Teaching Christian History With Danika Cooley

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Hey, homeschoolers! If you haven’t yet included Christian history in your curriculum lineup, or even if you have, I have a treat for you. I’m interviewing Danika Cooley today about her new book series Who What Why. She explains why it’s more important than ever to introduce our kids to Christian history. I’ll share our visit in just a moment. But first I want to thank my sponsor —the film Show Me the Father. It’s getting rave reviews from friends.

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Now for my interview with Danika. Danika is a married mother of four, a grandmother, a blogger, a curriculum developer, and a writer. Danika’s three-year Scripture survey for preschool to high school, Bible Road Trip, is used across the globe. I loved her and I know you will, too.

Danika and I discussed:

  • What makes this Christian history series unique
  • How her parenting and homeschooling experience inspired the books
  • Her desire for the impact of the series on children

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