How To Adopt A Dating Philosophy That Fits Your Family

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Melanie introduces the topic of dating philosophies and their extremes and encourages parents to find an approach that is just right for their family.

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The Extremes of Dating Philosophies

Melanie introduces the topic of dating philosophies and their extremes. Discusses the “too strict” philosophy born out of fear of negative consequences and wrong partners. Mentions the extreme position of advocating courtship instead of dating, involving parental involvement and no kissing. Highlights challenges of implementing the “too strict” philosophy, especially with strong-willed teens. Shares examples of success stories and failures within this philosophy.

Explores the “too lax” philosophy rooted in fear of losing the parent-child relationship. Discusses lack of enforced rules, including premarital sex and sleepovers. Presents examples of both successful and unsuccessful outcomes within this philosophy. Points out potential consequences such as broken homes and strained relationships.

Finding the “Just-Right” Approach

Melanie encourages listeners to avoid extreme approaches and seek a balanced perspective. Advocates teaching through fear of natural consequences rather than punishment. Shares personal story of the power of fear of consequences. Recommends using resources like the video Sex Still Has a Price Tag to illustrate real-life consequences. Suggests sharing examples of well-adjusted couples who adhered to biblical principles. References Tommy Nelson’s Bible study on courtship from the book of Song of Solomon.

Advocates coaching approach by asking open-ended questions and guiding discussions. Emphasizes that rules should be tailored to each family’s values and dynamics. Discusses the importance of maintaining open communication and dialogue with teens. Advises parents to prioritize their relationship with their children while discussing dating. Highlights the need for affection and attention, even in the teenage years. Reminds parents to show humility and be willing to adapt their approach. Discusses the significance of prayer in shaping a child’s dating experiences. Shares the historical example of Augustine’s mother’s prayers influencing the faith of her son and the church. Encourages listeners to find the right dating philosophy and make changes when needed. Emphasizes the value of humility and flexibility in parenting. Have a happy homeschool week!

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