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Diets Do Work | Weight loss, clarity of mind and more! | #podcast #diet #elimination-dietDiets Do Work – Episode 312

After six weeks on an elimination diet I am here to report, that diets do work! It was not easy, in fact giving up coffee for that long was a big sacrifice but the results were amazing and I can’t wait to share details in this episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms!

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I am here to report the amazing results on my slow-and-steady diet! I lost 15lbs of the 20 I wanted to lose. And lots of the food was delicious. I have some new favorites.

I had to avoid the following…it was about six weeks of:

  1. No sugar
  2. No gluten
  3. No nightshades
  4. No coffee
  5. No steak, meats (yes to chicken)
  6. No sugar alternatives
  7. No additives
  8. No Soy

Here is podcast 303 where I discuss details of the Elimination Diet.

Yes, it was not easy but the results were wonderful!

Clarity of Mind

Weight Loss

Focus on tasks

Lots of energy!

At one point my husband was even worried that I now had ADD!

Well, then came Thanksgiving. And, I gained two pounds. Then, yes you guessed it…I gained two more!

So what happened? After phase one I began phase two. And that was slowly adding back different foods. I could add any food but had to wait a full 24 hours to gauge how I felt. In that way, if there was a bad effect from the food I could then eliminate it from my diet.

I am happy to report no food allergies surfaced. But you might guess I added coffee back first, then tomatoes! I also learned something about myself. I sabotaged my own diet! And my downfall was nuts. Organic, raw, salted, unsalted — no matter. And if you added chocolate all the better. So…now I’m avoiding nuts!  I’ll

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