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Is College worthwhile | Is college worthwhile? If you have to spend 20 years paying off a college debt? The crushing burden for debt cripples a student's dreams for the future. Any debt is the result of lack of planning. #homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #collegeIS COLLEGE WORTHWHILE? WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS?

Is college worthwhile? If you have to spend 20 years paying off a college debt? The crushing burden for debt cripples a student’s dreams for the future. Any debt is the result of lack of planning. College is supposed to open doors for our children. In this podcast, we discuss ways to have others pay for our college education with scholarships and grants.

Some students can’t find a job in their degree. Is there a way to avoid this? Yes!

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This is one of a four-part series on the topic of, “Is college worthwhile?” Today our focus is dicussing debt and ways to avoid debt!

Limit the time and money to get a college education helps, cutting down the time is very wise. Dual credit is great in high school. Find a college you can afford. A big price tag doesn’t mean your college experience is going to be better. Make your plans for college, the cost to debt ration. Your decision needs to be based upon your research. Often the most expensive colleges have the most money to give out. If you are eligible to get “big money,” that is wonderful — but do keep in mind the final costs.

There is no one size fits all — there is an amazing opportunity here!

Work through college?
Yes, if you can do that it is fine, but often something else can suffer like your academics. It really depends on your personal sacrifice.  Look at the big picture and what works best for you.

Debt is the result of lack of planning. If you are considering grad school, a fellowship grant. Financial support for their graduate studies. It is based on merit. Or a research assistant.

Tuition remission is a wage for an employee or dependent.  Working at a college allows dependents to go free. Companies often will pay for their employee’s college to give them more qualified employees. Draw a different set of employees. In certain states, college debt is paid for nurses and teachers. An incentive to keep the teacher or nurse, etc.

Armed forces is another way that college benefits. We will do a show on this in the future. GI bill and more.

How is college paid for? 

  1. Loans
  2. Scholarships
  3. Grants

The biggest fear is ignorance. If you have no money for college, didn’t save for it because you don’t have any money–you can still plan for college scholarships through study! Many people are still paying off their loans so this show is about helping you to avoid it!

Overview about debt

  1. Loans: money you have to pay back
  2. Perkins, Direct Stafford
  3. Parents borrow on students behalf: Direct Plus, a Student loan is often more interest than a parent’s.

After your first job they never look at your college information again. Yet that college degree can open the doors for you. Some say you should not go to college. There is fear being perpetuated about college. Listen to Jean’s advice in this podcast!

Every family needs to know there are many options and not rule it out because of money. Jean’s own mother said, “Don’t even think about college because we don’t have the money.” Jean didn’t even consider it because of that statement. Jean worked one year, and then went to college and her entrance test showed that she did get a scholarship.

You don’t have to be strapped in debt or have loans! Stay tuned for more shows showing you that college

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