Communication Skills

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Join Dave and Lisa Nehring as they give five important steps for great communication! If there isn’t a we, we have nothing at all!

Communication Skills

Communication Skills can affect every relationship that we have, both personal and professional! In this podcast, we tackle this important Soft Skill, by going over 5 Steps to effective communication!

  1. Listen & give feedback on what you think the other person is saying.
  2. Affirm who you are talking with and seek to understand their thoughts.
  3. Clarify understanding by asking clarifying questions.
  4. Be careful about when you speak and pay attention to the rhythm of communication you have developed with whomever you are interacting with. Give each other enough  room to speak without interruption. Develop an easy reciprocity with others as you engage and interact.

Be aware of your tones and non-verbals.


Be authoritative without being authoritarian or passive.

For effective communication that respects all parties involved, it’s important to have a “My part” and a “Your Part.” This builds trust and the relationship.

If there isn’t a we, we have nothing at all.

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