Would Classical Conversations Be a Good Fit for Your Family?

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Would classical conversations be a good fit for your homeschooling family?

Mary Prather

Mary Prather

Kelli Graf

Kelli Graf

I did a review of Classical Conversations on my blog and explained how I use it at home. It remains one of my most popular posts.

Because many people love Classical Conversations as much as I do, I thought I would invite two friends who have been involved in CC to share with the Homeschool Sanity Show listeners what they love about it and some tips for making it work for families.

I asked the ladies to:

  • Explain what Classical Conversations is
  • Describe at a typical day in a CC community program
  • Tell us why they got involved in CC
  • How they make CC work with Sonlight and Story of the World
  • What the advantages are to participating in CC
  • Share what it’s like being a CC tutor
  • Give us a parent’s role in CC
  • Explain how notebooking can enhance CC
  • Tell us their plans for using CC in the future

Be sure to follow my Classical Conversations board on Pinterest for more great ideas.

I apologize for the feedback that is noticeable in a few sections of the podcast. Thanks in advance for your understanding. The content is well worth the listen!


Resources referenced in the podcast:

Classical Conversations website

Cycle 2 Book List

Notebooking Fairy

Homegrown Learners Classical Conversations resources

Squilt music lessons

CC Connected (musical Mary)

Kelli Graf, St. Louis realtor


  1. The link to your original review of CC is not working. Could you re-post?

  2. Where is the link to the podcast?

  3. Whitney Daigle says

    This podcast is wonderful. Very timely for me to come across this week. Thank you all for your time in putting this together and for the resource links. What a blessing!

  4. The link for so light book for classical conversations is not working.

  5. this is really good. I home school for a family which has different challenges as I have no influence past 2:30. I loved hearing the practical thoughts with such honest conversation.

  6. Hey! Thanks so much for your kind words about CC and for taking the time to help people understand it better. My team and I over at CC HQ really appreciate it! 🙂

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