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Communication Skills with Special Needs and Struggling LearnersCommunication Skills with Special Needs and Struggling Learners

Do you struggle with communication skills with your special needs or struggling learner? Listen in to this episode with Lisa & Peggy.

with Peggy Ployhar

  1.  Communication is way more than speaking
  2. Communication Skills Improve Future Outcome
  3. The Three Basic means of communications
  4. 4 ways to incorporate communication skills into your regular schooling.

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To teach your SPED kids communication skills:

  • Get your kids talking- utilize film- help them see themselves communicating and then give them gentle instruction and ways for improving.
  • Help kids realize that conflict happens when communicating. Give them tools and skills to deal with conflict, including developing empathy and understanding the other side of the story.
  • Above all, listen and obey where God is taking you.

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