Creating Lasting Holiday Memories

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Creating Lasting Holiday Memories | Creating lasting holiday memories is easier than you think. Do you want to create that Norman Rockwell feeling when you think about Christmas? #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #familyCreating Lasting Holiday Memories

Episode 241

Creating lasting holiday memories is easier than you think. Do you want to create that Norman Rockwell feeling when you think about Christmas? You know, everyone sitting around the table, smiling – clean and thankful. The children properly groomed and amazingly quiet, and the feeling that all is well in your life. Reality is a far cry from the picture-perfect holiday whether it is Christmas, the New Year, Easter, or Thanksgiving – plus all the celebrations in between. So, how does a parent do it without losing your mind? In this episode Felice shares some fun, tried and true ways to get into the true meaning of the holiday and leaving the rest behind.

To have a wonderful celebration it begins with preparing kids for what to expect and having realistic expectations yourself. Many times we expect perfection and often real life falls short. Here is my short list to make things go so much better when planning to attend a holiday event.

  1. Leave perfectionism behind
  2. Tell the children what to expect
  3. Have their clothes ready
  4. Don’t schedule too much at one time
  5. Be sure naptimes are not missed (if possible)
  6. Cut down on sugar
  7. Don’t worry about what others think
  8. Expect the unexpected
  9. Have control of your children, wild behavior is not permitted
  10. Pick up after your kids – if they make a mess, take care of it

To create memories demonstrate these for your family:

  1. Be thankful. Here is a podcast on teaching  children to be thankful
  2. Realize kids are kids – letting them know what to expect will make the occasion joyful.
  3. Focus on the celebration. Looking at what is missing, or what does or doesn’t happen never works well. Focus on the day, the event and let everything else go.
  4. Family traditions: What does that look like for you? Is there a special food, a special activity, or a special idea that works well for you and your children.
  5. Joy is a choice – be joyful
  6. Celebrate – enjoy the moment.


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