Special Replay: Easter Celebrations On The Cheap

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Easter Celebration On The CheapEaster Celebrations On The Cheap

Easter celebration on the cheap includes fun and easy ideas. Celebrating Easter on the cheap doesn’t mean skimping on our favorite time of the year, it means celebrating in style and saving money along the way.

Remember, it’s about Jesus not the candy! Remind your children about the true meaning of Easter which is the Ressurection of our Lord. This is what you are celebrating. Let’s review some fun, cheap activities  you can plan this Easter!

  • Potluck:

    • Ask family to bring a side
    • Delegate ice or drinks
    • Baked ham goes far and is a favorite
    • Little kids love chicken fingers
    • Cold salads – make ahead.
  • Reuse and Repurpose – Eggs:

    • Those plastic eggs should be saved each year
    • Fill with coins instead of candy – redeemable in the store (see below)
    • Use as decorations
    • Have little ones hunt for specific colors, or count how many they collect
  •  Easter Store – order online or dollar store (Explain easter egg hunt Gerwitz style):

    • Shop sales, for everything.
    • Candy bars, candy kisses, everything is a mini.
    • I look for candles at odd times, discounts on decorations after the holiday, etc.
    • Store under the bed in plastic bins or farm out to a family member with more storage space
    • Less is more. I like minimalistic decorations. The more understated the better. Fresh flowers with outside greenery is wonderful.
  •  Make Your Own:

    • Create your own dips or salads
    • Rolls are very cheap, easy and fun to make. Kids love to help.
    • We love chocolate. Many of our treats are chocolate based such as trays of brownies and dipped strawberries (hint: I use 2 cups of chocolate chips with a spoonful of unflavored coconut oil, helps it to harden – this is so much cheaper than buying them!), make a big cookie – use disposable (can be reused) round pizza trays. Be sure to leave room for expanding dough.
    • Easy appetizers: fresh fruit with marshmallow dip, salsa, and chips, melted cheese poured over chips, cream cheese and packaged dressing for an easy dip (add mayo to liquify if needed.)
  • Decorations – Easter egg tree from kids “blessing others”

By performing these activities with your family, not only do you save some money, you teach your children the real meaning of Easter! Thank you for joining us for today’s special replay, “Easter Celebration On The Cheap”! Be sure to check out my other podcast episodes at https://ultimateradioshow.com/vintage-homeschool-moms/.

Have a great week!


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