Communicating with our Kids about Internet Pornography with Hal and Melanie Young

4 ways Porn causes problems:

  1. Negative impact on couples/gender relations
  2. Leads men and women to devalue each other.
  3. Dominated by hostile sexism, frequent violence, gender dominations and object function
  4. Because Porn floods the brain with dopamine, it shorts circuits other systems.

Porn becomes addictive, and undermines attachment, intimacy and the ability to relate.

  1. The more frequent the porn use the lower sexual satisfaction
  2. Porn as ‘instinctive’ is inaccurate and leads to low quality sex.
  3. Loneliness-porn is significantly related to loneliness. Porn is associated with relationship distress, disrupted attachment and strain in relational hardwiring, and causes harm to relationships.
  4. Divorce-doubles for men and women who use porn
  5. Effects of porn:
  1. Need bigger and bigger hits to get the same feeling
  2. Can shrink the brain-porn addicts have smaller volume and fewer un
  3. Turns off certain parts of the brain that process visual imagery.
  4. Circuits short term mentality- and devalues delayed gratification. Women in relationships with men who are addicted to porn, spectators reported not being as happy than with men who did not view pron.

As Christians we should approach conversations with our kids about sexuality within the context of Marriage

Sexuality within marriage is all about accountability and covenant.

Raising real men means teaching and training them to fight temptation and to consider their own sexuality within the context of Love, Honor, and Virtue.

Gregg Harris always said that we should not be teaching Sex Ed but Marriage Ed.

Biblical answer- 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 (on Sexual Immorality)

Resource Guide:

Raising Real Men

Love, Honor, and Virtue

Porn accountability:

Covenant Eyes

Accountability 2You

Training Books:

Every Man’s Battle

Every Young Man’s Battle

Raising Real Men

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