Comparing AI Assistants

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Comparing AI Assistants

267:  Comparing AI Assistants

In this episode you will find me comparing AI Assistants – depending on your needs your favorites may be different to mine, so I suggest you try them all out too!. Just as you probably have a favorite supermarket, you will likely have a favorite AI assistant after you try some of the popular ones out.

I am using the free version of the 5 I compare


This is the “original” one that introduced the world to AI Assistants. It is still my go-to but does not have access  to current data and nor does it have the capabilities of some of the others. It is from Open AI


I like  the way Claude “writes” and use it when I want to use what it has written for show notes etc. It will allow you to upload images and it can “read” them


Perplexity is the one  most people feel is really good at summaries – especially of long papers. It also is sometimes used as an alternative to Google search. My favorite feature is the follow-up prompts it provides – gives you ideas on what else you might want to know. It does not require a log in – but obviously won’t be able to access any past queries if you choose not to log in


This is Microsoft’s AI assistant. I have been using it without logging in. It allows voice to text prompts and  you can upload  both files and images. Sources for the information it provides are at the bottom of each response. You can export the answer to Word, pdf or text. It provides clickable links and has access to current data and information.


Gemini was called Bard and is Google’s AI assistant. It also allows voice to text, the upload of images and will provide clickable links if you ask. It  can create tables, graphs and even images (though not images with people in them)

Wrapping up

I asked each of these AI assistants to compare all 5 and many favored themselves – revealing their own bias. Also – thinks are changing so rapidly in the AI landscape  that if you are listening a few weeks after this airs, this may all be inaccurate! I hope you will try them out for yourself and see which you enjoy

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