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diet 101 eat well lose weightLet’s Talk About – Diet 101: Eat Well and Lose Weight with Felice Gerwitz

Episode 187

Everyone needs to lose a few pounds from time to time but it is never fun. Or is it? How about eating well and still losing weight? Yes, it can be done. In this podcast, Felice shares her weight loss progress, exercise and how she eats to lose weight. Many great tips and advice on how to shed pounds and still eat what you want.

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Show Notes: Diet 101 Eat Well Lose Weight:

So, here are some quick tips on how I’ve been able to shed some pounds –

  1. Don’t starve yourself – if you are hungry, eat a few nuts or energy shakes are great – has a wonderful protein shake – or eat part of a protien bar
  2. Don’t deprive yourself of ALL snacks
  3. Give your taste buds a reboot
  4. Look at what you are eating and when –
  5. No processed foods!
  6. NO diet foods
  7. No low fat foods
  8. No zero calorie foods

SO – how do I lose weight and keep it off – as I shared earlier it is a mindset.

  1. Eating smaller portions
  2. Eating salads and proteins
  3. Eat smaller portions – don’t eat just carbs – add a protein and go light on carbs
  4. Eat stir fry or veggies –
  5. Eat slowly – I realized I eat fast!
  6. Push back from the table.
  7. Put the food on the stove and dish it out – no food on the table within reach


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