Creating a Sales Presentation for your Micro Business. Dollars and Sense Show #23

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Show #23 Creating a Sales Presentation

In this podcast, Carol Topp helps micro business owners create a sales presentation.

runningmb_medThis information is covered in more detail in Carol Topp’s book  Running a Micro Business




What is a Sales Presentation?

  • Short, 15-30 seconds. Like a TV commercial
  • Could be in person or used on website, flyer
  • Includes a short sales statement (tag line)

Parts of Sales Presentation

  • Your name and business name
  • Main product or service
  • 2-3 benefits to customer (not features)
  • Demonstration, sample or photo
  • Uniqueness
  • Price
  • Contact information
  • Call to action

Example; Adam, birthday party entertainer

I’m Adam (name) and I visit children’s birthday parties (business) as Jedi Master. I can train your child and his friends in light saber fighting (main benefit). It is perfectly safe, because I use Styrofoam pool “noodles” as light sabers (second benefit). Let me demonstrate (demonstration). I’m avail- able for birthday parties where I come in costume and offer games, stories, demonstrations and dueling practice. Here’s a brochure describing my prices and how to contact me (price and contact information). Does your child dream of becoming a Jedi knight? (tag line) Give me a call. (call to action).

Example: William Lynch Floral designer at

Flowers (main product) bring color and life to any space (benefit) – be it the office, hotel, home or chapel – and any occasion – including weddings, memorial service or other special event. At Lynch Design (name), we know how flowers can set the style for your room or event, or bring a smile to the face of a colleague, friend or loved one (benefits). Whether you’re looking for classic, contemporary, elegant, fun, or unique designs – or arrangements that convey love and friendship (uniqueness) – our floral design experts can do it all. Shop online or contact us phone number (contact and call to action).


Join Carol’s upcoming podcasts for micro business owners on Making the Sale and What to Do If You Don’t Get Paid.

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