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Classtools online educational fun

Episode 17: Classtools – Online Educational Fun

In today’s episode we will explore some of the fun resources on the website Classtools.

Our sponsor, FundaFunda Academy enjoys using the free Classtools resources in many of their online classes and web-based unit studies.

Resources for creative assignments

Fakebook – create a “fake” book page complete with cover image, profile pic and posts for a literary or historical character.

SMS generator – imagine a text conversation between 2 literary or historical characters.

Badgemaker – design a badge to celebrate a historical character.

Breaking News and Headline Generator – supply headlines and descriptions for news events in the past.

Turbo Timeline – produce a timeline that you can drive through.

Online Educational Games

Play your Dates Right – put historical events into chronological order.

Dustbin – create up to 4 categories with items that must be dragged to the correct one.

Arcade Games – There are 70 ready-made games and you can add your own. Use the questions in one of 5 games: PacMan, Manic Miner Asteroids, Pong or Wordshoot.

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Classtools Online Educational Fun


  1. So many good ideas! Take notes while you Listen to this podcast . I am not tech savvy, but I was introduced to many fantastic resources that even I can use and figure out. Meryl also explains things very clearly for those of us who aren’t exactly tech savvy.

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