How to Choose the Best Curriculum for Your Family

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Hey homeschoolers!

Are you still in the process of choosing homeschool curriculum? It’s a challenge, right? That’s why I asked my guest today to help us. We’ll get to that in a moment, but first I’d love to connect with you on Instagram.  If you’re obviously a homeschooler, I’ll follow back. I love seeing what’s happening in your world.


I want to thank my sponsor for this episode, Teach a Child to Read. As you may know, I write Grammar Galaxy, an elementary language arts curriculum. The most common question I get about it is when can my child start? Grammar Galaxy is for beginning readers. If your child is still learning to read, you’ll want to check out the website, the Facebook page, the Facebook group, and the Instagram account for Teach a Child to Read.

The Right Curriculum Resources

How to Choose the Right Homeschool Curriculum

best homeschool science, language arts, and math curriculum

free kids’ rating sheet for reviewing homeschool curriculum from

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Have a happy homeschool week!

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