Helping Children Who Feel Different

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Hey, homeschoolers! I am excited about today’s episode, not only because of the topic that I think addresses a real need we have as parents, but also about my guest.

I experienced the pain of feeling different as a child and so did my kids. There’s different good and different bad, right? But kids don’t often like any kind of difference that makes them feel alone. How can we help our kids through that? That’s the topic of the conversation I had with Ali Gilkeson.

Ali is a member of the popular Christian folk band Rend Collective. If you’re like me and you aren’t good with band names, you’ll likely recognize their hit song “My Lighthouse.” A gifted communicator, Ali began to travel around Ireland speaking to young people in her early twenties. She is the mother of three children she has raised partly on the road, starting when each one was six weeks old. She and the other members of Rend Collective, including her husband, Gareth Gilkeson, are the founders of Rend Co. Kids, a platform dedicated to creating music that children under the age of thirteen can sing and find hope in. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her family.

Ali is down-to-earth and relatable and her new children’s book My Lighthouse is absolutely beautiful. I will be adding it to my library for future grandchildren. Here’s my talk with Ali.

Resources Mentioned

Find Amazon link to the book in the show notes below:

My Lighthouse book

Rend Co. Kids – YouTube Channel

Have a happy homeschool week!

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