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combat homeschool chaosCombat Homeschool Chaos with Felice Gerwitz

Episode 151

How can you combat homeschool chaos when your life is so full and so busy? Is your homeschool out of control – did you have a really bad day and were ready to retreat? If you’ve homeschooled more than one day – you know what I’m talking about. In this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms, Felice shares ways to combat those homeschool chaos days.

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Combat Homeschool Chaos Show Notes:

We’ve all had that really bad homeschool day when we question everything.

  1. Our competency to homeschool
  2. Whether or not we are ruining our kids
  3. If we are doing the right thing
  4. If we made a mistake

Why do we question? What makes a really bad homeschool day?

  1. What is your definition of a “bad” homeschool day?
  2. Stop the audio and make a list of all the things that fall into this “bad” day – what are the key triggers that make you feel like the day isn’t going well? Be honest.
  3. Listen to the audio …
  4. After you listen to the audio – answer your own “bad” day questions. What are ways you can combat these bad days?

The times when things are not going as you planned or well for you is NOT the time to psychoanalyze your decision to homeschool – JUST SAY NO to the negative thoughts…

  1. You are competent to homeschool – there are so many programs available at the click of a mouse so that question is completely off the table.
  2. You are NOT ruining your kids – believe me…
  3. YOU are doing the right thing – what is happening out there in the school system? Think “common core.”
  4. You did NOT make a mistake – homeschooling is not for losers it is for people who really care enough about their kids to give “up” so the world will tell you – nothing is as important as homeschooling your children. Nothing.

Please download this PDF and hang it up in your home – remind yourself this is TRUE!


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