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Christmas Memories | What are your favorite Christmas memories? Each year we have so many wonderful memories of Christmas but soon we forget. Here is the solution! A Christmas Memory book! In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice shares another just-for-kids episode with you! | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #christmasmemories Christmas Memories – Episode 417

What are your favorite Christmas memories? Each year we have so many wonderful memories of Christmas but soon we forget. Here is the solution! A Christmas Memory book! In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice shares another just-for-kids episode with you!

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Be sure to go to – a copy of the Christmas Memory Book

Holiday Memory Book-2020

Advent Calendar: Here

What are your favorite Christmas memories? Was there a special gift you received? Maybe a special food you get to eat during the holidays. Is it a favorite activity, like roasting marshmallows or sipping hot cocoa when it is cold outside. Maybe it is a visit from special family members like grandparents or cousins. Do you like the Christmas decorations? The special books that your parents may read, or a special trip you take for example going camping or visiting a relative or friend?

There are so many different things that happen around Christmas time but often we forget these things once the holiday is over, and so in this episode, I want to share with you a special book I’ve put together just for you! A Christmas Memories Book. You can print it out and put it in a notebook or binder and add to it each year. Or, maybe this will give you an idea of creating one of your own. What are those memories that make Christmas truly special?

Sometimes the most important things are the things that cost nothing! This can be praying in what we like to call the count-down to Christmas, and that is the days before called Advent. It is a time when we gather as a family each night and light one candle per week as we read a passage from the Bible. Then we pray for special intentions. For example, “Peace on Earth,” or we pray for “Those who do not have anyone special to pray for them.” This is a time to think about what is truly important at Christmas time and that is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I want you to think about the best toy or gift you ever received for Christmas. Do you remember this? Did it break? Did you lose it? Did it not meet your expectations, that means when you got the gift did it not seem as special as you thought it would be? This happened to me when I was a kid. I wanted a camera so badly and when I finally got the camera I wanted that printed the instant pictures I was super disappointed. For one thing, the pictures were not that great and for another, the film was super expensive. It was better to wait to have your pictures printed rather than have a camera that prints out instantly but the quality is not that great. Today we have wonderful cameras on our phones and rarely do we ever print anything out!

Look around you this Christmas. Notice the beautiful decorations, enjoy each sip of your favorite drink, and make some new holiday traditions of your own! Here are some things that families like to do to celebrate the Christmas Holidays:

  1. Use an Advent calendar or wreath and pray each day or evening as the count down to Christmas begins. You can start this at any time. Be sure to read different Bible passages you can read the Nativity passages in the New Testament, but don’t forget the prophetic ones in Isaiah that talk about the coming Messiah!
  2. Read each evening from a special book. Some families like favorites like the Christmas Carol or the Night Before Christmas. What is your favorite book? Take this out and maybe this is a great time for a new family tradition to begin.
  3. Does your family like to bake? What are the Christmas cookies that you enjoy? Write these recipes in your memory book. There are some special recipes that are passed down from family to family that are very important and can be lost or forgotten. This way you will have your own copy.
  4. Plan a special trip. This can be a picnic in the park if you live somewhere that is not so cold – if you live in a cold area, do a drive through looking at the Christmas lights at different homes in the early evening. Or maybe put lights up on your own home for others to enjoy. When you get home think about your favorite part of this even.
  5. Spend time as a family. Look around you! Being a kid only lasts a short time. This is a special time to journal and remember because soon you will be grown up, have a job and a family of your own. So, enjoy this time with your family.
  6. Make a special Christmas ornament. This can be with a family picture or it can be something you draw. Be sure to write the year you made this and place it on the tree.
  7. Secret notes. Write a note to someone in your family that is kind and positive and put it somewhere they will notice. Do not sign it! It is nice to say things that are nice and special to encourage others.
  8. Make an outdoor fire with your family of course, and roast marshmallows -even if it is cold! You can bundle up and tell stories about past Christmas events or ask your parents to share their favorite Christmas past stories with you!
  9. Joyful attitude. Each morning wake up with a smile on your face – or one soon after you wake up – and greet each person in the family with a smile when you see them first thing in the morning. They will wonder what is going on, but smiles are contagious!
  10. Be kind! It is not always easy to be kind to others, but try this Christmas season to be joyful and uplifting to those in your family and only say things that are kind…or nothing at all!

Can you think of other things? I am sure you can! Use this as a beginning of making your own Christmas special this year! And, I pray a joyful and blessed Christmas on each one of you!

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