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Common Core Exposed

Current Issues and the Constitution with Moderator Felice Gerwitz and special guest, Terry Marselle.

Terry is a teacher and the author of “Perfectly Incorrect” a book that uncovers why Common Core is psychologically and cognitively unsound.

About Terry: Terry has taught for the last 41 years with a few years left before he retires. He teaches psychology on the highschool level, and has a Master’s Degree in Psychology by the University of Hartford with a concentration in children’s cognition and the psychopathology of childhood.  In the 1980s, and for the next twenty+ years, Terry taught overseas, in (mostly) U.S. Embassy/Consulate schools. Upon returning to the US he was greeted with No Child Left Behind and now The Common Core. Terry couldn’t let the profession he loved, nor the students suffer without exposing the fallacies behind what Common Core professes.

Visit Terry Marselle’s website: CommonCoreNot

Purchase this 600+ page book on Kindle here:

Show Notes:


1. An Introduction to Terry Marselle
2. How did you learn about Common Core and your immediate reactions?
3. A synopsis of what you see Common Core’s role is in the future of teaching our youth. What you would say to parents or students directly – about the dangers and what can/will happen if it is allowed to continue?
4. The idea that education resides with the States instead of the Federal Government — The Constitution – about state sovereignty?) 10th Amendment?
5. What recourse do we have as 1. parents 2. students 3. educators

Terry Marselle – Perfectly Incorrect

One Page Summary – Main Points:

1. Common Core in K-6, and especially in K-3 years, are developmentally inappropriate in substantial ways.
2. One size does not fit all. Common Core directly contradicts well settled research on how people think and learn.
3. Common core is upwardly spiraling staircase of abstract, conceptual and intuitive thinking… only 30% of the population can do this naturally.
4. There is no evidentiary research to support its claims going forward that the curriculum is “college and career ready.”
5. Common Core is most probably unconstitutional at the federal level.

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