Debt Free Homeschooling. Dollars and Sense Show # 26

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DollarsSenseShow#26 Debt free

Join host, Carol Topp, and her guest Stacy Lane who successfully became debt free (including her mortgage) when her oldest child was a freshman in high school. She met Dave Ramsey, the debt-free guru, and got to do the famous “We’re debt free! ” yell on his radio show.

Could your homeschool family ever become debt free like Stacy did?

Listen as she discusses the sacrifices and tough decisions she and her entire family made to be free of debt. Stacy is honest and admits there are not 3 easy steps to be debt free.  But she does offer advice, hope and the right attitude to have when homeschooling and struggling to be debt free.

Stacy blogs about life in its many layers at

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