Confessions of a Fake Supermom – Part 2

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Confessions of a Fake Supermom Part 2 from The Real Kathy Lee I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my Confessions of a Fake Supermom podcast and are ready for some more confessions! Last week I showed a real picture from my laundry room and talked about five of the not so perfect ways I have mothered my kiddos. If you missed them, here is a recap:

  1. I don’t cook meals for my family everyday.
  2. Sometimes I yell at my kids and freak out over stupid stuff.
  3. My house can get REALLY messy.
  4. Sometimes I wear work out clothes all day (even to the store) when I ZERO intentions of working out.
  5. I rely on a steady stream of coffee to answer the 1 + million questions I answer daily.


This week I share five more reasons I should NEVER be referred to as a “supermom.”

  1. My kids have worn different shoes to church, restaurants, etc… more than once.
  2. I have worn workout clothes ALL day with zero plans of actually working out.
  3. I have had my phone taken away from me by my kids.
  4. Sometimes I tell my kids I have to go to the bathroom just so I can get a few moments alone.
  5. I have had to apologize many times to my kids.


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