Church or Not Church – Make The Distinction! MBFLP 134

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MBFLP 134 - Church or Not Church - H


The Bible is clear about how a church should be led and managed. What does that tell us about other institutions in our life, though? Is it appropriate to look for the same level of doctrinal agreement, Christian character, and other qualifications, when we consider events and organizations and movements which are not directly related to the church? This episode we explore a bit about the distinctions between CHURCH and NOT CHURCH – and recognizing that there is a difference between “not Christian” and “anti-Christian”, and that may make a difference in how we interact with the world outside our sanctuaries!


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  1. Hal and Mealanie,
    Great podcast as usual. I recently spoke with a member of a homeschool organization that was told she needed to submit to the authority of the homeschool board! Yikes! Talk about misapplication of leadership authority. The issue was that the board had fired a much-loved, longtime teacher with no input from the participating families. Nor did the board try to work with this teacher. He was clueless why he was let go after 15 years.

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