something to change it, fine, do it and if not, we are going to let it go!

Once again I wish we lived closer, I’d give you a hug of encouragement and tell you – you’ve got this! And, I believe you do.

Special Replay: Teaching With Laughter

Teaching With Laughter | Just thinking about teaching with humor makes me smile. I stumbled across this recently when I tried this technique first-hand. It worked! I can’t wait to share the details with you. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcastTeaching With Laughter – Special Replay!

Just thinking about teaching with laughter makes me smile. I stumbled across this recently when I tried this technique first-hand. It worked! I can’t wait to share the details with you.

We all love to laugh. Often we read things on social media that are so funny we share them with our friends. Laughter makes us happy, it reduces stress. Laughter crosses culture, all over the world people laugh. Babies even laugh before they can speak. It is a form of communication.

Teaching with Laughter has benefits!

Research shows that that laughter:

  • Increases blood flow
  • Decreases stress
  • Triggers endorphins
  • Promotes well-being

The use of humor in an education setting is beneficial and I found this out the other day. When I was working on a reading program, I found my student (aka grandson) was becoming stressed. We were pushing it to right under his frustration level in order to create new neuro-pathways. This is one of the ways to teach a child who may struggle in a specific area. We don’t want the child frustrated, so it is under this frustration level where a child will say it is too hard.

I decided to use humor to defuse the tension so I began with all the jokes I had on hand – believe me, I’m not the best teller of jokes.

  1. What time is it when the elephant sits on a fence? (Time for a new fence)
  2. Why did the man throw the clock out the window? (To see time fly) etc.

It was wonderful – he began telling me jokes and we laughed, went back to our work and they were able to get a bunch done!

Telling jokes or teaching using humorous antidotes does encourage a healthy learning environment. While humor in itself does not cause learning it does affect the brain. It causes the brain condition to fire up and get ready for learning.

You may not be a comedian – very rarely do our own kids think we are funny; we can use humor as a tool.

  1. To get your kids attention.
  2. To defuse bad behavior.
  3. Help to get their neurons to fire up.
  4. Help pave the way to learn difficult subjects.
  5. Makes learning fun.
  6. Encourage your kids to participate.
  7. Helps the kids remember the information
  8. Soothes anxiety if the child has difficulty with a subject
  9. Causes relaxation.

It is a good tool for laying groundwork for learning. But, if you are not funny – then what?

You can use the child’s names in a book you are reading. Switch out the character’s names with your children and watch them sit up and listen.

Set up a Pinterest Board –

  1. Use funny memes. (Look up.)
  2. Use video just search for funny video for kids

You are not going to use humor all the time otherwise it does not become effective.

Best Marriage Tips

Best Marriage Tips Ever | After 40+ years of marriage I have some of the best marriage tips ever and these really work. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #marraigetips #marriage #happymarriage @godlymarriageLet’s Talk About Marriage – Best Marriage Tips!  

with your host Felice Gerwitz

After 40+ years of marriage, I have some of the best marriage tips ever and these really work.

You are probably thinking… oh great! Another know-it-all podcaster trying to tell you how to make your marriage work! Well, I have 35 years under my belt – I’m no expert, but I’m a hard-headed, first-generation Italian, New Yorker, married to a German-Irish-American! It has taken years of give-and-take to make our marriage great. And, I wanted to ask some others who have been married for years to chime in with their tips! This podcast contains advice from:

Carol Topp: Dollars & Sense Radio ; Hal & Melanie Young: Making Biblical Family Life Practical; Meredith Curtis: Finish Well Radio ; Andy & Kendra Fletcher: HomeschoolingIRL 

Show Notes:

Scriptures to Study in Regard to Marriage:

  • Genesis 2:22-24
  • Proverbs: Some I love!! Proverbs: 5:18-19 ; 20:6-7; 30:18-19; 31:10
  • Matthew: 19:4-6
  • 1-Corinthians: 7:1-6
  • Mark: 10:6-9
  • Ephesians: 5:22-33
  • Links: 

Test – Learn Your Love Language

Recommended Books:
The Bible!

Look for Books on “Love Language” at the library or your favorite book store.

Advice and Tips:

Jeff Gerwitz: Keep Communication and Smooch Them Often!

Felice Gerwitz: Don’t go to bed angry: A. You both agree to solve your issues before bed — B. Understand the resolution will be a compromise for Both of You! and If you love giving gifts – A. Don’t expect anything in return and B. Accept gifts graciously

Carol Topp: One key to marriage success is to set aside time each day to catch up, even if it’s just 10 minutes. A co-worker gave me this advice over 20 years ago and he was right! My show BTW my husband and I had our 30th Anniversary this year.

Hal Young: When God created marriage, the very first reason the Bible gives is companionship – “It is not good that the man should be alone,” God said (Genesis 2:18). We should make it our goal to make our mate our best friend as well as our spouse. That takes time and commitment, but don’t we know how to keep up a friendship? Why not use the same relationship skills in our marriage? Their show, Making Biblical Family Life Practical and you can find it on this network  – here is an easy way to find them –( and they wrote a wonderful book on marriage “My Beloved and My Friend: How To Be Married to Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses.” (

Meredith Ludwig Curtis: Another Mom with a large family, who has a show on this network specifically for teens and that is Finish Well Radio – – she is married to a Pastor and says, “A key to marriage success: Put Jesus first! Serve Him together! Love Him together! Raise godly children together! Change the world together!”

Andy Fletcher: We were given two pieces of advice. The first was very simple: Outserve one another. If you make it your goal to out serve your spouse, you will be in the right mindset. The second piece of advice was just silly: … you’ll have to listen to their podcast to find out! Catch their show on homeschooling and marriage,  What Homeschooling Does to Marriage

New Year Memory Book

New Year Memory Book ~ Episode 419

Want to remember all of those great memories? You can with a new year memory book your kids create. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it can hold those treasures that are priceless!

Check out the Media Angels books on Media 

I have some fun novels for kids – one is A Few Minutes with God which is a story about two kids who are siblings who have identical dreams. Another is a series of books, The Truth Seekers Mystery Series that focus on two siblings who are great at solving mysteries and uncovering truth… just like the series name. These books can all be found on my website.

This is another show that is Just For Kids – so get your kids and get ready to make some memories!

Okay kids I want to ask you a question – what was your favorite Christmas gift this past year. Okay, now what was your favorite birthday present this year. What about the year before? What about two years ago? See my point? We can sometimes remember things from the past, especially presents we receive but often we can’t remember those really important memories like the times we spend with our families on a nature walk, or a backyard picnic or maybe building a fort in the living room with sheets and towels. These are things that are fun to look back on and remember those good times.

Why do we like to remember good times? Because sometimes we are sad and we think that everything is going wrong. We all have days like that when we are feeling like we just want to go to bed an have a “do over” the next day. But, when we keep a journal, or a memory book and write or draw some of the things that are special that happen during the year we can go back and revisit and remember those good times.

How do you make a memory book?

  1. You can use a notebook with lines.
  2. You can take blank pieces of paper and staple or glue them together.
  3. You can use a notebook with plastic slip sheets to preserve pages that have fun things you might find in nature.
  4. You can use pages you create on a word processor such as a publishing program or maybe – you can get a free account and try it out, and you can make all kinds of pretty graphics and things with their free templates.

What are some things you can put in your memory book?

  1. You can put in field trips that were fun or special.
  2. You can add things you find that are special – for example, my kids use to find snakeskins and wanted to put them in slip sheets – I still find them to this day whenever I’m cleaning out old files, and they are still as new as the day they found them long ago.
  3. You can add pictures you draw or have taken with a camera and print them out. SO many people leave things on a phone or camera that it is fun to have pictures that are printed.
  4. You can add special journal entries about special things that happen, or school papers you’d like to save like a story.

Have you thought about the things that are special to you? What are some things you’d like to remember? Do you know I still have a small autograph memory book from when I was younger? In this book I had things like the names of my friends and even their signatures. Autograph books were fun in those days and we would go around asking people to sign our books. One of my friends put in a rhyme when she learned I was moving to Canada. It said, “May our friendship last until America drinks Canada Dry.” Canada Dry was the name of soda pop! Yes, I did live in Canada from third grade to sixth grade. But we moved back to the United States when I entered the seventh grade. It is fun for me, even as an adult to have something from my childhood.

What would you like to write about in your memory book. Maybe you like the idea of an autograph book and want to start one of those. For those of you who don’t like to write, remember you can draw or take pictures to make this memory special.

Whatever it is, make it unique. How can you do this? Well, one way is with an online service. I saw a memory book that was pictures people uploaded on a website and had it printed into a book. It was a gift to a grandparent and it was a wonderful gift. So, maybe you want to use some of the things in your memory book as a gift to a grandparent or even one of your parents. Have fun with this and enjoy the memories you make with your family. Each family is special and unique and I hope you put an effort to get along with your siblings and listen to your parents!
Thanks for joining me today and I’d love to hear how you are sharing your memories with your family and friends!


Staycation Planning

Staycation Planning | If you are not sure how to plan a staycation, stay tuned – this episode is just for you! We will learn how to plan your staycation and enjoy the time with family and friends. #podcast #staycation #homeschoolpodcastStaycation Planning Episode 349

If you are not sure how to plan a staycation, stay tuned – this episode is just for you! We will learn how to plan your staycation and enjoy the time with family and friends.

  1. Be sure to take the time off.
  2. Indulge – reading, events, food.
  3. Make a plan for the day, week-end or week.
  4. Research

Begin by brainstorming. What are some of the things in your area that you could do with the kids, and maybe even with just your husband? In our area these things revolve around water sports. There is boating, Skiing, Jet skiing, parasailing, fishing, SCUBA diving, and more. We have a shell museum, actually two – we have a hands-on museum for kids, and a small zoo nearby.

There are sporting events such as baseball. We have two indoor ice-skating rings and an island nearby. There are also many outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, outdoor concerts at the local mall and more. There are art events, theatre and music festivals. Once you have a list of ideas, narrow it down to the top ten.

Which of these top ten ideas are feasible? Now it is time to make a plan.

Five Things To Think About In Staycation Planning


  1. What is the amount of money you will spend for these events?
  2. If you do not have a set budget think about a max you are willing to spend each day?

Activity or Event or Both

  1. List your event – be sure to figure in the time.
  2. Is this free or is there a cost?
  3. How long will it take to get there?
  4. Will you pack breakfast/ lunch or eat out?

Planning – Schedule

  1. What is your time frame?
  2. Can you take the time off of work?
  3. Do you plan to go out to eat? If so, where?
  4. What will you do during the day – the more planned out the better your vacation will go even if the schedule deviates.


  1. Try something new.
  2. Enjoy an appetizer/ or dessert or both
  3. Go to restaurants that are family owned and not chains.
  4. Think of conversations you can have with your family.
  5. Take your time – there is no hurry! You are on vacation.


  1. Relax! Make a decision you will enjoy yourself (think about how much money you are saving!)
  2. Enjoy each other.
  3. No drama – set boundaries for fighting, etc.
  4. Make time to see the little things you would normally overlook.
  5. No work. This is a vacation so be sure to leave your work behind temporarily.
  6. No electronics during the outing.
  7. OR – your kids can enjoy unlimited electronics if you decide this is their vacation!
  8. Relaxed dress – unless you are going somewhere that requires fancy clothing.
  9. Enjoy the events – look at the little things and enjoy!
  10. Praise God each day and what are your thankful for?





Joyful Kids

Joyful Kids | This is an episode just for kids! Can you be joyful? Do you think someone would say, "There are those joyful kids again!" No, well in this episode I am going to show you some special things about joy and how you can be joyful each and every day.| #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #homeschool #joyandkids #joyfulkids #kidsandjoy #joy #childrenattitudesJoyful Kids – Yes, This Means You! Episode 418

This is an episode just for kids! Can you be joyful? Do you think someone would say, “There are those joyful kids again!” No, well in this episode I am going to show you some special things about joy and how you can be joyful each and every day. If you want to give your parents the best present every no matter what time of the year it is, this is an important podcast to listen to!

Sponsor Media Angels, Inc. – One More Child book — A Few Minutes With God 


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Christmas Eve Celebrations

Some people are naturally happy, and this might or might not be you. But, wouldn’t it be nice if people thought of you as a happy person? Do you know any people that are happy or seem like they are happy? What makes someone happy? Let’s think about this.

  1. You get something you want.
  2. You get your own way.
  3. You get to have a special food you like to eat.
  4. You do not have to do school work or homework.
  5. You get to do a hobby or something fun that you like to do.

I am sure you can add to this list but this is enough to get you started. Did you notice that all of these things, one through five are all about you. What is in it for me is a pretty selfish way of living your life, and that is why people are so miserable and not joyful. When things are all about you and not others it is difficult to have joy in your life because we can always find something wrong – something we did not get or something that did not turn out as well as we would have liked it to!

What are some of the things that make you joyful or another word for joy can be happy, but joy I believe is a deeper sense of happiness. Here is why.

Did you know that joy is a choice. You can either decide you want to be joyful or not. You can say, “Wow, today I don’t want to be upset or mad and I am going to choose to be joyful.” Does that work? You may be thinking no, but it does! You can choose to be miserable or joyful. It is as easy as that. And, I am going to show you what I mean.

First, if you have our joyful planner that will help. It is freely available in the month of December if your parents are on our mailing list, but if not your parents can find it on my website. That will help you, but here are some things I am talking about.

    1. When you wake up decide to smile. Yes, it is that easy. Put a smile on your face. Maybe you do not smile often so you may want to practice this in front of a mirror. You don’t want to scare people in your family by showing your teeth without a grin!
    2. Say something nice to others. Maybe you don’t know what to say, so practice. You can say, “Your hair looks nice,” or “Can I help you with anything today,” (This might be something dangerous if your mom or dad is eating something–it might cause them to choke if it is not something you say often, so use caution when saying this! And, yes I am kidding!) Think. What can you say that is nice to someone. It can be a compliment or an offer to help.
    3. Help without being asked. Would you believe this will bring joy to your life? Just doing something kind for someone else is payment enough. If you can do it without expecting praise that is even better!

Did you notice numbers 1-3 are all about other people? Being kind, smiling at others, being helpful. All about other people and that is the key to happiness and joy. People who give of their time and talents are much more joyful than those who are selfish. Yes, this is true and I am sure it is a statistic somewhere. Truthfully if you get in the habit of smiling at those in your family you will find that they can’t help to smile back at you.

This is just the beginning of deciding that you will be happy and find something each and every day to be thankful for. Each day you can find something, some little thing to be thankful about. Look at your family and start there. Some people do not have families and some people have even less than you do.  Yes, somewhere in the world this is true. The most important things in your life are free. The air we breathe and the joy that a smile brings to the heart of someone sad or lonely. These are things you can do, starting today.

What else can you add to this list on being joyful and choosing joy each day? Are there joyful kids in your home? I am sure if you start this trend you will find that others in your family will also choose joy! I pray this happens in your own life.