Christ in the Chaos – HIRL Episode 34

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HIRL-Episode-34Kimm Crandall was the perfect homeschooling mom: she had her curriculum chosen carefully, her children lined up quietly and obediently in the church pew, and her home-ground wheat bread delivered piping hot from her oven.

She was doing everything “right”. Still, God seemed angry with her, and she felt as if nothing she did would make Him happy with her. As she polished up the outside, she was dying slowly on the inside, bound up by her own good works and suffocating under the lack of grace within the homeschooling community she was a part of.

It’s an important and tender interview, peppered with humor and self-effacing realism. But the beautiful truth here is that Kimm boldly and bravely points us back to the Jesus, the only One who redeems every mess, every moment, and every bit of chaos.

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