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Drugs Help or HinderanceDefense Against Illness? – Episode 15

Sue Meyer Delves Into the Question of Suppression in the World of Health

In this podcast, Sue Meyer talks about Suppression; What is this and how to avoid it.

She talks about some of the ways that we, as parents may actually be suppressing the symptoms of illness in our families rather than helping to our families to get better.

Sue shares some of the following interesting points:
A. What is Suppression?
B. What happens if a disease is suppressed?
C. How can I avoid suppressing symptoms?
D. What are a few ways to actually aid the body’s defenses against illness without using suppressive drugs or tactics?
E. What does it mean when we say that the body is in suppressive mode?
F. How can I get out of suppressive mode or help my family get out of this mode?

More information about how to avoid Suppression; and the use of Homeopathic remedies and other Natural treatments,  can be found in my book:



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  1. I don’t seem to be able to see a player to listen to this show. Hope to hear it soon.

  2. Need your help Sue….came back from family trip with full blown bronchial wheezing, coughing etc. after fighting sinus infection on my own with homeopathic for over a month…thought I had it licked…but the trip did me in…saw dr and they put me on prednisone, antibiotic for 5 days and codeine cough syrup which I only could tolerate for 2 nights to sleep….I will need clean up and good homeopathic dr if needed. Thanks for your help
    See you soon…Jan Burlet

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