ChatGPT and the future of education

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ChatGPT and the Future of Education

216: ChatGPT and the future of education

In this episode, we discuss ChatGPT and what the evolution of AI technology means for the future of education. My guest is Randi Smith from Peanut Butter Fish Lessons who was also the guest on the episode Exploring Media Bias.

This is the second episode in a 3-part series on ChatgPT. You can listen to the first one on “What is chatGPT? here.

The questions we discuss in this episode are:

1. Should we be alarmed by ChatGPT?

2. Is this the end of the essay? The end of needing writing skills? What writing skills will students still need?

3. How do you think ChatGPT will change education?
a) What are new ways we will need to assess students?
b) What new skills will students need to work effectively with Chat GPT?

4. What benefits do we see in having students work with ChatGPT?

5. As homeschool parents, how should ChatGPT and other forms of AI factor into how we homeschool?

The websites you can use to check if an essay has been written by AI are GPTZero and Checkforai.

You can find Randi at

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ChatGPT and the Future of Education

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