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There are many reasons to have a camp at home with your children – anytime, not just during the hot summer months. It brings unity among the parents and children, it is entertaining and most of all it teaches using my favorite–hands on activities. What I enjoy about this particular unit is teaching about the fundamentals of the Creation Week – and then God rested on the 7th day. How wonderful to have an activity that brings those Bible passages alive.

I began this camp years ago when we were asked to host a camp for 700 teens (many troubled) as part of a teen ministry in North Florida. So, armed with the materials and t-shirts printed and ready to go, we were alarmed at the news that a hurricane was coming our way! It missed Southwest Florida where I live, but heavily damaged the other coast where the camp was to take place. This camp grounds had been used by the church often and with no time to regroup we decided this camp would have to wait for another time.

So, what do I do with hundreds of t-shirts, all purchased with my funds as well as the supplies to have a “camp”? Make lemonade out of lemons, right? I prayed and the Lord quickly showed me a solution. Create camp packages to go, complete with back packs and t-shirts! I kept my own kids home from VBS more times than not, because of the lack of a quality program or well… let’s leave it there! I know many of you feel the same way. And you did, the Creation Camp was a hit.

And an idea (thank-you, Jesus) was born!

Now, many years later, countless families have enjoyed this ready-to-go set. And still I knew there was something missing. You see we only assemble them “on order” – or at various times of the year. For example, this summer I only have one fully assembled kit left! They go fast!

Then, I received requests for the printables that go with the camp. We sold extra student manuals but not the entire parent, student, nature journal, ABC printables and supply list.

Each camp includes a parent manual and one for the student – each student manual is bound in a notebook and the children can work right in the book, or cut out the pages and create the activity. The days of Creation are covered as well as age appropriate activities. This at-home set is geared for the younger elementary crowd.

So this downloadable kit is for the do-it-yourself parents in our midst. Are there any out there? Well, you’ve asked for it and finally I’ve created a downloadable only product. The handbooks, and the supply list to created your own camp at home. This includes the Nature Journal and the ABC sample coloring book. For a very limited time the set is for sale – please visit this page for additional information.

And as always if you have questions – ask away! Or share your creation camp stories.

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