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Redeeming Childbirth Angie TolpinThis isn’t a topic you will normally see me blog about. I don’t have any horror pregnancy stories to share. I’m one of “those” people. I don’t get “those” days during the month, never had — and now it is a thing of the past. I didn’t suffer during pregnancy. I had five children naturally and they were all fast deliveries. One was almost delivered in the elevator in the hospital — the doctor told me, with my first, I’d be unable to speak when I was truly in labor. Obviously he didn’t know me! Please don’t hate me. I know there are some of you who are bedridden, or are sick all nine-months. Sisters, I feel for you, truly I do!

I did experience morning sickness with my third, but it was nothing that a cracker or french-fries from the drive through window couldn’t cure. My teens loved it! Mom was eating the junk-foods she normally, very strongly objected to. During this pregnancy I considered myself in my “Elizabethan years” … I was pregnant at 38 with two teens, a time when most moms are once-again taking up hobbies. I on the other hand was being taxed at remembering higher level algebra and to bring both the baby and the diaper bag on excursions. Well, the Lord does have a sense of humor and believing I was “old” at 38 – I had to think I was “ancient” when I had the next baby at 41 and my fifth at 44. Yes, people came up to me at church asking me how old I was, or asking me if I knew “how” that happens? Ha-ha. Not funny.

So, why am I talking to you about this topic today? Because I’ve invited Angie Tolpin to Mommy Jammies Night. Her ministry begins where my leaves off. Mine is a testimony of turning my heart back to the Lord – as a couple, and seeking HIS will for MY family. I am not condemning, pointing a finger, just stating a fact. The Lord blessed Jeff and I with three more additions to our family after a life-changing decision was reversed. The Lord took hold of our hearts and we took a leap of faith, a very expensive one and my husband underwent a reversal.

Now with five children, two adults and three growing up in a home full of laughter, teasing and of course fighting they understand they are very special in the true sense of the word. If the Lord had not taken our hearts and turned them back to Him, they in plain language would not exist. In our case our decision was formed due to fear, a fear that we would have another special needs child after our first was born with Trisomy-21 (Downs Syndrome).MJN Listen Live  Well, none of the others “have it” and the younger three are pretty brilliant children in all ways!

Tonight (and if you are reading this in the archives – no need to worry, the audio is still available) Angie will discuss Redeeming Childbirth and so much more. Her talk will touch hearts I know, because she feels that the Lord has sent her on this mission – to speak out about childbirth in a good way!

I know that childbirth is a taboo topic and cause for dissension even in Christian circles … but, I’m brave. I want to know if you had it easy or hard?

Are you one of “those” people or one of THOSE people we should pray for who does have difficult pregnancies? Either way I’m sending you a hug and looking forward to connecting!

If you can put on a pair of jammies tonight and join us at 8pm est for our facebook party where we’ll talk about childbirth, small families, large families and so much more and then later — at the live event tonight at 9pm est. on our Listen Live page.

And – if you’d like to enter our giveaway you’ll find it here: Giveaway

~ Hugs, Felice Gerwitz


  1. My pregnancies, labors, and deliveries were all right down the middle except the twins. (That pregnancy was horrid, but delivery was awesome.)

    • mediaangels says

      Amy, I didn’t know you had twins! My dd always wanted ME to have twins – they run in my family, but now that she is a mommy of 5 little ones 7 and under, she isn’t overly excited about the idea!

  2. Orilla Crider says

    We lost 5 little ones and adopted an 8 yr old boy that the DFS said was unadoptable. Yes, it hasn’t been an easy ride but God has been with us. Three yrs later God hear our cries and gave us our own natural dd. I went through 3 months of trying to keep her from coming, to having an emergency c-section. Three yrs later after being down for most of my pregnancy the Lord gave us our ds that 2 1/2 yrs later became a special needs. I suffered from endometriosis so bad that I ended up having a uteris ablasion and now I don’t dare get pregnant. To God be the Glory, He does hear the cry of His children!

    • mediaangels says

      Orilla – your story is a powerful one and I know the Lord is still writing it, but it needs to be in some written form someday so others can profit from what you’ve gone through. I know our speaker has a special place on her blog for others to write their story – I’ll ask her tonight, but saw her say that to someone on Facebook in response to their post on having a baby in the car on the way to the hospital.

  3. Never been pregnant. I remember the day I picked up my son from a friend. We both do foster care and she couldn’t keep him at her house any longer. We had just been licensed the day before!

    • mediaangels says

      God bless you, Kelly! My sister in law couldn’t have children but the Lord blessed them via adoption. What a wonderful blessing to children to have loving foster care or adoption!

  4. I’ve never been pregnant while homeschooling since I have only 1 child, but I am adopted and treasure the amount of special love parents have to choose that route. Thank you, Felice, for reaching out to women in every area possible.

    • mediaangels says

      Thanks so much, Gay! You know we love mommies who adopt! My SIL and brother adopted and so has one of my best friends. I love it!

  5. I have 3 children. I was very sick during all 3 with other “complications”. Each one was progressively worse than the last. My husband and I decided we were “done” after my 2nd because of these issues, but God had other plans. 😉 He knew I would need my joyful 3rd daughter during a rough time in our life and so was born Abigail. I cannot imagine my life without her now!

  6. Thank you for the discussion. I don’t get why childbirth would be a “taboo subject”. It is how we all get here and that’s beautiful to me!

  7. I am currently pregnant and so far I am feeling pretty good. I am encouraged by your stories and I pray birth goes as smooth as possible.

  8. What a great page! Bless you 🙂


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