Special Replay: Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

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Let’s Talk About – Halloween… “Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween” with Felice Gerwitz

In this podcast, I share why I don’t celebrate Halloween and why my kids never felt left out! Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. Celebrations from Easter to Thanksgiving to Christmas … and then there is Halloween. In this podcast, I discuss some important points to consider.

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Show Notes: Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

Being part of a homeschool group we would do so many things that were fun, field trips, and co-ops. When one of the families invited us to a Halloween alternative, we jumped at the chance! My husband and I were both convicted of why we didn’t want to celebrate the “season.”

  1. The deeper meaning
  2. Heart convictions
  3. Is it Jesus focused? Or service focused?
  4. You can’t serve two masters.


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