Special Replay: Christian Parenting Practices With Israel Wayne

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Hey, homeschoolers! Today we’re going to talk about how to parent as a Christian homeschooler. We are spending more time than ever parenting as we shelter in place. There’s nothing like a quarantine to show you what needs your attention.

Great Homeschool Conventions

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Christian Parenting Practices

Now let’s talk about parenting with my guest Israel Wayne. Israel has a podcast on The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, but we hadn’t met until we both attended a BJU Press conference. We got to talking about parenting and realized that we share similar views.

Israel desires to point parents to raise their children with a biblical worldview. As a nationally known speaker and author, he captivates audiences with enthusiasm for bringing the Word of God to bear on all aspects of life. His messages, from education to theology to current events take him across the country to challenge and encourage families. As the pandemic has left him unable to speak at in-person conferences, I’m thrilled to be able to chat with him on the podcast.

We discussed:

  • the difference between secular and Christian parenting
  • what Gospel-Centered parenting looks like
  • effective discipline for young children
  • how parenting should change in the teen years, and more!

Raising Them Up: Parenting for Christians. Find more of Israel’s resources at FamilyRenewal.org

and be sure to check out his podcast!

Join me next week as we discuss the best audiobooks for kids and families now.

Have a happy homeschool week!

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