Date Nights For Couples

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Date Nights For Couples | Okay friends, are you ready for fun? Date nights for couples do not need to break the bank. Join Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira as they chat about their favorite dates with their spouses! | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #coupledatenight #datenightspouse #spousenightwithyourspouse #datenightsDate Nights for Couples That Won’t Break the Bank ~ Episode 392

with Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira

Okay friends, are you ready for fun? Date nights for couples do not need to break the bank. Join Felice Gerwitz and Denise Mira as they chat about their favorite dates with their spouses!

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Date Nights For Couples

Date nights made all the difference for us! I remember distinctly those seasons and they were priceless.

Time alone together is a necessary discipline. It’s not a  selfish indulgence, it’s actually the most important thing we do as parents. Which is to love each other in order to build a strong foundation. This allows us to withstand the storms, to have our cups full so we can draw from our well to give to our kids and to demonstrate to them our unity.

Date Night 101:

Intentional planning is key! Leaving it to chance in a season of child-rearing is only dreaming – you must make it happen. No sitters? No nearby relatives? Co-op with a trusted friend who shares your values and whose children your kids enjoy.

There’s something so special about young married couples getting a chance to go out without meat to cut, no mess to clean up, no bibs and water bottles to remember, no interruptions – just you two to meander through conversation, laugh, revisit the one you fell in love with. When we don’t regularly get time alone as a couple, these times can degenerate into work times, conflict, venting-all the frustrations that have been brewing come out! Disaster.

Here are some rules about dating!

  1. Determine not to argue-don’t be your usual self-overlook the offense whatever it is – there are many difficult moments in this journey called life so try hard not to bicker, nag, knit pick – it’s not the time to work out issues if they can wait.
  2. Look nice! Do your hair and dress up (hear Denise’s story!). Why are we always looking our best for strangers?
  3. Cell phone boundaries.
  4. Family life planning time can be a date night if agreed on ahead of time.

Date night fun is often determined by the weather region/season of year/age of marrieds/personal preferences.

30 Great Date Night Ideas!  

  1. Music. We love music. One fav memory was a night when Hubby sat on the patio playing his faves for me while we sat around the fire pit star gazing and sipping a beverage. We’ve found free concerts indoors and out
  2. Free or super reasonable sporting events to watch outdoors or indoors – tennis, basketball, football, soccer
  3. Ice skating or rollerblading
  4. Hikes or scenic drives or biking can be Saturday morning dates.
  5. YMCA workout fun/tennis then go out for a quick bite such as sushi
  6. Matinee movie after discounted happy hour meal at a snazzy place – no 20.00 popcorn
  7. Denise suggests wine tasting if this is something you enjoy. Often free or very cheap-you can Uber it if nearby.
  8. Take a bus on an adventure if you’re city people
  9. Play pool, Go bowlingTake a dance class
  10. Join a couples Bible study or fellowship group-this was truly one of our favorite ‘date nights’ for a season.
  11. Biking to eat lunch or to a coffee shop
  12. Rent electric scooters or bikes on the streets where available
  13. Museums-free nights
  14. Trivia nights at pubs
  15. Paint canvas and sip nights on Groupon
  16. Farmer’s market browsing and munching
  17. Flea market or thrift store
  18. Go to a shooting range for shooting practice
  19. Happy hour menus have changed the game
  20. Uber eats or door dash can be cheaper than eating out
  21. Rent the latest release movie at home
  22. Shopping such as at IKEA browsing grab a snack in the cafe
  23. Dollar store investigation is fun and enlightening! You’ll see tons of stuff you don’t need to pay $4 for at Walmart anymore.
  24. Ice cream and beach walks -or a walk in the woods
  25. Coffee stops and city walks
  26. Warehouse such as Costco browse the store and enjoy something to eat or ice cream at the cafe
  27. Furniture store browse and dream
  28. Browse a bookstore where you can find them-or a used book store
  29. Grab deli food-soup bar/salad bar/full meal at the grocery store and eat it outside somewhere-no tipping no being trapped at a table all night
  30. Throw together a collaboration dinner with friends you both enjoy at home or their house to save money and enjoy lots of fun convo or a card game or watch Christian comedy video.

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